Thursday, June 06, 2013

Run United 2012: Second of Three - DONE!

Run United is one of the most talked about run event in the country. This event is a trilogy event featuring increasing distances. At start of this year, I made it a goal to complete this trilogy and finally, graduate in a Run Rio series. I conquered the first Run United in March and I finished the second leg on June 2 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Pre Race

My end goal for training is a full marathon PR on October so I kept on training starting seriously last May. I did maintenance runs on the weekdays and a long run or a tempo run on the weekends. I still kept a pretty active lifestyle so there are times when I had to take extra rest days, especially when I got cough and colds. Also, my training schedule falls on a summer so I had to skip a run to travel to the beach. I tried not to join too many races since I have 2 races on July and the race fee there is an investment already.

Taken before my training runs

On the 2 weekends of May, I ran 21k and 25k following my training plan. I had to wake extra early since the sun comes up early and the heat is not friendly. On those days, I brought my hydration belt and a headlight to keep me safe on the start of the run (habang madilim pa). I added hills training in McKinley so I could prepare my body for the flyovers in Manila.

In this race, I decided to register online. First time to do this since my schedule won't leave me time to go on a trip to BGC and also the kits were sold out fast so I can't wait for my time to free up. Delivery was fast and safe. Within a few weeks after I passed the registration forms, our lobby guard handed me my RU2 kit which made my day.

Actual Race

On June 2, I made sure to get up extra early so I won't be late but not to early. I found a taxi and made my way to the Mall of Asia around 10 minutes before the gun start. After meeting CJ to lend him my watch (na di naman niya ginamit), I walked to the assembly and was ,near the end of the pack, officially starting 3 minutes after the gun start.

I made a decision to do run-walk galloway technique for 10 miles and do the rest with using the magic mile technique. I wasn't sure if I could maintain the pace since it is too tempting to follow people who were running fast at the start of the race. I missed my first walk interval following everyone who were running but I forced myself to walk on the next interval. I religiously did the technique overcoming the two flyovers in the route. Looking back, this was a great idea since it saved my energy in the uphills. I was still feeling great at the 10 mile mark.

Nag-iisang photo ko during the event

We passed by the Manila route and was heading to the Luneta area when I was about to begin my transition from run walk to the magic mile technique. At my last walk interval, I changed the settings in my garmin and ran at race pace until the half mile alert came. Then, I walked for .1 miles then I ran faster than race pace until I could maintain it. At the third interval, my supposed fast pace was almost the same as my race pace. I pushed and pushed myself to continue running. Around 11 kilometers before I found Jeppie and we chatted for a while until my walk interval came and I was left behind. I caught up with him when I was to run again. Around 7 kilometers before the finish line, Jeppie went ahead and I started feeling pain in my legs. I shook off the pain and continued running ignoring that it should be faster than my race pace.

At 6 kilometers before the finish line and towards the coastal road, I felt pain in feet whenever I walk which forced me to keep running and taking lesser walk breaks. I tried to run faster but the pain appears if I pushed myself too much. Then by instinct, I reached my hand out to someone else I didn't know when he was apparently trying to greet someone behind me. Humiliated, I pushed and ran away from strangers who I thought I knew. (Di ba motivation? Hahaha)

I decided to keep running for .9 miles and walking .1 miles for breaks until the finish line. I found Noel and friends towards the last turn to the finish line and they were strolling. I decided not to join them as I want this to be done as soon as possible so I kept running looking at the finish line like it was some sort of prize. The run became slower and slower. I took a short walk break and made my way to the finish line. My Official time is 4 hours and 12 minutes. This is my first 32k event so this is my PR.

Post Race

Running 32k is tiring so I wasn't in the mood to socialize. After claiming my finisher's kit, I found a spot to sit and wait. Then, I met CJ and James for a post-run breakfast. At home, my tummy made good friends with cake and ice cream to regain the calories I lost in this run.

Official Results

After uploading data from my garmin, I found that I was able to reach my goal of 13 minutes per mile (12:30/mile pa nga!). This made me hopeful that I could finish the October RUPM with a new PR. Now to keep on training.

Race Review

Run United 2 was a great race. I loved how they read feedback from Run United 1 and made improvements in this race. Hydration was ready in all the stations I found. Most of the cups have cold drinks which is a delight in this kind of weather.

RU2 Medal is the newest addition to my collection

I love how they removed the Buendia Taft route in the official race map. I didn't notice it reading the map but it was a delight that I didn't have to deal with the chaos of that road. The post activity area was still great with the sponsors services that is a great experience for the runners. (Di ko nga lang  na-enjoy at anti-social na ako after the run)

Thanks to Run Rio and team for organizing the event!

Congratulations to all finishers, especially to the first timers!

Garmin Log: 

Photo Credits: RJ Knight Runner (Salamat talaga for taking my photo!)


Unknown said...


I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me please? Thanks!!

Melanie : )

Thirdy Lopez said...

Melanie, check the about me page. My email is there.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on your successful runs :) I used to be a track and field runner in my college days but I've become too lazy now :D

Thirdy Lopez said...

time to get back on the road...

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