Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My 5k Run at the 1K @ Amway Fun Run

1K @ Amway is a fun run event to promote the business brought by Amway Philippines. Runners gathered on January 26, 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia to celebrate fitness with a short 1km, 5km and 8km race with the opportunity to own your own business with the help of the company.


Like my last run event (711 Run 100), I haven't been training in running but I have been pretty busy with cross training. With the help of a daily caffeine boost, I have been able to attend crossfit classes and perform WODs for every week day of that week. It was particularly hard to wake up in this (cold) weather but I got over that and pushed myself to going to the box (crossfit gym). I rested the day before the race and was ready to try and beat last week's time.

Actual Race

It was one of those days that getting up was a challenge and my first step to getting through this event was getting up and preparing to head to the venue. After much pondering, I found reasons to going to the race and was able to head down the condo and look for a cab.

The next step was getting to the venue. Armed with "wake me up" music, the taxi brought me to Mall of Asia. The venue was full of newbie runners (I can tell 'coz they choose to gather in groups instead of heading to the starting line). After dropping off my bag, I walked to the starting line and started moving around to warm myself up. It was also cold that morning so I had o move or else I'll be too lazy to run.

"Final 3" at the 1K @ Amway Fun Run

Running Host Boy Ramos was behind the mic that event and he signaled us to our gun start. Then, came step 3: run as fast as possible and get this over with. I was in the middle of the pack again so running fast was a challenge. I got caught up in groups of walkers who didn't want to dissolve to let others past but I found a way. I had to. After a few kilometers or maybe the first or second U-turn, I was among the faster runners so pushing myself to another PR was inevitable. I found key people to run past and like the other events that was a great way to motivate myself to run faster. At the last turn, my pacer was Mr. Pulis. He was one of the policemen (malamang, Pulis na kalagay sa shirt) who joined the event. Despite the temptation to run slower, I had my eye on the finish line. At 27:03 (my garmin time), I achieved my new 5km PR (YEY!)


I lined up for the finisher's bag with the free business application. Then, I took a peek of the frieebies each Amway brand had to offer. I skipped all of them and headed to the baggage counters where I found some blogger friends. After stretching and a few token finish photos, we headed to a fast food place and had our breakfast.

Post Race with Friends (Photo Credits to Rolly)

After which, CJ and I did a TRX circuit and the latest workout from Men's Health which composed of barbell complexes.

Race Review

1K @ Amway was a great race for newbie runners and people who are looking into getting into fitness. The short distances were great venues to start the journey. If you are looking to start a new business, this is the venue to do so. With the P200 investment, you got yourself a good workout while possibly creating a new income stream.

Hydrations were sufficient for a 5km but it is less than the spoiled Filipino runners are accustomed to. But it is still more than enough for an event with such a cheap registration fee.

For its cheap investment and great experience, Amway Fun Run is a great event to join in. They have legs in CDO and Davao soon. Be sure to check those out.

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