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WOD NATION is an Organization of Filipino CrossFit Coaches and Athletes dedicated to inspiring, uniting and influencing every Filipino toward a truly fitter Philippines. Established in 2011 as a guerrilla CrossFit group, offering free and open WODs (Workouts of The Day) in public spaces, WOD NATION has established itself as an authority in the methods of CrossFit and functional fitness, innovating workouts that do not require the conventional equipment of an enclosed gym facility. Advocating a “no-excuse” fitness philosophy, athletes of all shapes, sizes and experience levels flock to a WOD NATION event by the hundreds. Known for excellent programming, quality and personal coaching as well as a welcoming and inviting community, WOD NATION is fast gaining ground in revolutionizing the face of Fitness in the Philippines.

Apart from our community service, WOD NATION is known for quality fitness events. With partners like GNC and GATORADE, WOD NATION mounts Fitness events that are far and beyond long distance marathons and recreational endurance runs. The first GNC THROWDOWN proved to be a success with Filipinos from as far as Visayas came to participate as well as our servicemen from the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy Seals. Constantly is the search for a Fitness that is rounded, broad, general and inclusive, WOD NATION keeps the events and competitions varying and entertaining. Through the methods of CrossFit, WOD NATION maintains the quality of Fitness while giving on-lookers a true spectator worthy event.

More importantly WOD NATION desires to broaden and widen the reach of Functional fitness and CrossFit in the Philippines. Maintaining close and strong ties with CrossFit HQ, the CrossFit Level-1 Certificate Trainers of WOD NATION help build, train and market new CrossFit affiliates. Currently overseeing two of the fastest growing CrossFit box affiliates in the country (CrossFitInsurrecto and CrossFit Mad Minute), and working on mounting two more within the next year and a half, WOD NATION promotes healthy competition and more business opportunities in the Fitness industry. Currently in talks with CrossFitters in Davao, Bacolod, Cebu, Boracay, Subic to name a few, the big dream is to see the Philippines as the leading CrossFit country in South East Asia.

WOD NATION envisions a truly united and inspired army of Fitness ambassadors altogether fighting for a Fitter Philippines.



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