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Hello, I'm Thirdy Lopez!

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I started blogging in 2003 because I found that blogging is the "new" medium for writing. You see, I love writing so I found this means a way to express myself. Later, I found this to be a means of expressing opinions through different forms of literature. My favorite of which is poetry. Then, I decided to write anything that pops into my mind, whether it be a random thought, a realization or anything that I found interesting in the internet. Then, I found new interests in theater, TV and movie entertainment and travel so I decided to share my experiences on those.

Then, I learned lessons so I decided to share my realizations from those.

In 2010, I made a goal to be physically fit and I was "successful" in this endeavor as I transformed from an overweight couch potato to become an active yuppie. It was in this time that I learned and grew to love swimming. It was also in this time that I enrolled in my first gym and tried working out. In 2011, I became bored with the usual gym routines and decided to take up boxing and wall climbing. I met new friends and learned to recognize that my limits can be exceeded. On May 2011, I joined my first fun run event and I have been hooked on running ever since. In 2012, my blog grew to become a running blog, with snippets of swimming, boxing, circuit training and other active lifestyle activities. In 2013, I ran my first and second marathon and the love for the endorphin high just keeps on growing. In 2014, I went on a lot of hiatus but fitness is still my second nature.

For 2015, I am a recreational athlete but fitness is still a big part of my life.

Welcome to thirdylopez.com aka Thought Peek!

You may contact me through thirdylopez@yahoo.com.


Unknown said...

Stumbled upon your blog while looking up on reviews for Bohol Marathon. Thanks for the write up and I might consider doing it as a Marathon cum vacation as there is a direct flight to Cebu from where I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. Something which caught my attention was I started running in May 2011 as well and only had the guts to do my first Full Marathon in 2013. Well done to being 1% of the population that has ever done the 42.2k. Cheers and Happy Running :)

Unknown said...

Amazing journey you have there! Keep it up lang po :D
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