Friday, June 14, 2013

#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge Part 1

360 Fitness Club is a fitness center that specializes in circuit training. It offers classes suspension training, kettlebell training, bodyweight circuit, Zumba, Body Jam, Body Balance and Power Yoga classes. This gym has been my home gym for more than a year and I attended its classes and performed the 30 minute circuit numerous times.

#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge

One lazy weekday in March, I was surfing facebook and twitter when I chanced upon an announcement from 360 Fitness Club that they will be holding a 30 day challenge to exhibit its objective for its members to practice holistic wellness. The challenge will be for beginners and regular exercisers alike so I filled up the form and committed myself to 30 days of following the challenges. Here's how the challenge went:

Day 1: Fitness Test - We were asked to perform a series of exercises to test our fitness level.

Day 2: Core Building - We were instructed to follow a series of exercises to build our core. This involved some planking and a core integration circuit to work out your whole core (midsection, chest, upper back, lower back, hips).

Day 3: Dance Workout - We were tasked to attend a dance class. Since I couldn't make it to the gym, I did a Zumba workout at home.

Day 4: 50 Burpees

Day 5: 100 push-ups

Day 6: Medidate

Day 7: Have a Fit Family Day. Fitting enough, I ran Run United 1 on that day with the Pex Running Club.

Day 8: Water Day. We drank nothing but water.

Day 9: Core Building Workout. We did a series of core building exercises.

Day 10: Group Class Day. Since I couldn't go to the gym, I followed this video from the 360 Fitness You Tube Channel.

To be continued.....

For more information on the challenges, visit the Get 360 Fit 360 day challenge FB Page

Photo Credits: 360 Fitness Club


Kax said...

Sounds fun. How was your fitness level?

Thirdy Lopez said...

Kax: wala namang metrics yung challenge so parang it's just to keep you fit or introduce you to a fitness regimen.

It was fun. :)

Franc said...

It's nice that you are focusing on all around fitness and I'm sure it made you an even stronger runner.

Roch said...

Oh I have seen this featured on ChinoyTV before. My boyfriend has tried this with his friend and it was fun he said.

Unknown said...

I always like to think that I could do work-outs but either my schedule is impossible or just really lazy. Your routines seemed to be for active folks, can they have a starter for newbies like me?

Thirdy Lopez said...

Yes. You just have to do it!

Unknown said...

I wanna try that dance workout. I swear I will renew my gym membership the sooner I recover from my delivery in August. Woooohooo!

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