Friday, July 11, 2014

Dreaming of a Staycation

As I am stuck at my graveyard shift when the other employees are soundly sleeping. Instead of doing serious work, I'll be dreaming of a vacation without the hassle of a tiring travel or a staycation.

My dream staycation involves a change of environment so leaving the office and leaving my current residence is a must. STEP 1 to a great staycation: Check in a hotel! It doesn't have to be a big room. It just has to comfortable.

Sofitel Hotel Room
Source: cntTraveller

Then, it would be time to relax and get lots and lots of sleep. STEP 2: SLEEP!

Source: EvidenceMag

Sleeping wouldn't be enough to stay relax. You need nourishment to give you energy for the day. Don't mind the strict diets and calorie counting. You are on vacation. These restrictions are on a break. STEP 3: Eat!

Source: CloverHotel

Lastly, you have to be entertained so STEP 4: Watch movies, TV shows or Documentary.

Relax in front of the TV
Source: fiJourney

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