Wednesday, October 09, 2013

World Balance Advantage Review

World Balance is an international brand of footwear collection for active and casual purposes. It has established a reputation among its consumers for its good quality, stylish designs, and affordability. One day, their team had contacted me and asked me to try out one of their new products the World Balance Advantage.

Gray and Blue Advantage

World Balance Advantage

World Balance Advantage are running shoes that can also be used for cross training purposes. Made for the Advantage of speed,  it is composed of the following:
  • Microfiber Upper for added durability  with Breathable Air mesh for premium breathability
  • Microfiber overlays provides lateral support
  • Breathable and comfortable 2 types of mesh lining
  • Padded tongue and  Collar for additional comfort
  • Heel pull tab for easy on and off
  • Terra-Soft Insole  technology enhances cushioning
  • Molded EVA midsole with California lasting for extra cushioning and added durability
  • Full-Length phylon provides lightweight shoe experience and rubber outsole for better traction
Gray and Yellow Advantage

SRP: P1,995 

My Review

One of my considerations in getting a shoe is how it looks on me. I love the grey and blue colors as I could pair them with many shorts and singlets from my clothes cabinet. The design also makes it wearable on casual attire. I wore it first in the office with jeans and it looks fine. With how good it looks, I am happy to have chosen the World Balance Advantage.

Advantage in the office

As I mentioned, I first wore it in the office with casual clothes. In addition, It felt comfy enough to wear all day in the office, as well as using it to walk home. I also took it in one of my cross training activities, Cross Fit, and the flat foot surface has help me maintain balance for me to do my deadlifts and WODs. I would gladly use it in one of my cross training sessions again.

Using Advantage in MH Urbanathlon

Due to the weather, it took me a while to really use it in running. I even used it for the first time in the Men's Health Urbanathlon. Wearing the shoes was still comfy and light even when I'm in the running mode. I noticed I tend to get noisy with my feet hitting the ground hard when I started to get a little tired. The shoes had protected me in feeling any of the pressure though. One thing I notice is that little air enter my shoe which can be great when the weather is cold but could be troublesome when doing longer distances. But for short distance races, it would fare well. I tried to train in the shoes again and I still have the save opinion. I tend to get noisy with my footsteps. It would work best with shorter distances so I would definitely use it in my weekday training runs and short distance races. 

Muddy Advantage after the MH Urbanathlon

Overall with its affordability and comfort, newbies, aspiring runners and short distance runners should get their own pair.

Photo Credits: Ash Hernandez

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