Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge Part 2

Here is the continuation of the post regarding the 360 Fitness 30 day challenge.

I was running and attending classes in the gym. The challenge kept me motivated to keep fit. I withdrew all my excuses and kept doing things that kept me fit.

Here are the other things I did for the 30 day challenge:

Day 11: 70 burpees

Day 12: Try the Challenge of the Month - I asked Coach Simon to assist me in doing the challenge of the week as posted in the bulletin board.

Day 13: Rest Day and Have Fun.

Day 14: Take an afternoon jog

Day 15: Do one of the videos in the Earn Your Beach Body Series from their You tube Channel

Day 16: Advanced Core Training. I followed a series of core exercises.

Day 17: Pre-vacation workout - I opted to follow one of the earn your beach body videos. I did the Zumba video.

Day 18: Eat Right - We needed to have a serving of fruits or veggies in our plate.

Day 19: 120 pushups

Day 20: Active Play Day - I swam at MASA

Day 21: Do any of the Men's Health Challenge - I did Coach Chappy's challenge

Day 22: Try Something New - I did Insanity's 20 minute workout, which I just downloaded a few weeks before this challenge.

Day 23: Advance Core Training - I did another set of core exercises.

Day 24: Group Day Class - I didn't make it to the gym so I did one of the Earn your Beach Body Videos. I did the Zumba video again.

Day 25: Meat Strike Day - Unfortunately, this day was also my officemates' treat at a buffet restaurant. All I could have were plates of veggies.

Day 26: Run

Day 27: 150 pushups

Day 28: Rest Day - I dined out and did some shopping

Day 29: Last Advanced Core Workout - I did my last set of core exercises.

Day 30: Measure the improvement - Gladly, I improved.

For more information on the challenges, visit the Get 360 Fit 360 day challenge FB Page

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