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My GNC Fitness Throwdown Experience

GNC Fitness Throwdown is a CrossFit WOD challenge that aims to search for the fittest. I was invited by Erwin from GNC and Kyle from WOD Nation to participate in this event that was held in Alabang and Makati with an upcoming leg in Trinoma on June. Details of the events are here.

I initially didn't want to try the challenge out in the fear of being shamed in public but the GNC Fitness Throwdown was beginner friendly and I decided to join the Makati leg last May 24. See this post for more details on the last leg. The organizers even asked me to invite my friends and I was able to drag Gee Ar, Stephen and Jeremy with me. (Thanks again GNC and WOD nation for inviting us in the event!)

Pre Event

In my understanding, one of the objectives of this event is to bring CrossFit to a bigger audience. Since CrossFit is ever varying, I didn't dare prepare for this one since I wasn't really expecting anything. I tried out a few WODs from CFMNL Makati CBD but that was easy compared to what we did. (and those WODs weren't easy!!!)

Look for me... I'm in the official line up

From my conversation with Erwin, I expected the event to start on 5pm so I didn't need to file a leave but I just needed to wake up earlier so I could take an earlier work shift. As it turns out, I have to be at the venue at 4pm so I opted to transfer categories from RX1 (beginners under 30) to RX2 (beginners over 30). With this, All of us were to start on the same time in the same category.

Actual Event

After my work shift, I changed into my work out clothes and rushed to Glorietta Activity Center. Honestly, I didn't want everyone to see me there as I will be more nervous. I registered and met Gee Ar, Stephen and Jeremy and we had to change into the event shirt. It was intimidating. RX1 participants were running with sandbags, hanging on pull-up bars and dropping down to push up. I become more nervous afraid that I will humiliate myself. I was expecting more body weight exercises. But there were heavy equipment there.

with Jeremy, Gee Ar and Stephen

The WOD required us to lift a 90 lbs. Sandbag. I haven't lifted one in a while and I haven't lifted a sandbag that heavy ever. Also, we had to do hanging leg raises which is also something I haven't done as well. I jumped around the venue to calm my nerves as we waited for the RX2 category to be briefed.

We warmed up and got briefed bago isabak sa WOD

Around 6:30pm, the hosts called us into the activity center and we were briefed on the WOD. Here is the WOD:
60m Sandbag Carry (w/ 18" obstacle)
15 Pushups
15 Leg Raises
60m Sandbag Carry (w/ 18" obstacle)
15 Sandbag Floor to Shoulder
60m Sandbag Carry (w/ 18" obstacle)

Perform twice. The slowest time is your official score.

We were then asked to do warm ups and everyone was running around lifting and hanging on the bars. I did the dynamic warm up that I usually do on 360 Fitness, also to calm my nerves. Gee Ar, Stephen and I were numbers 32-35 so I expected us to go last but lo and behold the coach was calling my name and our group was the first to go. A few seconds later, we were doing the WOD. I wasn't expecting to finish fast. I just wanted to finish and try my best doing so. My first round was done in 4 minutes and 12 seconds. I stopped rarely during this round but I pushed and pushed myself doing all the routines in the process. By the end, my heart was popping out of my chest. I felt this in doing all the trial WODs so this is a normal feeling for cross fit. After a few minutes, we were to do everything again. I was able to just walk with the sandbag and had to stop numerous times during the floor of shoulder sandbag lifts. I was reaching fatigue but I kept pushing. My mind was telling me to stop but I kept on pushing, even lifting myself up that obstacle. At 4:58, I dropped that sand bag hard and they recorded my slower time (which will be my official time).

RX2 WOD was done twice. I survived both rounds.

It was done. I'm happy to have survived it.

Itsura ko after the WOD

We waited a while before it was Jeremy's turn (almost an hour and a half of waiting). During that time, we saw pretty impressive performance with official times of less than 3 minutes. I was just at awe at how they were running with a 90 lbs sandbag on their shoulder. (GO IDOLs!) As well as how fast they lifted those sandbags for the lifts. The RX+ category started late so I skipped watching that part of the event but I heard it was pretty impressive. I mean the beginners' WOD was hard the crosfitter's WOD was nothing compared to what we did.

Post Event

I skipped taking part of the challenges in the activity area as I was tired and was needing to finish packing for my weekend trip. But other people enjoyed the activities provided by the sponsors.

Event Review

The event had gathered 100 participants and had illustrated how great the fitness community is. I especially liked that the cross fit community feel was rampant in the event, with everyone cheering for all the participants even if they were competing with each other. I remember cheering for one girl to finish the WOD and urging another to not quit with the task at hand. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of putting myself in this kind of torture.

After my event, pa-picture sa venue

Thanks to GNC and WOD Nation for organizing this event!

Congratulations to everyone who won with the fastest times!

A bigger Congratulations to all of us who gave their best in finishing the WOD!

Garmin Log:

Photo Credits: Mark and Stephen


Anonymous said...

I admire your determination "Thirdie" hehe. Tuloy mo na yan and for sure you'll get back stronger. To more WODs!

Thirdy Lopez said...

To more WODs! :)

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