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My Introductory Week in Bliss Yoga Manila

Bliss Yoga Manila is a yoga studio that offers classes of different yoga disciplines. It is located in Unit 203 Plaza One Hundred, VA Rufino Street corner Dela Rosa, Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City.

In a real yoga studio

I love yoga. In a yoga class, you breathe deeply and meditate while stretching your body and strengthening your core. I usually attend the hour long classes in whatever gym I am enrolled in. If time doesn't permits me to practice yoga at the gym, I have home videos to guide me. But the best place for a yoga class is a yoga studio.

I bought an introductory week pass from a discount voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy. Regularly, it would cost P1,000 but I got it for P500. This was my opportunity to do yoga on a real yoga studio. Most yoga studios are not accessible for me so I settle for the classes in gyms and at home.

My introductory week card

After several schedule changes, I dropped by the studio, which is a 5 minute walk from my office, and signed me up for the next available class. To my surprise, the clients are regular attendees so I guess they already tapped into their market and was just sharing the space with the group deal option.

On my first class, I brought a yoga mat, a water bottle and a small towel. Those are the things that I usually bring in a yoga class. To my surprise, everyone else had brought an extra towel to cover their mats. As it turns out, the yoga class is done is an above room temperature environment. The towel is to keep you from slipping off your mat. The class was headed by Matty and she guided us through different yoga poses in her Vinyasa Yoga class for an 75 minutes or something. Some of the power poses was different from the usual poses we do in the yoga class. I gave it a try but I can't even stretch my legs that far away from my body. I told her it was my first time so she gave us options but since it wasn't my first time to do yoga so I could perform some of the poses. The experience was definitely refreshing. The environment was a surprise but the heat makes our bodies more equipped to test our flexibility so I welcomed the change. At the end of the class, I was pleasantly surprise with a welcome letter from Matty.

Welcome Letter from Matty

I tried two more classes with Bianca in her Vinyasa Flow class and Roland in his Vinyasa Yoga class. In those classes, I found the need to use a towel on the yoga mat as my sweat had stopped me from doing some of the poses as I kept slipping.


Overall, I love my introductory week in Bliss Yoga Manila.I would do it again given my schedule permits me. I can't commit to a more regular practice in the studio yet but I welcome the occasional classes with P500 drop in rate. Currently, they are offering 6 months unlimited passes for P4,000 monthly (June promo only).

Classes Bliss Yoga Manila offers

Bliss Yoga Manila takes into account the requests of their members so they change their schedules based on class requests and participation. You better check the website or call the studio for the latest class schedules.  The studio offers classes on different disciplines of Yoga. I was able to attend Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes. But they offer a lot more, the classes are as follows:

Website, FB Page, Twitter

Photo Credits: Gee Plamenco, Jr from Bliss Yoga Manila FB Page 

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