Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Active Health Energy Gel Test

Running long distances depletes your energy resources. No matter how much you intake during carbo loading meals. It will eventually burn off after a few hours. After 3 to 10 hours, you couldn't run at your optimal capability when you don't digest anything. That is where energy gels come in. They provide carbohydrates and other nutrients that you will use up in order to keep functioning for hours and hours.

The Unilab Active Health has been supporting runners with events like the Run United Trilogy and Runner's Summit and it is no wonder that they are launching this new product, Active Health SportsGel.

The Active Health Sports Gel

The Active Health Energy Gel is the newest addition to the Unilab Active Health's line of wellness products. This energy gel contains maltodextrin which contains 60% complex carbs, your source of lasting energy. It also contains electrolytes that helps in the prevention of cramping and replenishes essential nutrients lost due to excessive sweating.

Presenting the Active Health Sports Gel

So what is the Active Health Sport Gel's claim to fame? Why choose it over the other brands? Here's why?

1. It has greater carb content - which delays muscle fatigue and prevent low blood glucose concentrations.
2. It contains more complex carbohydrates - which translates to longer lasting energy.
3. It has syrup consistency - which makes it easier for the body to digest.

Curious to check it out? The product launch will be held on the Run United Philippine Marathon on October 6 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. Discounts and promos will be up for grabs.

Training Test with the Active Health Sports Gel

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be given the opportunity to try it out and I gladly took it to my training for the Run United Philippine Marathon. Due to schedule constraints, the best I could do was to take it during one of my maintenance runs.

Pre-Run #Selfie with Active Health Sports Gel

Like other energy gels, it fits just right in my running shorts pocket. I also played around with it and tried it in my other running belts and it fits just right too. I tried carrying around for a short while and it is easy to carry in its small package.

Active Health Sports Gels fits right in my running belt

It was a Tuesday and I brought the Active Health Sports Gel to maintenance run at the Legazpi Active Park and Washington Sycip Park route. I tired myself a little just so I could deplete my energy source a little and simulate when I actually need nutrition when going on long runs. After 2 miles, I teared out the package and took the Active Health Sports Gel. I tasted it a little during the soft product launch but it was the first time I was trying it out in a simulated training environment.

Training at Makati Parks with Active Health Sports Gel

The Active Health Sports Gel tastes great. It is not too sweet and it is not too bland. It just the right mix of ingredients that I could opt to not drink water to wash the taste away. (Tamang tama lang ang lasa. Di siya flavor overload like the other gels I tried before.) In addition, it is less sticky than the other gels which makes it easier to intake. I opted not to drink water after the gel intake since the consistency was just right not too dense and too watery. I think this is what will set the Active Health Sports Gel apart from the other energy gel in the market.

Note: Unilab Active Health recommends runners to consume the gel with water or any other liquids.

Nom nom moment of the Active Health Sports Gel

I ran a little more after the gel intake and I felt fine. And honestly, I like the taste of the Active Health Energy Gel so much that I intake more of it after my run. (Ginawang dessert? lolz)

In my next training schedule, I am considering making it a part of my regimen, especially in my long runs as it promises to serve as a fast and sustained energy source for maximum performance. I recommend you to try it out too. Again, the product launch will be held on the Run United Philippine Marathon on October 6 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. Discounts and promos will be up for grabs.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Parang gusto ko na tuloy gumamit ng Active Health Sports Gel every training! Thanks Thirdy for sharing your tips!

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