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True North Fitness Bootcamp

Philippine Army Grandstand
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Saturdays - 6:00 to 8:00 AM


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What is the True North Fitness Bootcamp?
The True North Fitness Bootcamp is a military-style fitness training that delivers an intimate group fitness experience. It’s all about getting fit together. While joining a group may seem daunting to some, taking TNFB will make you feel part of a pack and in a matter of minutes you’ll be drawing strength and having fun with your fellow bootcampers as you jump over, crawl under, and run around obstacles with them. TNFB offers a highly sociable way to health and fitness, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow participants after each session.

How extensive is the bootcamp?
We at True North Training Camps envision our military fitness training bootcamp to be as extensive as it can get. From the time you sign up for the course, you will be immersed on a fitness adventure like no other and it will be both physically stimulating and exciting at the same time. There will be regular calisthenics, daily roadruns (running in cadence) and scheduled physical challenges that participants will undergo to test their respective fitness levels. We will throw in as many surprises as needed to stir the interest of the participants and engage them in a variety of physical challenges that will catapult them into the next level. It may be tough for some who would take the course but we will assure them that they can be prepared to take any physical challenges that they would want to engage in at the end of their training.

What would the modules look like?
The True North Fitness Bootcamp modules are tailored from the military fitness training manuals. As such, we at True North Training Camps have developed a “civilian-friendly” version of the physical exercises being used by the Philippine Army, the Air Force and the Navy to maintain and improve their fitness levels. From the regular Army dozen exercises to the more rigorous scuba and airborne exercises and even to the extreme, rangers and navy SEALs physical fitness regimen, participants will not get bored with the variety of physical training and exercises that they will undergo. Every session is different from the last. With highly-trained instructors to lead every session, each has their own unique way of delivering a highly effective outdoor workout. TNFB is a whole body workout designed to improve speed, agility, strength and stamina through team and individual exercises, circuits and other competitive physical challenges. Every aspect of the class is a challenge, but being in a group, you won’t find your motivation dulled by repetition. You’ll be doing something new with someone new every time, building a sense of camaraderie within the group. We guarantee that you will experience an enjoyable, effective workout through team challenges, paired exercises, and group activities.

How long is the module? (days/weeks)
Each module will typically lasts for 10-20 sessions usually performed 3-4 times a week. Each session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. These modules were programmed in such a way that every participant will get the full benefit of their physical fitness activity. Modules are programmed for basic, advance and extreme physical fitness activities. It is up to the fitness level of each participant which module they will fall under. We highly encourage those who are just starting with their fitness regimen to take it gradually starting with the basic and advancing to the more difficult and physically challenging modules.

We also offer free trial classes to give you the opportunity to experience for the first time what True North Fitness Bootcamp is all about. Just go to any of our venues, fill out a form and try our classes and experience how effective TNFB really is. Think of the difference it will make to your health, fitness and wellbeing when you come along to classes every week. In addition, we guarantee that you’ll have plenty of fun and make some new friends while you’re getting fitter and stronger.

How many participants per module per class? How many trainers per class?
The TNFB is tailored for an average of about 15-20 participants per instructor. This small group of participants per instructor ratio is designed so that you’ll never run the risk of doing an exercise wrong, nor will you be able to skip any parts of the class. In addition, the instructor can tailor the class to suit the ability and fitness levels of that group on that day making sure that everyone is suitably challenged and no-one gets left behind. We can also combine the groups to form one class of about 150 maximum participants where one instructor will be demonstrating a particular exercise for a session, and the other instructors will be supervising and guiding the participants.

What’s a typical TNFB session like?
There is no ‘typical’ TNFB session. Each instructor is different and each session will be varied to stop both your mind and body from getting bored. It’s a whole body workout designed to improve your strength, stamina, speed, and agility in a fun and interesting way. We guarantee that some of the exercises we will do will be completely new to you. Sessions start with a warm up followed by at least 50-120 minutes of individual, pairs and team exercises and end with a cool down and stretching exercises.

Are all modules done in the early morning? Are there fitness sessions in the evening?
TN Fitness Bootcamp sessions are normally done in the early mornings but we are also conducting evening sessions on select venues to cater to those who want to participate after office hours.

What’s the composition of our fitness instructors?
TNFB instructors all have two things in common - a military background and fitness qualifications. They are either currently serving or have served in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and they all have relevant military or personal training fitness qualifications. This simply means that our instructors are responsible, experienced and knowledgeable in the implementation of the modules. They are also effective in motivating and getting the best out of people.

How do the instructors qualify the level of fitness of participants?
To be able to make our classes effective and fun to our participants and allow them to exercise at their optimum, we usually divide the participants according to three main ability groups: red for beginners, blue for intermediates and green for advanced participants. If our venues allow bigger number of participants, we further sub-divide the groups so that everyone gets the most appropriate workout for their fitness level. This is done to make the fitness training suitable for everyone.

Red – is for people who currently do little or no exercise or are returning to fitness training after a break (i.e. following injury, illness or post natal).
Blue – is for those who have worked their way up from a Red bib or those who have a reasonable standard of fitness already. Intermediate classes are either a great way to challenge your speed, strength, agility and stamina and take your fitness to the next level.
Green – is not for the faint hearted. This is where we challenge the fittest participants to their maximum levels. This is for those who are now fit enough to be pushed to their limit and beyond.

Whichever group you join you’ll be guaranteed with an effective workout with people with a similar level of fitness. Every week, you’ll work hard, you will be challenged and you’ll have fun and make progress that you’ll be able to see and feel.

How are the levels of fitness of participants determined?
At the end of every module we conduct physical assessment tests to determine the level of fitness of every participant and assess whether they have improved physically from taking the course. The TNFB Fitness Assessment is a series of exercises against the clock based on the Army Fitness Test, which we have adapted as a way of monitoring your progress whilst training with TNFB. In addition, we also administer other physical challenges to determine the level of fitness of every participant like taking the 5K, 10K, 15K fun runs and
21K half marathon; the 15K forced-march (with a 35–lb rucksack); the obstacle course and rope courses; and, The 5K Guerilla Race, a 5K cross-country marathon with 12 different obstacles that participants will negotiate from start to finish.
We recommend that you take your Physical Fitness Assessment every three months or after every module so that you can monitor your fitness level as there is no point in doing any fitness training if it is not quantified.

Do I need to be super-fit to join the bootcamp?
Not required – but you need to be committed to improving your level of fitness with a good workout. Don’t worry if you lack the motivation – we’re here to help you get fit. We cater to all levels of fitness by dividing the class into ability groups, red for beginner, blue for intermediate and green for advanced.

Do I need to check with a Doctor before I attending a class?
You should complete and sign our health questionnaire (it’s part of the free trial class registration process) and hand it to your instructor before you start your first class. Women who are pregnant should check with their doctors before starting any class. In addition, we require our participants to fill out and sign our waiver form that they are fit to undergo strenuous activities as required by the bootcamp.

What should I wear? Do I need any special equipment?
A decent pair of outdoor running shoes is all you need. Fashion trainers are not advisable as they offer little support or grip and you may run the risk of injury if you wear them to a session. Other than that, an old t-shirt on top and shorts, tracksuit bottoms or running leggings are ideal. Some exercises involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get a little bit dirty – it’s part of the fun! We may not be able to guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that you’ll be sweating by the end of each session so make sure you have something to put on after the session has finished.

If possible, please arrive in your attire as changing facilities in parks are limited – though we do try to position our session venues close to public conveniences.

Specialist equipment – apart from a good pair of running shoes, any equipment required for the exercises on sessions that will require a different set of physical challenges will be announced by the instructor so that each participant can prepare accordingly.

Where do I put my valuables?
For personal safety, please try to avoid bringing valuables to the classes but if you have to do so, you may put it inside your own vehicles or you may use the instructors’ or the TN Fitness vehicle to store your valuables/change of clothing etc.

Do I need to bring my own water?
You’re welcome to bring your own water and/or isotonic drinks for before or after the session. The instructors do carry plenty of water and there will be water breaks during the class. Please make sure you are hydrated before you arrive at the venues.

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