Friday, January 31, 2014

Plunge into the New Year with a Splash: There are places to see and explore only with Nestea RTD

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Entering into a new year is always an exciting time. It’s the time when our planners are filled with notes and resolutions that promise to make 2014 the best year ever. One way to do this is by taking more risks and going on adventures you never had the time (or guts) to embark on before. Going on a vacation not only relaxes you but also transforms you into someone better. So why not include more travel destinations to this year’s itinerary? These places will definitely be worth the vacation leave.

Honda Bay, Palawan

Photo Credits: Trip Advisor

Located in the islands surrounding the South Western part of Palawan, Honda Bay is fast becoming one of the country’s top beaches. Not only will the clear waters make you feel in touch with nature but other exciting activities such as island hopping, snorkeling, and diving make the trip even more enjoyable and adventurous.      
Camiguin Island

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Camiguin Island has long been considered the country’s “Garden of Eden”. Filled with waterfalls, hot and cold springs, and a beautiful beach, Camiguin is the best place to get away from the city. It’s the best place to unwind, and just recharge from life’s daily grind.


Photo Credits: Wikipedia

If you’ve never been to Boracay, then you’re missing out on much of the fun. The island remains one of the country’s most beautiful and scenic beaches. For the perfect combination of a relaxing vacation with an exciting nightlife, Boracay is still the way to go. The sand and the exciting night life is definitely something every yuppie would enjoy.

Make your 2014 adventures more fun with Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD). Making a comeback from the 90s, Nestea RTD’s three exciting flavors: Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice will surely bring a sweet taste to your once-in-a-lifetime adventures.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reach your resolutions: Tips on things to change for the New Year

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Make it a better 2014 with Summit Natural Drinking Water

The New Year marks a new start. It’s that time where we can reach for a new beginning for a better year. While some feel anxious the moment the clock strikes 12, welcoming it with open arms can set the tone for the rest of the year. To make big changes that lead to a better life, here are ways to help you jumpstart what could be your best year ever!

Smile More Often. Studies have shown that smiling changes the course of the day, and eventually your life. A study conducted by Forbes Magazine says that smiling can instantly make youfeel good and has the same effect as eating a bar of chocolate without the added calories.[1] Not only does it instantly make you feel good about life, it also positively affects those around you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes you look more pleasant,inspiring more opportunities for new relationships.

Be Positive. A positive life begins with positive thoughts. A better 2014 often begins with the belief that it will be better than 2013. Your thoughts frame and steer your life, and by thinking positive, you are instantly creating the environment that you only once dreamed of. Remember, it all begins with the belief that you do deserve a beautiful life.

Be Kinder To Yourself. We all have goals to achieve in 2014, and part of our progress is sometimes failing on the way to making our goals happen. When this happens, don’t lose heart and don’t be too hard on yourself.No goal is achieved overnight. Success happens when youare kind to yourself, which makes you kinder to others in turn.

Make Better Choices. There is always room to improve, especially when it comes to yourhealth. Make 2014 your best fitness year so far, by opting for choices that will benefit your body in the long run such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and of course, water.

Move. Achieving your goals begins by simply moving. Whether it’s for a new job, a new skill, or even just a new fitness activity, acting on them will get you one step closer to your goal. Reach for the goalsyou have long dreamed ofwith Summit Natural Drinking Water, filled with minerals that boost hydration levels, which help maintain mental sharpness and refuels strength.

Move into the best year of your life only with Summit.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My 5k Run at the 1K @ Amway Fun Run

1K @ Amway is a fun run event to promote the business brought by Amway Philippines. Runners gathered on January 26, 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia to celebrate fitness with a short 1km, 5km and 8km race with the opportunity to own your own business with the help of the company.


Like my last run event (711 Run 100), I haven't been training in running but I have been pretty busy with cross training. With the help of a daily caffeine boost, I have been able to attend crossfit classes and perform WODs for every week day of that week. It was particularly hard to wake up in this (cold) weather but I got over that and pushed myself to going to the box (crossfit gym). I rested the day before the race and was ready to try and beat last week's time.

Actual Race

It was one of those days that getting up was a challenge and my first step to getting through this event was getting up and preparing to head to the venue. After much pondering, I found reasons to going to the race and was able to head down the condo and look for a cab.

The next step was getting to the venue. Armed with "wake me up" music, the taxi brought me to Mall of Asia. The venue was full of newbie runners (I can tell 'coz they choose to gather in groups instead of heading to the starting line). After dropping off my bag, I walked to the starting line and started moving around to warm myself up. It was also cold that morning so I had o move or else I'll be too lazy to run.

"Final 3" at the 1K @ Amway Fun Run

Running Host Boy Ramos was behind the mic that event and he signaled us to our gun start. Then, came step 3: run as fast as possible and get this over with. I was in the middle of the pack again so running fast was a challenge. I got caught up in groups of walkers who didn't want to dissolve to let others past but I found a way. I had to. After a few kilometers or maybe the first or second U-turn, I was among the faster runners so pushing myself to another PR was inevitable. I found key people to run past and like the other events that was a great way to motivate myself to run faster. At the last turn, my pacer was Mr. Pulis. He was one of the policemen (malamang, Pulis na kalagay sa shirt) who joined the event. Despite the temptation to run slower, I had my eye on the finish line. At 27:03 (my garmin time), I achieved my new 5km PR (YEY!)


I lined up for the finisher's bag with the free business application. Then, I took a peek of the frieebies each Amway brand had to offer. I skipped all of them and headed to the baggage counters where I found some blogger friends. After stretching and a few token finish photos, we headed to a fast food place and had our breakfast.

Post Race with Friends (Photo Credits to Rolly)

After which, CJ and I did a TRX circuit and the latest workout from Men's Health which composed of barbell complexes.

Race Review

1K @ Amway was a great race for newbie runners and people who are looking into getting into fitness. The short distances were great venues to start the journey. If you are looking to start a new business, this is the venue to do so. With the P200 investment, you got yourself a good workout while possibly creating a new income stream.

Hydrations were sufficient for a 5km but it is less than the spoiled Filipino runners are accustomed to. But it is still more than enough for an event with such a cheap registration fee.

For its cheap investment and great experience, Amway Fun Run is a great event to join in. They have legs in CDO and Davao soon. Be sure to check those out.

Garmin Log:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jr NBA/WNBA School Clinic in Cebu City

Press Release

Over a thousand aspiring champions joined the Jr.NBA/Jr.WNBA presented by Alaska school clinic here in Sacred Heart School- Ateneo de Cebu last Jan 25,2014 breaking the record of Davao City. These little champions have participants from private and public schools and some of them came from Bohol and Ormoc.

For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit: and for live Twitter updates, follow: @ALASKAsportshub.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Omega Pain Killer Pro

As fitness enthusiasts, we may end up to doing too much work. As a result, we could experience muscle pains after working out. Although hard work would be helpful to our muscle growth, it can possibly be painful so International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI) or the makers of Efficascent Oil presents Omega Pain Killer Pro (OPK-Pro), a product ideal for young adults who are into an active lifestyle.

Omega Pain Killer Pro (OPK-Pro) has a cooling effect that quickly relieves sore muscles, its spreadability has been enhanced and it has a new refreshing scent. Available in the market for P10 for 5ml, P25 for 15ml and P73 for 60ml.

For more details check their Facebook page:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Jr.NBA & Jr.WNBA presented by Alaska expecting more than 60,000 participants for their 7th year

Press Release

The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) study revealed that obesity, which can lead to serious heart problems and diabetes at a young age is becoming one of the most prevalent nutritional problems of Filipino children and adults. To prevent increasing the risk of these diet-related diseases, it is imperative to have proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Jr. NBA Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska sponsors, coaching staff and the 2013 Jr. NBA 
All-Star Team Philippines

Given these growing issues on health, Alaska continues their partnership with Jr. NBA this year to nurture young boys, and girls, become better individuals and encourage them to embrace a healthy lifestyle not just by drinking milk but also by leading an active lifestyle through sports.

The 2014 Jr.NBA presented by Alaska, the international youth development program of the NBA, formally launched its seventh staging and their new program exclusively for girls, the Jr.WNBA last January 18, Saturday at the British School Manila, Bonifacio Global City.

The launch was led by Alaska Milk President and CEO Fred Uytengsu, Alaska Milk VP for Marketing Blen Fernando, NBA Asia Country Manager Carlo Singson and NBA Head of Basketball Operations Sefu Bernard.

"We are excited to jumpstart another active year of Alaska Sports with the opening of the Jr. NBA-Alaska program,” said Uytengsu. “This year, young girl players will also get the opportunity to participate and benefit from the program with the launch of Jr. WNBA.

NBA Asia Country Manager, Carlo Singson and Wilfred Steven Uytengsu President 
and CEO, Alaska Milk Corporation

The Jr. WNBA program allows aspiring girls in the country to be part of NBA’s international youth development program. These girls will be given the same trainings and opportunities as Jr. NBA participants because in these modern times, girls are just as interested in sports, specially basketball, as the boys.

With Alaska as presenting partner, the Jr. NBA program has reached hundreds of schools and communities nationwide and benefited thousands of children, parents, and coaches through basketball training camps and school clinics.

Some of the best local basketball coaches, led by Alaska and PBA legend Jojo Lastimosa join NBA coaches led by Sefu Bernard in travelling all over the country to conduct school clinics for coaches and players during the regional selection camp starting on January 19.

These activities will culminate in the National Training Camp at the SM Mall of Asia where the 2014 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA basketball players and national coach will be named. They will then given an experience of a lifetime when they go on a trip to watch an NBA game and meet NBA players. Last year, the Jr. NBA All-Star Philippine team watched a Los Angeles Lakers home game against the Memphis Grizzlies at the Staples Center met NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

The Jr. NBA & Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska, is just one of Alaska’s Sports Development Program that inspires children to become future champions through teaching them skills to play the game while incorporating the values of determination, hard work, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.

Become a champion too and join Alaska’s sports programs now! NUTRITION.ACTION CHAMPION. For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit: and for live Twitter updates, follow: @ALASKAsportshub.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1K @ Amway Fun Run Reminders


1. On-Site Registration will be available on Sunday, at the Registration Tent inside the Amway Expo Area starting at 4:30AM.
2. Available Parking Area at the SM MOA Grounds are at Block 16, North Open Parking and at Block 20.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Press Release

Herzogenaurach, Germany (December 2013) – adidas has launched the Supernova Glide BOOST™, a combination of the precision crafted Supernova system and the revolutionary energy return of BOOST™ technology. 

Launched earlier this year, BOOST™ provides a higher energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry. The Supernova Glide has endured as one of adidas’ most successful technical running shoes, highlighted by adidas’ Torsion System, a Continental rubber outsole and an engineered mesh upper. With the addition of adidas’ BOOST™ superior cushioning, the latest edition of Supernova Glide is built to provide runners with the ultimate experience.

“It was a natural next step to combine the highly effective running technology of BOOST with the trademark Supernova line,” said Andrew Barr, Senior Product Manager, adidas Running. “The Supernova Glide is regarded as the runners’ shoe. Adding adidas BOOST™ technology will help take this iconic shoe and the runners who wear it to the next level.”

The engineered mesh upper ensures movement feels natural and provides support where needed. A full-length stability Torsion System allows the runners’ heel and forefoot to move naturally while the mid-foot remains flexible and stable. Ultimate grip for better traction in all weather conditions is provided by a high performance Continental rubber outsole.

“The Supernova Glide BOOST provides runners with a strategic compilation of our most innovative technology,” said Barr. “adidas has once again expanded the boundaries in the running category with the launch of Supernova Glide BOOST.”

The Supernova Glide BOOST™ 6 is available for purchase at leading adidas Sport Performance and Runnr Stores in the Philippines with a recommended retail price of PHP 5995.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Press Release

January 9, 2014 MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Rundezvous, Inc. is inviting runners, schools and corporations for Sierra 51050, Team Comes First on February 23, 2014, Sunday in Tanay, Rizal.

Sierra 51050 is a team race that calls for strategy and endurance. Set in the scenic roads and the rolling hills of Tanay, Rizal, Sierra 51050 aims to strengthen team unity and friendly competition among teams.

The teams will assemble at Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort at 3:00am and the race will start at 5:00am.

Regular registration fee is PhP3,500 until February 8, 2014. Late registration (PhP4,000) will be until February 15. The team racekit will include the racebibs (5) and finishers’ kit that includes the Sierra shirts and giveaways. The first three (3) teams to cross the finish line will be the winners of Sierra 51050 and will receive citation, team trophy and cash prize for each team.

Race Shirt

The teams are encouraged to don their uniforms that will make them stand out during the race. A team is recommended to bring a support vehicle throughout the race. With the challenging terrain in Tanay, a runner is recommended to be comfortable covering a minimum of 10 kilometers. Teams are not limited to registering just one entry but they can register as many teams as they can form! A set of frequently asked questions is available for download in the Facebook page.

Race Route

To register:
(1) Go online and register your team:
(2) Deposit thru BPI Savings Account 4949 6250 74 (under Mark Anthony Terrado) and email Rundezvous, Inc. will contact the team via email or SMS to acknowledge receipt of payment.
(3) Download the Team Waiver from the Sierra 51050 Facebook page:

There will be a Team Leads Orientation on February 6, 2014, 7-9pm at Escalades, 20th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City. Racekits will be made available in the orientation after receipt of the signed team waiver.

Interested teams may visit Sierra 51050 Facebook page: or Rundezvous, Inc. Facebook page:

Sierra 51050 is in partnership with Running Atom and Running Free Manila.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poi Dancing

Early 2013, I had decided to try and learn poi dancing. Poi Dancing is one of the national dances in New Zealand that made its way to the Philippines with the promotion of Planet Zips. Poi dancing is largely seen as a performance with fire (fire dancing) in Boracay and other tourist beaches.

Playing with Sensei's staff while the others are practicing...

Introduction to Poi Dancing

I was first introduced to poi dancing when a friend who happens to be a fire dancer recommended trying out a lesson in UP. I was free and curious so I decided to check it out. In the lesson, the instructor showed us the basics with the help of a sock poi made of socks and tennis balls. I enjoyed the experience and meant to learn more but since UP Diliman is so far way from Makati. I forgot about it after a while.

Star Ore during Spin-D 2013

Then, a trip to Calaguas happened. In this trip, I met Chef Lakwatsero and Star Ore who happened to be fire dancers too. They had my friends and I trying out their pois (even if I didn't really understand how the movements are). I enjoyed the experience and I became more interested in Poi dancing.

Poi Lessons

After years of curiosity, I decided to pursue lessons and signed up in the Makati classes at Salcedo Park every Wednesday night. I met Paulino (sensei to poi dancers/CEO of Planet Zips) and he taught me the basics about planes, turns, isolations and a lot more movements. Recently, Teacher Det started helping Paulino in the lessons and she taught me moves I forgot what the names are (Sorry naman!). I'm not as coordinated as I would imagine so it takes me a while to get the moves but I am happy to say I'm progressing (kahit paonti onti lang).

My tailed poi for practice

After discount offers and sales from Planet Zips, I also upgraded my sock poi to a tailed poi. (Tapos, led poi naman)


Planet Zips hold flow sessions every quarter at Piazza and Eastwood. Since those places are far away, I hadn't been able to attend this yet. Until last November 30, they held their yearender gathering in Collective which is 5 minutes away from where I live.

Teacher Det during Spin-D

I cleared my schedule and asked a few friends to watch the performances with me. I was in awe and inspired by all their performances, especially when the "Fire Queen" (Rachel Lobangco) took the stage. Special mention to Det's, Star's and Paulino's performances.

Fire Queen during Spin D

For more information about poi dancing and flow arts in general, check out their fb page, instagram and twitter accounts.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Last year, 711 organized a fun run and was the first to execute a race on the Cavitex Route. This year, the race is back to celebrate the 1000th 711 branch. It was held last January 19 with the starting line at Aseana City, Paranaque.


I am not training for any running event now but that doesn't mean I am not training. I attend crossfit classes, some GX classes in Fitness First and do regular swimming. So I guess I am still in good shape. I am still not motivated to long distance running. Though, I am happy with running as fast as I can.

The week before this race, I joined the Corregidor International Half Marathon - 10K Challenge and I really had fun not minding if I'll fail 12kms later as the distance was for sprinting so given the opportunity, I joined the 5km event.

Actual Race

It was a really cold morning. It wasn't a struggle waking up but it was a struggle whether I should join the event or sleep more. Good thing fellow #RunnerRusher (Rye) already tagged me in his facebook post so I was forced to go through it. And also, I asked some PRC (Pex Running Club) members to meet up for post run breakfast so not wanting to break a promise, I got ready and headed for Aseana City.

I arrived around assembly time which was ample time to check my bag in (which was a good 15 minute walk) and head to the starting line (another 10 min walk). I would only need to feel my garmin vibrate 3 times so instead of warming up on the first mile. I was moving in place as the rest of the 5,000 5k runners waited for running host Boy Ramos to signal us to begin the race.

At the Summit booth

I tried to position myself in the middle of the pack and when the timer started, it turned out I was in the walking group. I had to find ways to get ahead of the walkers. It was 5,000 runners on a short distance category and I wasn't suprised they were walking but they hogged the whole road. Despite that, I still kept my pace. I didn't looked at my watch almost the whole race but I did look for key people to run ahead of.

Free Selecta Ice Cream for all runners

The route was mostly flat and we didn't reach the stinky part of Cavitex so I liked the route. At the last few meters towards the starting I passed one of my key people. Let's call him Kuya Chicken legs. I was traversing through the maze of people when I saw him passing me by so I race a little faster. I was trying to catch him when I almost bumped into a group of people and Kuya Chicken legs reached the finish line as I was figuring out a way to passed some people. I reached the finish line at 28:50. I was guessing it was a PR. But after checking out the results of my last 5km PR race, I was slower by 5 seconds. I am still waiting to check the official results if my reading was right. I was thinking if I was able to catch up with Kuya chicken legs it might have been a sure PR. Anyway, there's always another race.

Update: PR nga! Thanks to Ellie! I found out my official time is 28:41, shedding 4 seconds off my 5km PR.

Post Race

Still breathing hard from sprinting, I walked a little to cool down and found a corner to stretch. Then, I made my way to the line for the finisher's kit when CJ spotted me. We then checked out the booths in the venue. It included freebies from Powerade, Pocari Sweat, Omega Painkiller, Trust Condoms, Coke, Mogu Mogu, Banana Yogurt Drink, Selecta, Summit, Nestea, Uniliver and a lot more.

We have a photo booth printout!

After that, we met with the other PRC folks (Dom, Enrich, Calvin, Eva and JC) and went to MoA for breakfast. CJ and I were supposed to do a circuit workout but we both were too lazy to do so. (Note to self: Wag tatamarin! Kelangan bumawi.)

Race Review

The 711 Race was a great event. There were more than enough hydration on the route. The markers were present to show which way is which. Marshals were visible. The Singlet and the Finisher's Kit was of good quality.
Me, CJ and 21k finishers, Noel and Rolly
(Photo from JP)

But the highlight of the race was the tons of giveaways and freebie booths from the sponsors. Since we finished 5km, CJ and I had a lot of time to enjoy these perks. Since there were lots of freebies, expect some people to horde the goodies (hi, *****!) so if you are up for the experience, line up and enjoy the post race area.

Baggage was fine. The people in my corral returned my bag safely without taking a lot of time. Overall, 711 race is shaping to be one of the best races of the year.

Garmin Log:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Challenge conqured at the Corregidor International Half Marathon

Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) is an annual event with 10km and 21km races held in the historical venue of Corregidor. The fourth edition was held on January 12, 2014 after being rescheduled from December 8.

I conquered Corregidor!

Pre Race

Thanks to my 13th month pay, I was finally able to register for the event. But I wasn't really training to a PR (or even training at all), I was just happy to finally experience joining the race that my friends has been participating in the last 2 editions. Fortunately, I wasn't going to experience it alone as runner friends, Rodel and Rye were also joining.

Actual Race

The dawn was too cool for a running but at 5:00 am, I was seated in a ferry heading to Corregidor with Rodel and Rye, as well as blogger friends, Rolly and Franc and other runner friends. We arrived in the island around 7:00 am just in time for the 8:15 am gun start for the 10km challenge (8:00 for the 21km race). Most of the runners were in for the 21km quest with 2 loops passing by all of the key places of the island. But I chosen to go for 10km which would be best defined by elevation, elevation and elevation.

Touchdown, Corregidor

I wanted to finish the race as soon as I can. But to my surprise, the race route was a challenge (Thus the name, 10km challenge). At the first 4 kilometers, our race route was all about going up. We would have seconds rest of flat roads and downhills but it was mostly uphill, a slow ascend to the historical venues of the island. You really needed to warm up before the actual race which I didn't seriously do. I regretted that in the first half of the race. I was running alongside the band's  lead singer Tuesday Vargas for that part of the race.

Takbo, Takbo

Thanks to downhills after the first part of the race that I was able to get past her, as well as a number of other runners. I was warmed up then and just in time for the downhill. Then, the route led to a short trail. I was most nervous for that part of the race as my shoes aren't new.

Then, we were going uphill again. Then, downhill again and then to a short trail that seemingly lead to a dead end. But that lead to a stair walk going up another trail leading to the downhill finish where I met most of the 21km runners going to their 2nd loop. I was half a mile away from the finish line when too much downhill had began to take its toll in my legs. So I pushed through it by imagining I was going to finish in the top three which lead me to pass by a few more runners. As I approached the finish line, the top 2 female finisher was apparently behind me so I hoped to finish in the top 10. At a 1:07 finish, I was the 12th to finish the race, making me part of the top 11%. I think that is a first for me.

Challenge conquered

Post Race

I cooled down and stretched while waiting for Rodel, Rye, Rolly and his entourage. We had lunch after resting a few hours after the race. Then, we hanged out at the place and catching a few zzz's and enjoying the cool breeze in the island. Franc and Jobert lead us the Malinta Tunnel since it wasn't part of the 10km route. It had an eerie story behind the place and I wasn't too keen on staying there too long (baka may makita akong multo). Also, I was getting dizzy from waking up too early and not having nap time after the race so I wanted to sit down and head home as soon as possible.

Bumisita sa Malinta Tunnel

At 6:30pm-ish, we arrived back in Manila safe and ready to go to bed.

Race Review

Corregidor International Half Marathon is one the toughest race to join in. It should be in a runner's bucket list as the challenging race route is around a historical place. The race had efficient hydration every 2km with water, syrup shots, cranberries and jelly sticks.

Heading home at the Sun Cruises Boat

The buffet lunch and the ferry scheduling are not first class offerings but if you haven't joined the race yet, you should check it out.

With McArthur

Congrats to all the finishers!

Good job, organizers and sponsors!

The next edition will be held January 17, 2015.

Garmin Log:
Photo Credits: Justin Gomez, Rodel and Franc

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Energy drink mythbusters: Cobra takes you inside its power ingredients

Press Release

(Manila, Philippines) We live in a demanding time when we are expected to do more things within ever-shorter periods. We juggle work life, personal life, and leisure activities, and there’s just no time to say no. With the emergence of energy drinks, busy and active people have just been offered a lifeline to fulfill more duties in a day. However, the question is, do you really know what you’re drinking and does it really live up to the promise?

Cobra Energy Drink has reshaped the energy drink game in the country. During the pre-Cobra era, energy drinks were packaged in medicine-like bottles, with a taste that resembled their containers. But in 2007, Cobra penetrated the market in a returnable glass bottle packaging, in different refreshing and delicious flavors, with a fizz. As lifestyles changed, more and more Filipinos have been consuming this local drink.

But not all energy drinks are created equal, so here are the top 5 energy drink mythbusters that set Cobra apart from the rest of the game players.

Energy drinks have high caffeine content. This is a myth. One 240ml bottle of Cobra has the same 80-milligram caffeine content as a regular cup of joe. But Cobra Energy Drink provides more than a wake-up buzz; it contains world-class vitamins and other ingredients to get that performance-boosting energy. It is still best though to watch your energy drink intake, same with how you control your daily coffee consumption.

Energy drinks contain alcohol. This is another myth, as there is no alcohol content in a bottle of Cobra Energy Drink. Every bottle of Cobra contains world-class, high-quality vitamins like B-vitamins, Taurine, Inositol, and Ginseng to help improve physical and mental performance.

Energy drinks are the same as sports drinks. This is a myth. Different names, different functions, different benefits. While sports drinks are designed to rehydrate the body while performing a sports activity, energy drinks act as a stimulant for a quick burst of energy. Common instances where energy drinks are consumed are during a long drive, to keep the mind and body awake at night for school or work, or when you need added physical strength to finish a task.

Energy drinks are not recommended for children and people sensitive to caffeine. This claim is a fact. Similar to what you can find in sodas and coffee, Cobra Energy Drink also contains caffeine, which may affect children’s sleeping habits, moods, and appetite. It is also not recommended for people who have caffeine sensitivity, especially pregnant women, as it may affect the development of the fetus.

Energy drinks speed up your metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down food, and converts food into energy. However, the metabolic rate varies per person and the level of activities performed. Although energy drinks don’t have a medical claim to cure conditions like obesity, this statement is considered a fact, as some of its ingredients are shown to aid the body’s metabolism.

Cobra Energy Drink came out with its FIT variant, containing ActivBURN™, which is the unique blend of L-carnitine, ginseng, caffeine, vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. These aid in converting fat into energy. Recent research has also shown that Taurine content in energy drinks can likewise stimulate the metabolism of fat, and Cobra Energy Drink contains 153mg of Taurine.

With how we live our fast-paced lifestyle, the world will not stop spinning even if we want to. This is why Cobra, the leading energy drink in the country, was created to help people keep up with their busy lifestyle to help them attend to more duties productively and efficiently. But caution should always be taken, as anything in excess can’t be good.

Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Achievements and 2014 Plans

For 2013, I trained and trained to run 2 marathons. My first marathon had me prepping for 5 months starting 2013, including running in the cold weather of east coast US and pushing myself to training in Manila. My second marathon had me conquering Manila and pushing myself to 42kms. Those 2 marathon finishes were the biggest highlights of my 2013 running achievements and my overall running career.

Report from dailymile

2013 Running and Fitness Review

Starting last year (2012), I started preparing for my first marathon at the TBRDM. Up until the big event, I joined running events (Run 7-11 on January and Condura Skyway Marathon on February) and regularly ran long distances on weekends. The big day was on February 24 and I was able to officially become a marathoner in the Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

I ran my first marathon at TBRDM 2013

Then, I decided to complete the Run United Series starting with a 21km race on March.

April was a leisure run month as I wasn't training for the RUPM yet but my race calendar was full with Rebisco @ 50: the Gold Rush Run, Boracay Skyathon 2013, Safeguard/2XU Sole Racing Leg 1 and Nat Geo Earth Run.

Running in the White Sands of Boracay 
at the Skyathon 2013

Starting May, I trained for RUPM on October, I did regular weekday and weekend runs. Sometimes, I incorporated training runs with running events like Energizer Night Run, Run United 2, World Vision Run, Adidas KOTR, Runfest, Sole Racing Leg 2, Bohol International Marathon, Battle of the Sexes Leg 2 and the MH Urbanathlon.

A day before the big day of RUPM, I got sick and all the training I did weren't enough to push for a PR but I am still a proud finisher and 2nd time marathon runner.

I am an RUPM 2013 finisher

After those 2 marathons, I did a few more runs without any goals of finishing with PRs in Sole Racing Leg 3 and Sante Barle Domination Run.

Also, I finally decided to join trail run with Salomon Xtrail Run on March and Teva Trail Challenge on July.

I joined trail runs

It was also fun to join fun runs in Boracay, Bohol and Laguna. My friends and I coupled run events with a vacation trips in these places with the Boracay Skyathon 2013Bohol International Marathon and Sole Racing Leg 3.

Fitness First Blogger Ambassadors

Lastly aside from running events, I was also able to participate in the GNC Fitness Throwdown which was part of the series of events leading to my introduction to crossfit. Also, I was invited to be one of the fitness first blogger ambassador where I was able to experience personal training.

WOD at the GNC Fitness Throwdown

2014 Plans

Having finished 2 marathons in the country, I have no plans of running long distances seriously for 2014. But I am (indefinitely) gunning for new PRs for 3kms, 5kms and 10kms. My main goal is to join a triathlon relay and joining aquathlon events with better swimming times. I have been training regularly (as possible) on weekends and hoping my training will progress to open water swimming soon.

Balik Tubig sa 2014

Also, I want to concentrate with fitness training with CrossFit and Fitness First Group Classes.

Special Thanks to Fitness First, CFMNL, CrossFit Mad Minute, WOD Nation, Run Rio Inc., Proactive events, PR firms, Planet Zips, TBR Dream Team, Ayala Triads, Team Titans, PEx Running Club, Kulit runner, Deemen Runner, Run Adobo King, Speedy Titan, Running Free Manila, Jazz Runner, Franc Ramon, JhamJham runner, Kamote Runner, Little Running Teacher, Bilog Girl, Running Diva,, Pinoyfitness, Swim Bike Run, Event King, Fabulous Running Divas, Running Atom, Running Photographers, Photo Ops,  Other Running photographers and other running friends and many more!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alaska Basketball Cup-Cebu partners with Cebu Basketball Youth League for its 7th year

Press Release

Alaska Milk and Cebu Youth Basketball League proudly announced their partnership in Alaska’s Basketball Cup Program last December 17,2013 at the Cebu Press Conference.

Given the growing issues on health as well as the fast-changing technological environment, which is affecting children’s interests, Alaska Milk believes that there is a need to reinforce its thrust in leading a healthy lifestyle through sports. For more information, just log on to or You can also like our facebook page: Alaska Basketball Power Camp or follow us on Twitter: @ALASKAsportshub

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