Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Wish list 2014

I just started my christmas shopping so I might as well share my wish list so my friends and family will give something useful for me... hehehe

And my wishlist includes:
  1. Power Ranger Shirt (Size: Small to Medium)
  2. Black Chinos Straight Cut (No to loose or slim fit... I hate the new clothes line's design... I have legs, designers and I am aiming to eventually make them bigger aka YES to leg day)
  3. Polos or Long Sleeve Shirts (I have enough but more variety wouldn't hurt)
  4. Wrist wraps
  5. Hand Wraps (Wag Red... Meron na ako nuon.. Wag din pink... Ang weird lang!)
  6. Body Spray (Para I could use more kapag cologne kasi tipid... No particular scent pero useful kapag panlalaki.. hahaha)
Photo Credits: Ebay, Google Images, Myrtle, Amazon, Highlands, Silver Dragon, ShopMania

Generally, Food and other useful items are greatly appreciated, as well. I'll be (eeehh) appreciative of running stuff too but I am not active as I was compared to the last 3 years so those won't probably be put to use unless it can be used in the gym, as well.

Lastly, Gifts to Prok are different from my gifts. Put one item for me and one item from Prok in your list. (hehehe) Although Prok may be the grinch, he still likes them gifts. Here is his wish list:
  1. Dog Toys (Stuffed Animals with no small buttons or anything that can cause him to choke on that thing; Squeeky Toys, Tug of War Toys as he destroyed one of these kind of toys already)
  2. Dog Treats (He likes veggies. He'll eat a veggie flavored bone over a beef flavored one. Suggestions: Pedigree Dental Stix, Chlorophyll Flavored Bone) 
  3. Dog Food (Eukanuba or Vitality for puppies only)
  4. Dog Clothes (He has a 11" neck, 16" chest and 16" long. His sizes are usually medium but small in some stores like Arf Arf Love)
  5. Dog Shampoo (He stinks)
Photo Credits: Think Woof,  Arf Arf Love, Google Images,


michymichymoo said...

I kinda missed dropping by this blog. .info na pala. hehehe. Merry Christmas Thirdy! Hope you'll get all of those! ;)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Merry Christmas Michy!

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