Saturday, February 08, 2014

Enjoy your meals better with Cobra

Press Release
Let Cobra Energy Drink refresh and refuel your body

(Manila, Philippines) When Filipinos seek comfort they usually find solace in a plateful of good food. Most especially if it’s a good old authentic, homemade Filipino dish. But whether we have it genuinely fresh from our homes’ kitchens, or through a restaurant, or from our go-to hole-in-the-wall restos or  even the friendly carinderia nearby,anything that is local makes our souls and, of courseour bellies,satisfied.

But comfort food is not complete without a refreshing drink - something that not only quenchesyour thirst, but also gives you energy. This is why Cobra, the proudly Philippine-made, number 1 energy drink sees itself as a good meal partner. Not only will you satiate thirst, it’s also a good source of energy boost.

Enjoy Cobra’s sweet and delicious taste with a refreshing fizz. Drop the liquid calories that do no good to the body, and make that better shift to Cobrato be your new meal partner. It contains world-class B-Vitamins, Ginseng, Taurine, and Inositol, whichinvigorate the body and release stored energy to curb that sluggish feeling after a hearty meal. So you’ll end-up achieving more,everyday.

For workers, professionals, and even students who depend on mental and physical energy to do more in a day, find the Cobra energy drink that works for you, for every meal, for every activity. Pair Cobra Citrus or Berry with your favorite dish to make it a power meal.You can also go for Cobra Smart for brainergyboost, or with Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-carnitine to burn calories fast. Whether it’s a heavy meal or a light snack, there’s a Cobra Energy drink that’s right for you.

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