Friday, August 30, 2013

My #ActiveHealthRunnersSummit2013 experience

Unilab Active Health organized a series of seminars and talks that will supplement our running careers last August 17 at the Bayanihan Hall. This event had taught us a great deal of information to become better runners. In addition, we came home with lots of Unilab Active Health products and opportunities for big discounts from Riovana, Thorlos and Salice.


The day started with a hearty breakfast and a series of talks from UST Rehabiliation Science experts on how to properly warm up and prevent running injuries. They had us try out a few dynamic warm up exercises specific to running including high knees, butt kicks, inch worms, world's greatest stretch and a lot more. Then, we got into the detail on how to properly train with the right running technique and training.

Before lunch time, the PBA Legends had made a surprise visit to promote Alaxan FR. The event organizers provided us with a great lunch before we learned about the properly nutrition to make running a better tool for achieving our weight and running goals.

My favorite part of the summit was a talk by Coach Rio on how to attain your running goal. Everyone was engaged to listening on how he achieved his goals of being the top finisher in the Milo Marathon. It was extra special as he showed us how real running plans work with his experiences.

Kuya Kim closed the event by sharing how to be motivated to be a better runner. He shared his experiences and a technique to get great results to races.

Watch out for the next active health event

Attending the event is a great investment to become better runners. The next one will surely be better than this informative session. Even more helpful to our running careers so be on the look out at ULAH FB page.

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