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Energy drink mythbusters: Cobra takes you inside its power ingredients

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(Manila, Philippines) We live in a demanding time when we are expected to do more things within ever-shorter periods. We juggle work life, personal life, and leisure activities, and there’s just no time to say no. With the emergence of energy drinks, busy and active people have just been offered a lifeline to fulfill more duties in a day. However, the question is, do you really know what you’re drinking and does it really live up to the promise?

Cobra Energy Drink has reshaped the energy drink game in the country. During the pre-Cobra era, energy drinks were packaged in medicine-like bottles, with a taste that resembled their containers. But in 2007, Cobra penetrated the market in a returnable glass bottle packaging, in different refreshing and delicious flavors, with a fizz. As lifestyles changed, more and more Filipinos have been consuming this local drink.

But not all energy drinks are created equal, so here are the top 5 energy drink mythbusters that set Cobra apart from the rest of the game players.

Energy drinks have high caffeine content. This is a myth. One 240ml bottle of Cobra has the same 80-milligram caffeine content as a regular cup of joe. But Cobra Energy Drink provides more than a wake-up buzz; it contains world-class vitamins and other ingredients to get that performance-boosting energy. It is still best though to watch your energy drink intake, same with how you control your daily coffee consumption.

Energy drinks contain alcohol. This is another myth, as there is no alcohol content in a bottle of Cobra Energy Drink. Every bottle of Cobra contains world-class, high-quality vitamins like B-vitamins, Taurine, Inositol, and Ginseng to help improve physical and mental performance.

Energy drinks are the same as sports drinks. This is a myth. Different names, different functions, different benefits. While sports drinks are designed to rehydrate the body while performing a sports activity, energy drinks act as a stimulant for a quick burst of energy. Common instances where energy drinks are consumed are during a long drive, to keep the mind and body awake at night for school or work, or when you need added physical strength to finish a task.

Energy drinks are not recommended for children and people sensitive to caffeine. This claim is a fact. Similar to what you can find in sodas and coffee, Cobra Energy Drink also contains caffeine, which may affect children’s sleeping habits, moods, and appetite. It is also not recommended for people who have caffeine sensitivity, especially pregnant women, as it may affect the development of the fetus.

Energy drinks speed up your metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down food, and converts food into energy. However, the metabolic rate varies per person and the level of activities performed. Although energy drinks don’t have a medical claim to cure conditions like obesity, this statement is considered a fact, as some of its ingredients are shown to aid the body’s metabolism.

Cobra Energy Drink came out with its FIT variant, containing ActivBURN™, which is the unique blend of L-carnitine, ginseng, caffeine, vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. These aid in converting fat into energy. Recent research has also shown that Taurine content in energy drinks can likewise stimulate the metabolism of fat, and Cobra Energy Drink contains 153mg of Taurine.

With how we live our fast-paced lifestyle, the world will not stop spinning even if we want to. This is why Cobra, the leading energy drink in the country, was created to help people keep up with their busy lifestyle to help them attend to more duties productively and efficiently. But caution should always be taken, as anything in excess can’t be good.

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