Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Easy Soft by World Balance

Easy Soft is a division of World Balance that specializes in mold-injected footwear. The items are made with VICRO-tech material, a plastic base that's made to be durable, water-proof, flexible, and shock-absorbing which is great as an alternative for an office shoe, especially on rainy days where leather shoes aren't supposed to withstand such elements.

Other features of Easy Soft include:
- Designed with mould-injections that results in the shoe being stretchable without tearing it apart
- Perforated design of insole to provide a lightweight shoe experience
- Removable EVA insole for added cushioning

As Easy Soft is not made of leather, the pricepoint is very affordable. SRP ranges at PhP 299.75- PhP 319.75. Likewise, at first glance, you will not know that it's made of plastic as the items look similar to leather.

Here are the available designs:

First Impressions

Friends from World Balance had sent me a sample of Easy Soft Oakland shoes to test out. At first glance, it does look like your regular leather shoes. I tried the pair on and it didn't feel like I was wearing plastic at all.

For the rest of the office day, I decided to try it out and I felt like I had comfy slippers on instead of regular black shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes didn't match my office outfit but I was really comfortable so I even walked and commuted home using it.

I have yet to test the shoes in actual rain since that season is over but I am planning something to test that out but I think I'll make another blog post for that. But given the promise that it is water proof, it is a great shoe for rainy season where your regular leather shoes weren't designed for. I wouldn't wear it for now as it wouldn't fit my office attire but I will check how it would look in my casual wear.

I would recommend Easy Soft for the rainy season as it promises to be water proof and durable.

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