Friday, August 02, 2013

Why you should run your first 42k in TBRDM?

Running a marathon is not easy. It takes months and months of training to condition your body to finish running 42k. In my own opinion, the best event to accomplish this feat is the Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

Earlier this year, I made my marathon debut at Nuvali. Check out my blog post on my TBRDM experience. For runner-friends who are planning to run their first marathon, I urge you to join this event versus any other event. Here's why:

1. Tried and Tested Training Plan with Support

Upon successfully registering to the event, the TBRDM Dream Team will be providing you with the usual race stuff like an event shirt and flyers about the race. But the most unique aspect of the TBRDM race kit is the training plan for your first marathon. The training plan is conservative but that doesn't mean it is easy. As I said, running a marathon involves conditioning your body and the best way to do it is to follow a plan that 4 batches of TBRDM alumni. You may be tempted to find a more aggressive one and your batch mates will be pushing you to do so. But there are always other marathons to do this kind of training after you proved your self worthy of becoming a marathoner.

The team will also be making sure you are doing your training by holding LSD (Long Slow Distance) running events in BGC and Nuvali so you could meet your batchmates, too. In addition, a series of seminars will be conducted so you have the right knowledge and mindset towards the goal of running your first 42k.

2. Becoming a TBRDM Alumni

A number of perks are given to TBRDM registrants, one of them is a card that gives you a discount to New Balance Stores. You will also meet people who you are running with in other events. Other marathons don't connect its participants like TBRDM does. In one way or another, the TBRDM will connect you to your batchmates, as well as other TBRDM alumni. Not to mention, a TBR Alumni shirt exclusively sold to alumni.

3. Great Event Location 

I'm quoting the same sentiment, I shared in the TBR Magazine Nuvali advertorial.

4. A memorable experience

Your first marathon is going to be a life achievement and you would like to share this experience with people you love. TBRDM allows that to happen. You may opt to run with your spouse. You may opt to run with a close friend or a special friend. You may run on your own but meet your team and friends towards the time you encounter the fabled marathon wall. Personally, my teams (PEx Running Club and Ayala Triads) has been attending the last 2 TBRDM events. The event also supports having your family wait for you in the finish line and cheer for you as your running 42k.

You are encourage to have a memorable marathon finish photo with this race. In fact, the team will give you a chance to have a moment in the finish line. The last 4kms of my TBRDM experience was extra special as my friends, teammates and loved ones met and cheer for me as I claimed the title MARATHONER.

To first and second time marathon hopefuls, join TBRDM 2013. Registration will be on August 9, 2013.

Note: This is not paid or sponsored. I just wanted my friends to consider joining TBRDM and have a wonderful 1st marathon experience.

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