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The Philippine Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG), the Philippines' NAVY SEALS, is the elite fighting force of the Navy. Whether sea, air, or land, they train for the harshest conditions in the most impossible situations. They are the ultimate representation of preparation for the unknown and the unknownable.

WOD Nation in cooperation with NAVSOG seeks to spearhead a joint military and civilian event series that will exemplify the other end of the CrossFit spectrum; that is ELITE FITNESS. This event series will set the motion for progressive fitness events.

Venue Map

Aimed at a combine of CrossFit and SEALs style training which will be incorporated into public spectacle and obstacle events. This July 20, Saturday, at Sangley Point Air and Naval Base, we seek to join servicemen and CrossFitters alike in a challenging one day event that will test their physical and mental capacities in a hopper CrossFit games style event which will include swimming, running, obstacles, weightlifting and other tests of fitness. We hope through this event series that we will be able to change the people's notion on fitness - redefining what it is to fit. In turn, we seek to foster a greater appreciation of our servicemen and ultimately, create a greater understanding of CrossFit, the strength and camaraderie it builds. All of this is towards our dream of a Fitter Philippines.

The WOD (Workout of the Day) will include ff:
 Open water swim with accompanied team boat paddling
 Traversing the obstacle course for tests of gymnastics mastery
 400 meter loop for the running portion, and Hero WOD

Each team will be participating in a whole-day event going through WODs that will challenge all aspects of their Fitness. Each team will have at least 1 female in their group. Participants will include the Navy Seals, CrossFitters from Metro Manila and the provinces, and possibly servicemen from the Scout Rangers. Sponsors will be coming in to promote their brands and sell merchandise. Some media will also be present to cover the event. The event will end with a community celebration of dinner and drinks.



WOD Nation is embarking on new territory as it sets foot in the PHILIPPINE NAVY SEALS base in Sangley Point, Cavite City.

This will a whole day of WODs with tests of GPP in all 10 aspects of Fitness.
WHO: Teams of 5 (with at least 1 or more women)/ CROSSFITTERS ONLY
WHEN: JULY 20, Whole day. Registration at 7AM
HOW: go to CF Insurrecto/Mad Minute to register or PM for bank deposit details
P500/per person inclusive of racekit of P2,500/team

3 WODs / 25 Teams 
Boodle Fight Celebration

We will be providing a bus from Metro Manila to Sangley Pt. and back for participants (and if possible, your box community).

Registration until July 13, 2013


07-0800 : Registration
0900 : Opening & Flag Raising Ceremonies
0930 : Assembly of SCALED contestants 
0945 : Start of SCALED for WOD 1 & 2 (1 HOUR 30 MINUTES)
1115 : Assembly of RX contestants 
1130 : Start of RX for WOD 1 & 2 (1 HOUR 15 MINUTES)

1245 : End of RX WOD 1 & 2
1300-1400 : LUNCH BREAK
1400-1430 : Set-up for WOD 3
1430-1500 : Military Vehicle Pull Mini-Game
1500-1515 : Assembly of SCALED contestants 
1515-1630 : SCALED for WOD 3 & 4 (1 HOUR 15 MINUTES)
1630-1645 : Assembly of RX contestants 
1645-1800 : RX for WOD 3 & 4 (1 HOUR 15 MINUTES)
1800-1815 : Tally of Scores
1815-1845 : AWARDING

For more details, check out the facebook event.

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