Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brightest Fitness Gym Review

Brightest Fitness Gym is a neighborhood gym or "bakal" gym located at PRC Makati. Situated at the 5th floor of the same building as the SSS and right in front of McDonalds PRC.

Introduction to a "Bakal Gym"

This gym is on my way home. I noticed it a few times during my commute so I decided to check this out after giving up on my Level X Fitness Gym membership. The rate is cheap with P60/session, P600/month and P1200/quarter. As posted in their fan page, they have ample set of equipment that I could use for my program so I dropped by one Friday to do my workout. I started with the daily rate of P60 and went back the next day to pay for the monthly rate.

Photo from Jm Labrador's FB

It is a good example of a "bakal gym". The place doesn't have air conditioners. They don't even have electric fans. They don't have olympic bars and bumper plates. But they have a cheaper version of barbells and plates though that can still help you proceed with your workout. They don't have thread mills but they have cardio machines to help you warm up. They have ample space to do your workout but not so much, just enough to get things done. The people who work out there know their stuff and would be there to finish their sets.

For a couple of weeks, I went to this gym. I appreciate the "feel" of the gym as it keeps me motivated to finish my workout. However, some gymgoers are too into their own workout that they hog machines for 30 minutes to hours. My workout time had to be extended from 45 minutes to 2 hours since I have to wait for them to finish.

On a holiday, I dropped by there and there are still a number of people doing their workout.

Gym Review

In standards of a "bakal gym", the space is big. The equipment is as expected, given the price, but it is enough to make programs work. You can't drop the weights due to both quality of the equipment and the location of the gym (5th floor so 4th floor peeps might hear dropping weights). This meant you can't go too heavy on your own.

Photo from Leizle Mae Glory Bolivar's FB

The fee is cheaper when you commit to long term progress. For example, P60/day turns to P40/day when you workout for 4 times a day for a month. However, they don't have caliber equipments like olympic bars so if you do workouts on a different gym or in a standard lifting event, you cannot have a baseline of weights you can carry. (This should be a small deal but I am maarte.)

The gym also has a lot of equipment hogs that is the reason for extended workout times.

But nonetheless it is a great gym to workout in.


Unknown said...

do you still lift here? ask ko lang if may shower room sila?


Thirdy Lopez said...

wala pero may faucet drum and tabo naman...

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