Monday, June 08, 2015

Reasons to get a dachshund

Meet Prok, a dachshund...

He's a year old and we had him since last year. He's a bundle of love and cheers. He'll give you headaches but he'll give you kisses too.

Here are 8 reasons to get yourself your own Prok:

1. No more quiet dinners...

Or Lunch, or breakfast.

He will be there watching every bite, asking for his share

2. He is funny.

Look at him. He's probably doing something funny.

3. You'll have a living alarm clock.

He know when it's time to get up and he won't stop barking until you wake up to take him for a walk.

4. Someone will be happy you're back home.

One of the great things with going home is getting slobbery kisses from this little guy.

5. You will have exercise.

Since you have to take him for a walk, you will exercise regularly.

6. You'll have someone to dress up.

He may not always like it but it's so cute to dress him up.

7. He'll be a celebrity

All that cuteness is bound to have an audience. That is why he is more popular than me.

8. Unconditional Love

He'll love you no matter what.

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