Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reach your resolutions: Tips on things to change for the New Year

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Make it a better 2014 with Summit Natural Drinking Water

The New Year marks a new start. It’s that time where we can reach for a new beginning for a better year. While some feel anxious the moment the clock strikes 12, welcoming it with open arms can set the tone for the rest of the year. To make big changes that lead to a better life, here are ways to help you jumpstart what could be your best year ever!

Smile More Often. Studies have shown that smiling changes the course of the day, and eventually your life. A study conducted by Forbes Magazine says that smiling can instantly make youfeel good and has the same effect as eating a bar of chocolate without the added calories.[1] Not only does it instantly make you feel good about life, it also positively affects those around you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes you look more pleasant,inspiring more opportunities for new relationships.

Be Positive. A positive life begins with positive thoughts. A better 2014 often begins with the belief that it will be better than 2013. Your thoughts frame and steer your life, and by thinking positive, you are instantly creating the environment that you only once dreamed of. Remember, it all begins with the belief that you do deserve a beautiful life.

Be Kinder To Yourself. We all have goals to achieve in 2014, and part of our progress is sometimes failing on the way to making our goals happen. When this happens, don’t lose heart and don’t be too hard on yourself.No goal is achieved overnight. Success happens when youare kind to yourself, which makes you kinder to others in turn.

Make Better Choices. There is always room to improve, especially when it comes to yourhealth. Make 2014 your best fitness year so far, by opting for choices that will benefit your body in the long run such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and of course, water.

Move. Achieving your goals begins by simply moving. Whether it’s for a new job, a new skill, or even just a new fitness activity, acting on them will get you one step closer to your goal. Reach for the goalsyou have long dreamed ofwith Summit Natural Drinking Water, filled with minerals that boost hydration levels, which help maintain mental sharpness and refuels strength.

Move into the best year of your life only with Summit.

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