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Run 10k and 16.8k distances with adidas King of the Road 2013

Press Release

Step up your game and pick up the pace
Run 10k and 16.8k distances with adidas King of the Road 2013

Running is one of the oldest forms of exercise. You don’t need any fancy equipment or to apply for membership. You can take any comfortable pair of running shoes and just hit the road. Still, some preparations must be made if you’re joining a race with distances of 10K and 16.8K, which are featured in this year’s adidas King of the Road 2013.

“To provide a more complete race experience, adidas will be focusing on the 10K and 16.8K distances. This change is a response to the running community in the Philippines, which has grown in both number and performance through the years,” states Jason Gervasio, Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager of adidas Philippines.

The decision to run a longer distance than what you’re normally used to could be something that happens over night, but the drive and the passion to succeed is one that happens over a long period of attempts and possibly even failures. It’s true, one of the biggest challenges some runners face is increasing their distance. So how does one step up their game from running 5K to 10K or even 10K to 16.8K? Here are some simple ways to ease into running longer distances:

Pre-Run Regimen
Conditioning your body is vital when preparing for a race. A good warm up can be what separates you from having a good run or a great run. Stretching before and after running helps loosen up muscles to prevent strain and injury.

Train your mind
Running may be mostly physical, but it is also somewhat a mental challenge. Half the battle is understanding your obstacles, not just to help you cross the finish line, but to complete the race with a smile on your face. Discipline your mind, and your body is sure to follow.

Take a break
When you’re training, whether it’s for a marathon, 10K, 5K, or even your first 3K, taking breaks is crucial. Your muscles need time to build and repair themselves. Rest is critical for your body to recover to its full potential.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
It’s no secret that you’ll be sweating all throughout your run. Although some runners opt for sports drinks and gels, water is enough to keep you from dehydrating for shorter distances.

Strong and Steady
It’s not enough to be consistent. You have to be efficient as well. Start running at a comfortable pace, or as some like to call it, a conversational pace. Run constant short distances 3 or 4 times a week, and the actual distance you’re preparing for at least once. Don’t push yourself too hard, but instead slowly increase your speed or distance.

“There is not one exact surefire way to train for a race, whether it’s your first, your fifth or even your hundredth. It’s a different experience for every person, and we at adidas, just try to provide opportunities for people to come together and run”, says Adrien Semblat, Brand Activation Manager of adidas Philippines.

Step up your game and pick up the pace with adidas King of the Road 2013 happening on July 7, 2013. For more news and updates on adidas King of the Road 2013, visit and, or follow the conversation with #KOTRPH2013

Supporting this year’s race are sponsors Summit Water, 100 Plus, Sennheiser, EO Optical, adidas Bodycare, L Timestudio, and Century Tuna.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Running for World Vision: Log for World Vision Run 2013

World Vision Run is a fun run event that was organized to help promote the non profit organization that supports thousands of children in sustainable communities. This year's race was organized once again after runners were asking for it. On June 23, 2013, this run was successfully executed at the Bonifacio Global City.

Thanks to Wheatgrass C.A.N. for the photobooth photo

Pre Race

After running 32 kilometers at the Run United 2, I kept running maintenance runs but I did miss a few long runs since I was too lazy and tired to do it. World Vision is my favorite charity organization so I was up to supporting this event. Great thing I was invited to join it so after a weekend trip I went to Riovana and had myself registered for the 10k race, which was the same distance in my training plan.

Actual Race

On race day, I was excited to be able to do a weekend run after missing last week's long run. Having run this race forced me to keep my training schedule, at least for this week. Since this is a run rio race, I had to wake up extra early. I arrived early in the venue. Since my legs were still sleepy and I was running a shorter than usual distance, I walked around BGC to warm up before heading to the starting line.

Race Photo from Mang Husi

My plan was to run at a constant pace for the first half then do magic mile for the rest of the race. But I guess I was influenced by the other runners since I ran faster than I expected. So by the first magic mile, I was fighting the urge to go slower. I kept pushing thinking that this was a shorter distance so I can run faster.

I finished at 1:04. Not a PR but happy to run at 10min/mi. I have to incorporate this strategy in my next long run.

Post Race

Since I ran a shorter distance and the crowd is smaller, I decided to have my picture taken at one of the photo booths. It took longer than I thought, though.

At the Gun Start Stage after the race

Then, I met fellow bloggers, Noel and CJ. We had breakfast at Market! Market!

Race Review

The race was great.

Being a Run Rio race, it was great as expected. The route was easy. Not a lot of uphills and downhills. This was good for someone who was recovering from a 32k race or a newbie 10k runner, which I guess was a good number judging from the cheers when Gelli asked who is running for the first time.

My blogger friends said the hydration was as expected. I wasn't able to try hydration in the route as I brought my own hydration belt.

Congratulations to the finishers!

Thanks to World Vision, Run Rio and the sponsors for making this run a great run event!

Garmin Log:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

GNC Fitness Throwdown Last Leg on July 6

The GNC Throwdown has been rescheduled to July 6.

For more details, check this link.


Press Release

June 1 is World Milk Day!  As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the first ever celebration of World Milk Day in the country. 

The Alaska World Milk Day provides a great opportunity to reinforce importance of drinking milk and healthy lifestyle and bring it at the forefront of consumer awareness. And with the series of exciting activities lined up for the World Milk Day, Alaska Milk encourages children and adults alike to get into the habit of drinking milk and engage into sports activities to achieve optimum health.

Allow us to share with you some alarming health problems.  Nutrition disorders such as malnutrition and obesity are particularly rampant with children. They interfere with the child’s growth and development which could lead to serious health problems. Based on a 2008 survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one in ten adults are obese. Obesity and being overweight are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. And what is alarming is that even children are experiencing overweight issues as nearly 43 million children are overweight based 2010 WHO data.
In another study conducted by the  Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), a survey was initially conducted among Pre-school children, adolescents, adults, pregnant and lactating mothers. The objectives were to assess the nutritional status of 0-10 years old children, 11-19 years olds, pregnant and lactating women, and other adults 20 years and over using anthropometric indicators of growth and to compare results from previous surveys.  Again, results show that there is a problem on malnutrition which is a condition resulting from lack of or excess of one or more essential nutrients.

Common nutritional problems of Filipino children include protein-energy malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, vitamin A deficiency disorders and iodine deficiency disorders. Side by side with these forms of undernutrition is overnutrition.

So how can we assure that our children are well-nourished?  One must never skip breakfast and a good breakfast is one that provides about 1/3 of the total energy and nutrient requirements of the child. Children should be encouraged to drink milk with a well-balanced breakfast combined with physical activities like walking, running, dancing, swimming, housework and sports in and out of school.

June 2013 marks the milestone of the first-ever Alaska World Milk Day.  Various exciting activities were lined-up to celebrate and promote good health!  The celebration kicked off last  June 1 with the Alaska IronKids Run Race in SM Mall Of Asia (IMAX Parking Area) and the Alaska World Milk Day Sampling in Glorietta Malls.  June 9 witnessed Alaska World Milk Day Family Run where more than 3,000 participants raced at 3k, 5k, 10k.  As early as 4am, families gathered at the Bonifacio Global City in preparation for the run.  Families ran and crossed the finish line together making the event a great family bonding opportunity!  Aside from the race, children also had fun in the booths and activity area such as the inflatable, trampoline and joust. The 10k category proved to be more challenging as the race course included the Buendia flyover.More than 3,000 participated in the fun run which translated to a donation of more than 3,000 packs of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink to the Children’s Hour which was represented by Ms. Mikki Montenegro, Marketing and Communications Associate of Children’s Hour.  As in previous events, there was also the Alaska milk moustache photo shoot where everyone eagerly participated in. 

The success of the Alaska World Milk Day celebrations were made possible  with the support of Ayala Malls, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, Solar News, Akari nxled, Glorietta, Gatorade, Downy, BGC, Walter Bread, and Maynilad and Children’s Hour as the beneficiary.

For more information about Alaska World Milk Day, visit, For live tweets and updates follow us at @ALASKAsportshub

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#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge Part 2

Here is the continuation of the post regarding the 360 Fitness 30 day challenge.

I was running and attending classes in the gym. The challenge kept me motivated to keep fit. I withdrew all my excuses and kept doing things that kept me fit.

Here are the other things I did for the 30 day challenge:

Day 11: 70 burpees

Day 12: Try the Challenge of the Month - I asked Coach Simon to assist me in doing the challenge of the week as posted in the bulletin board.

Day 13: Rest Day and Have Fun.

Day 14: Take an afternoon jog

Day 15: Do one of the videos in the Earn Your Beach Body Series from their You tube Channel

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Medicard Metafit Camp Experience

Metafit is a four minute exercise routine that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in a few minutes of exercise. Doing this form of exercise promotes higher metabolism and energy, stronger bones and lower blood sugar. It consists of fast and intense bursts of anaerobic exercises. This kind of workout has been scientifically proven to help the body release growth hormones that counter the effects of aging.

Bloggers with the Medicard - MetaFit Team

Started on June 10, Medicard and Jim Saret's Medicard Team, consisting of Coach Ken, Coach Irene and biggest loser finalists Hazel and Raffy (who are also serving as supportive coaches in the program), have forged a partnership to organize the Medicard - Meta Fit  Fitness Camp Season 2 Leg 1 at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Paseo de Roxas, Makati. For details on joining the next 2 legs (total of 3 legs for this season) happening on July to October at different venues across the Metro Manila area, check out the Medicard Philippines facebook page.

A taste of Meta Fit

On June 8, I was fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers who were invited for a taste of the Medicard - Metafit experience that enrollees will be doing for June 10 to July 5 for the Fitness Camp Season 2 Makati Leg. I had experience doing Meta Fit workouts in some of the sessions of the Ayala Triads so I was already expecting doing a series of exercises in quick time. We started with a few stretches and a short warm up.

Warm Up

Honestly, I thought the workout was going to be easier compared to Cross Fit WODs that I had tried in the past (Metafit - 4 minutes; CrossFit - 10+ minutes) so this will be not be easy but doable. Here was the workout:
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 lunges for each leg (20 in total)
As many rounds as possible for 4 minutes.

AMRAP Workout

Sounds "easy". I didn't go all out at first as I was saving energy towards the end but lo and behold the 4 minute was already over and I finished 4 rounds and 5 jumping jacks. I did more than the expected 3 rounds and I was happy but crazy folks could do 7 which is still great that means I wasn't that crazy yet (TALAGANG YET?).

Round 1: Squats + Push ups

Friday, June 14, 2013

#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge Part 1

360 Fitness Club is a fitness center that specializes in circuit training. It offers classes suspension training, kettlebell training, bodyweight circuit, Zumba, Body Jam, Body Balance and Power Yoga classes. This gym has been my home gym for more than a year and I attended its classes and performed the 30 minute circuit numerous times.

#Get360Fit 30 day Challenge

One lazy weekday in March, I was surfing facebook and twitter when I chanced upon an announcement from 360 Fitness Club that they will be holding a 30 day challenge to exhibit its objective for its members to practice holistic wellness. The challenge will be for beginners and regular exercisers alike so I filled up the form and committed myself to 30 days of following the challenges. Here's how the challenge went:

Day 1: Fitness Test - We were asked to perform a series of exercises to test our fitness level.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Amazing Race @BGC Light Thursdays

"Get ready for an all out race on June 13, 2013 as Light Thursdays ministry looks to turn the Fort High Street Strip into a buzz town! This is not your ordinary race! Register individually where you'll get to meet and team up with other members, or register as a team of 4 - 7 members and come up with a team name to compete in an all out race of fun and spontaneity! Prizes, good times and unstoppable laughter await all those who participate. You don't want to miss out on this! " 

Date: June 13, 2013
Time: 7PM 
Meeting Place: Fully Booked High Street. "U View" Basement Theater

Registration Fee: P350 which includes a Light Thursday T-Shirt for the Race 
(paid upon registration on race activity) 

Things to bring:
1. Important: Each team must bring one (1) simple point and shoot camera/phone for documentation purposes 
2. Your Light Thursdays T-Shirt if secured before hand
3. Rubber Shoes/Sneakers
4. Comfortable clothing
5. Extra Shirt in case

To register for the race, contact Jel Directo 
Cell # 0917.5475146

For more Details:
Search on Facebook: BGC LIGHT THURSDAYS 
Follow on Twitter: @LightThursdays

Box Hopping in Makati

CrossFit is a cardiovascular and strength conditioning training regimen that makes use of weightlifting, gymnastics, strength training, plyometrics and cardio activities. A regular training session is called as WODs or Workout of the Day are usually time and rep based collection of activities that works the whole body. From experience, WODs are designed to exhaust you with your body burning at least 200 calories for a 10 minute routine.

CrossFit gyms are called "boxes".

Box Hopping

I scheduled myself to undergo a fitness test at my current gym, 360 Fitness Club. But coming from a fun but tiring weekend of running the afroman distance at Run United 2, I opted to rest and recover for that day. Instead, I decided to go box-hopping.

Let me back track a little. I have been having fun working out with the 30 minutes circuit, body weight circuit classes, STC classes, even with Zumba, Body Jam, Power Yoga and Body Balance at the 360 Fitness Club. The regular routine had kept me in pretty good shape. Having experienced a fitness competition in the GNC Fitness Throwdown had made me realize I wanna be doing more WODs in the future, while improving my fitness level in the process.

Also a few months ago, CrossFit had became a fitness option for Makati folks like me with the opening of CFMNL Makati and CrossFit Mad Minute.

First Stop: CFMNL Makati CBD Branch

Coming from my office in Ayala, I crossed Dela Rosa and made my way to Legazpi Village. CFMNL is located in Unit 102 GF First Midland, 109 Gamboa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. It wasn't my first time going to the gym/box but I wanted to see how long the walk would be and to talk to the gym secretary to inquire about the rates.

The box is fairly new so most of the WODs are for beginners since they haven't held a foundations class yet. So a WOD in this box would mostly be for beginners with little weight lifting exercises.

The rates are as clearly shown in their official website. But I paid particular attention to their promo rate.
P4,500 - 1 month and P4,000 - 3 months.

Honestly, it was over my estimated budget so I am still contemplating if I should join. But their schedule of 7AM, 6PM and 7PM classes fit my schedule. This gym is closer to my office and around 15 minutes away from my current residence.

WOD Nation's CrossFit Mad Minute

One lazy afternoon, I discovered the existence of CrossFit Mad Minute. This box is a 5 minute walk from my current residence but I haven't visited the place before. It is located in 7433 Unit G Yakal Street, Makati City. They offer free trials almost every Saturday 3PM.

The box is a month older than CFMNL but their clients have been working out in their partner box at QC (CrossFit Insurrecto) so their WODs are a mixture of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They started holding foundations classes in May (the first June foundations class just ended when I visited the gym), too.

The box's website is still being created so most of their information are posted in their FB page. Their rates are as follows: P4750 - 1 month; P4450 - 3 months; P3950 - 6 months; P3450 - 1 year. They are also offering discounts to the GNC Fitness Throwdown participants by slashing off P500 to the rates of 1 month to 6 months packages.

Their long term rates are more friendly to my estimated budget and their class schedules of 6AM, 7AM, 7PM and 8:30PM is more suitable to my schedule so this is my best choice so far. Unfortunately, they don't offer credit card charging yet so no points for me.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I still have a month until my gym membership expires so I'm still have a few more weeks to decide whether to fully commit to CrossFit or not. Also, I was able to get discounted sessions to both gyms with Deal Grocer so I could get a better feel before committing. I also have to access my work schedule as I am changing shifts soon.

Anyway, I like this fitness program since it gives its participants a measure on how to perform. An achievement is not just about looking good or losing weight. The measures are about exceeding your records or setting them. Since your fellow cross fitters are also doing the same, it is also a motivation to keep getting better with competition.

CFMNL - Website, FB Page, Twitter
CrossFit Mad Minute - Website, FB Page, Twitter

Photo Credits: CFMNL Makati, CrossFit Mad Minute

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bliss Yoga Manila's 42 day challenge (42 days to Blissful Revolution)

I would like to share Bliss Yoga Manila's 42 day challenge  (42 days to Blissful Revolution). The challenge is just committing to practicing 5 times a week for 42 days. The registration fee is P500 which will be donated to the I Can Serve Foundation. Successful finishers will be rewarded with a shirt and 50% off their next class card. Check out the posters below for more details.

This challenge is open to monthly unlimited and early bird monthly unlimited members only.

Update: 42 days to a Blissful Revolution has been moved to July 1, 2013

Source: Bliss Yoga Manila

Monday, June 10, 2013

Skechers GOrun 2 Facebook Giveaway

Win a pair of Skechers GOrun 2!!!

All you have to do is:

1. FOLLOW @SkechersPH on Twitter and LIKE Skechers Fitness Philippines 
on Facebook.

2. WATCH and SHARE this post with an answer to this question: Who won: Man or Cheetah? 

Answer should be in this format: “[Tag] @SkechersFitnessPhilippines, 
___________ won! Thanks to #SkechersGOrun2!”

4. Correct answers will be short listed and one (1) winner will be 
chosen through a raffle draw on June 17, 2013!

Join the World Vision Run 2013 and help make a child's life better!

On June 23, 2013, Run Rio and World Vision are organizing a run at the Bonifacio Global City. This is aims to promote World Vision and help thousands of children in their education and their communities' development. Join now!

Details of the race are here.

World Vision is my favorite charity

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. This organization is close to my heart as I currently sponsor a child in their care. They support a community and find sponsors for each kid in the community. As a sponsor, you only have to donate P600 monthly (P7,200 annually or P20 daily). The organization will take care of helping your sponsored kid. You could get in touch with them and offer them inspiration to doing great at school, leading to a better future for them and the country. Who knows you might be sponsoring the next president or hero.

Meet Janine.

She's my sponsored child. I started giving P600 monthly to World Vision when I was fortunate enough to get a pay raise. Janine was Grade 1, then. She's now in Grade 5. From her progress card, she's doing great in school and she loves to dance. She also loves shoes. Every Christmas season, World Vision gives us sponsors an opportunity to give our kids and their family a great Christmas by purchasing an Noche Buena Package which contains a set of food and drinks for the season, as well as a gift for our kid. Janine always gets shoes. Once, she even proudly shared how she used the pair she got for a school dance.

Join World Vision Run now and help make a child's future brighter! If you can't make it on the run, consider sponsoring a child or making a one time donation. For more details, please get in touch with World Vision by visiting their website, calling (2) 3747618 to 28 or visiting their booth on the World Vision Run 2013 events.

Note: 100% of the proceeds are going to World Vision. Run Rio even waived their admin fee to support this great cause so don't think about the (registration) cost, think about the cause. Also if you are not particular with where the money goes, you'll experience a great race with Run Rio (as usual), wear a quality singlet and even bright home a rocking finisher's medal (for 21k runners only).

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through the Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp

June 8, 2013 – Makati, Philippines – MediCard Philippines Inc., and celebrity fitness coach Jim Saret’s MetaFit (Metabolic Fitness) program bring back the Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp beginning June 10, 2013.  The fitness program will visit three venues this year and will run from June to October 2013.  The first leg will kick off at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati City. 

“The partnership with MediCard agreeing to create the Meta Fit camps here, to me is a very good combination because it puts a face to MediCard,” says Coach Jim Saret.  “The synergy to me is actually very good because it will really benefit the participants.”

The collaboration between Medicard and Metafit complements the visions of both entities in of promoting a healthy and fitter lifestyle among Filipinos.

The Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp sets itself apart from other fitness programs today because it is one of most comprehensive and effective fitness programs around.  Also, its affiliation with the country’s leading healthcare provider makes it one of the safest.  The program also encourages participants to bond with one another as a community of fitness enthusiasts who share the same sense of achievement.

“We believe that this will promote a healthier lifestyle,” says Kate Joaquin, Medicard Philippines marketing manager.  “One that is very engaging and is never boring because it involves a lot of your participation and your commitment.”

The Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp is a series of high intensity work outs that aim to increase the body’s natural metabolism through short, 4-minute work outs.  Developed by Saret, it has grown in popularity among a wide range of individuals across all ages.

The first leg was held last February also at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati.  Due to its success, Medicard expanded the program into 3 legs across Metro Manila.  The program hopes to bring in between 70 and 100 participants for each venue.

“We are truly pleased for this partnership with Coach Jim Saret,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, Medicard Philippines president. “This is something we believe in because Medicard Philippines believes that quality healthcare is all about taking preventive measures by being fit and healthy. We want to give good quality coaches and exercise programs that will actually be effective in making people live a healthier life that is why we partnered with a group that we believe can actually help people keep with the program, enjoy themselves, and get healthy.”

Saturday, June 08, 2013

My Introductory Week in Bliss Yoga Manila

Bliss Yoga Manila is a yoga studio that offers classes of different yoga disciplines. It is located in Unit 203 Plaza One Hundred, VA Rufino Street corner Dela Rosa, Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City.

In a real yoga studio

I love yoga. In a yoga class, you breathe deeply and meditate while stretching your body and strengthening your core. I usually attend the hour long classes in whatever gym I am enrolled in. If time doesn't permits me to practice yoga at the gym, I have home videos to guide me. But the best place for a yoga class is a yoga studio.

I bought an introductory week pass from a discount voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy. Regularly, it would cost P1,000 but I got it for P500. This was my opportunity to do yoga on a real yoga studio. Most yoga studios are not accessible for me so I settle for the classes in gyms and at home.

My introductory week card

After several schedule changes, I dropped by the studio, which is a 5 minute walk from my office, and signed me up for the next available class. To my surprise, the clients are regular attendees so I guess they already tapped into their market and was just sharing the space with the group deal option.

On my first class, I brought a yoga mat, a water bottle and a small towel. Those are the things that I usually bring in a yoga class. To my surprise, everyone else had brought an extra towel to cover their mats. As it turns out, the yoga class is done is an above room temperature environment. The towel is to keep you from slipping off your mat. The class was headed by Matty and she guided us through different yoga poses in her Vinyasa Yoga class for an 75 minutes or something. Some of the power poses was different from the usual poses we do in the yoga class. I gave it a try but I can't even stretch my legs that far away from my body. I told her it was my first time so she gave us options but since it wasn't my first time to do yoga so I could perform some of the poses. The experience was definitely refreshing. The environment was a surprise but the heat makes our bodies more equipped to test our flexibility so I welcomed the change. At the end of the class, I was pleasantly surprise with a welcome letter from Matty.

Welcome Letter from Matty

I tried two more classes with Bianca in her Vinyasa Flow class and Roland in his Vinyasa Yoga class. In those classes, I found the need to use a towel on the yoga mat as my sweat had stopped me from doing some of the poses as I kept slipping.


Overall, I love my introductory week in Bliss Yoga Manila.I would do it again given my schedule permits me. I can't commit to a more regular practice in the studio yet but I welcome the occasional classes with P500 drop in rate. Currently, they are offering 6 months unlimited passes for P4,000 monthly (June promo only).

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Run United 2012: Second of Three - DONE!

Run United is one of the most talked about run event in the country. This event is a trilogy event featuring increasing distances. At start of this year, I made it a goal to complete this trilogy and finally, graduate in a Run Rio series. I conquered the first Run United in March and I finished the second leg on June 2 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Pre Race

My end goal for training is a full marathon PR on October so I kept on training starting seriously last May. I did maintenance runs on the weekdays and a long run or a tempo run on the weekends. I still kept a pretty active lifestyle so there are times when I had to take extra rest days, especially when I got cough and colds. Also, my training schedule falls on a summer so I had to skip a run to travel to the beach. I tried not to join too many races since I have 2 races on July and the race fee there is an investment already.

Taken before my training runs

On the 2 weekends of May, I ran 21k and 25k following my training plan. I had to wake extra early since the sun comes up early and the heat is not friendly. On those days, I brought my hydration belt and a headlight to keep me safe on the start of the run (habang madilim pa). I added hills training in McKinley so I could prepare my body for the flyovers in Manila.

In this race, I decided to register online. First time to do this since my schedule won't leave me time to go on a trip to BGC and also the kits were sold out fast so I can't wait for my time to free up. Delivery was fast and safe. Within a few weeks after I passed the registration forms, our lobby guard handed me my RU2 kit which made my day.

Actual Race

On June 2, I made sure to get up extra early so I won't be late but not to early. I found a taxi and made my way to the Mall of Asia around 10 minutes before the gun start. After meeting CJ to lend him my watch (na di naman niya ginamit), I walked to the assembly and was ,near the end of the pack, officially starting 3 minutes after the gun start.

I made a decision to do run-walk galloway technique for 10 miles and do the rest with using the magic mile technique. I wasn't sure if I could maintain the pace since it is too tempting to follow people who were running fast at the start of the race. I missed my first walk interval following everyone who were running but I forced myself to walk on the next interval. I religiously did the technique overcoming the two flyovers in the route. Looking back, this was a great idea since it saved my energy in the uphills. I was still feeling great at the 10 mile mark.

Nag-iisang photo ko during the event

We passed by the Manila route and was heading to the Luneta area when I was about to begin my transition from run walk to the magic mile technique. At my last walk interval, I changed the settings in my garmin and ran at race pace until the half mile alert came. Then, I walked for .1 miles then I ran faster than race pace until I could maintain it. At the third interval, my supposed fast pace was almost the same as my race pace. I pushed and pushed myself to continue running. Around 11 kilometers before I found Jeppie and we chatted for a while until my walk interval came and I was left behind. I caught up with him when I was to run again. Around 7 kilometers before the finish line, Jeppie went ahead and I started feeling pain in my legs. I shook off the pain and continued running ignoring that it should be faster than my race pace.

At 6 kilometers before the finish line and towards the coastal road, I felt pain in feet whenever I walk which forced me to keep running and taking lesser walk breaks. I tried to run faster but the pain appears if I pushed myself too much. Then by instinct, I reached my hand out to someone else I didn't know when he was apparently trying to greet someone behind me. Humiliated, I pushed and ran away from strangers who I thought I knew. (Di ba motivation? Hahaha)

I decided to keep running for .9 miles and walking .1 miles for breaks until the finish line. I found Noel and friends towards the last turn to the finish line and they were strolling. I decided not to join them as I want this to be done as soon as possible so I kept running looking at the finish line like it was some sort of prize. The run became slower and slower. I took a short walk break and made my way to the finish line. My Official time is 4 hours and 12 minutes. This is my first 32k event so this is my PR.

Post Race

Running 32k is tiring so I wasn't in the mood to socialize. After claiming my finisher's kit, I found a spot to sit and wait. Then, I met CJ and James for a post-run breakfast. At home, my tummy made good friends with cake and ice cream to regain the calories I lost in this run.

Official Results

After uploading data from my garmin, I found that I was able to reach my goal of 13 minutes per mile (12:30/mile pa nga!). This made me hopeful that I could finish the October RUPM with a new PR. Now to keep on training.

Race Review

Run United 2 was a great race. I loved how they read feedback from Run United 1 and made improvements in this race. Hydration was ready in all the stations I found. Most of the cups have cold drinks which is a delight in this kind of weather.

RU2 Medal is the newest addition to my collection

I love how they removed the Buendia Taft route in the official race map. I didn't notice it reading the map but it was a delight that I didn't have to deal with the chaos of that road. The post activity area was still great with the sponsors services that is a great experience for the runners. (Di ko nga lang  na-enjoy at anti-social na ako after the run)

Thanks to Run Rio and team for organizing the event!

Congratulations to all finishers, especially to the first timers!

Garmin Log: 

Photo Credits: RJ Knight Runner (Salamat talaga for taking my photo!)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Adidas King of the Road 2013 Updates: Singlet and Medal Design

Here are the actual items for the King of the Road 2013:

 Draw String Bag 

 Actual KOTR 2013 Medal

Finishers will be receiving a medal featuring the distance of the category along with a yellow drawstring bag with goodies from the race’s sponsors.

The adidas KOTR 2013 will be held on July 7, 2013 at Bonifacio Global City. Apart from the 10K Relay for Students, the race will include distances of 10K for the general public and 16.8K with Open and Closed categories. The Closed category is strictly for Filipinos while the Open category is for all nationalities.

The top male and female winners from the 16.8K Closed category will be hailed as the Philippines’ King and Queen of the Road and will represent the Philippines in the KOTR Southeast Asia Championship in Malaysia.

KOTR 2013 Singlets: Here is another singlet to add to your collection

The singlet design for adidas' King of the Road 2013 comes in three colors per gender. For men, it comes in bluebeauty/electricity, electricity/black, and infrared/black in sizes XS to XL. For women, the colors are bluebeauty/electricity, blastemerald/silver, and raypink/night.met, and comes in sizes XS to L. For runners who registered in-store, singlets can be claimed from adidas Trinoma, adidas Mall of Asia, and adidas Two Parkade (Bonifacio Global City) from July 1 to 6. For those who registered online, these will be delivered to the registered addresses.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

My GNC Fitness Throwdown Experience

GNC Fitness Throwdown is a CrossFit WOD challenge that aims to search for the fittest. I was invited by Erwin from GNC and Kyle from WOD Nation to participate in this event that was held in Alabang and Makati with an upcoming leg in Trinoma on June. Details of the events are here.

I initially didn't want to try the challenge out in the fear of being shamed in public but the GNC Fitness Throwdown was beginner friendly and I decided to join the Makati leg last May 24. See this post for more details on the last leg. The organizers even asked me to invite my friends and I was able to drag Gee Ar, Stephen and Jeremy with me. (Thanks again GNC and WOD nation for inviting us in the event!)

Pre Event

In my understanding, one of the objectives of this event is to bring CrossFit to a bigger audience. Since CrossFit is ever varying, I didn't dare prepare for this one since I wasn't really expecting anything. I tried out a few WODs from CFMNL Makati CBD but that was easy compared to what we did. (and those WODs weren't easy!!!)

Look for me... I'm in the official line up

From my conversation with Erwin, I expected the event to start on 5pm so I didn't need to file a leave but I just needed to wake up earlier so I could take an earlier work shift. As it turns out, I have to be at the venue at 4pm so I opted to transfer categories from RX1 (beginners under 30) to RX2 (beginners over 30). With this, All of us were to start on the same time in the same category.

Actual Event

After my work shift, I changed into my work out clothes and rushed to Glorietta Activity Center. Honestly, I didn't want everyone to see me there as I will be more nervous. I registered and met Gee Ar, Stephen and Jeremy and we had to change into the event shirt. It was intimidating. RX1 participants were running with sandbags, hanging on pull-up bars and dropping down to push up. I become more nervous afraid that I will humiliate myself. I was expecting more body weight exercises. But there were heavy equipment there.

with Jeremy, Gee Ar and Stephen

Saturday, June 01, 2013


Press Release

1 is World Milk Day!  As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the celebration of World Milk Day in the country. 

The Alaska World Milk Day provides a great opportunity to reinforce importance of drinking milk and healthy lifestyle and bring it at the forefront of consumer awareness. And with the series of exciting activities lined up for the World Milk Day, Alaska Milk encourages children and adults alike to get into the habit of drinking milk and engage into sports activities to achieve optimum health.

Allow us to share with you some alarming health problems.  Nutrition disorders such as malnutrition and obesity are particularly rampant with children. They interfere with the child’s growth and development which could lead to serious health problems. Based on a 2008 survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one in ten adults are obese. Obesity and being overweight are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. And what is alarming is that even children are experiencing overweight issues as nearly 43 million children are overweight based 2010 WHO data.

June 2013 marks the milestone of the first-ever Alaska World Milk Day.  Various exciting activities are lined-up to celebrate and promote good health!  The celebration kicks off on June 1 at 6:30am with the Alaska IronKids Run Race in SM Mall Of Asia (IMAX Parking Area).  There will also be an Alaska World Milk Day Sampling in Glorietta Malls from 10am to 10pm.   June 9 is the Alaska World Milk Day Family Run where participants can race at 3k, 5k, 10k.  In all events, there will be the Alaska milk moustache photo shoot where everyone is invited to participate in. 

The Alaska World Milk Day celebrations were made possible by Ayala Malls, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, Solar News, Akari nxled, Glorietta, Gatorade and Downy.   

Surfin' La Union

La Union is a province in the North of the Philippines. A few years ago, the northern location was dubbed as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines". My parents and their parents had grew up in La Union, San Fernando to be exact. My family and I frequent the place but we have never tried surfing. We prefer sleeping and resting during the holidays.

Surfing, finally

I'm not sure how we came to a conclusion of going to La Union. I just remembered Cath, KC, CJ and I was mobile chatting about going to this place. Then, we planned to do it on the last weekend of May and we'll be staying in our residence there. I was even joking that they could stay at Hacienda Lopez (which in reality is Lopez Compound with houses where my family, my aunts and cousins live).

On Friday Night, we packed our bags and rode a bus to San Fernando. Fare was around P450 to 500. The bus ride took around 6-7 hours. We weren't sure why since all of us slept until a hint of the sun came up. After resting a bit and having our breakfast, we made our way to San Juan which was 10 minute drive from San Fernando.

Before riding the waves

We entered the beach using the Surf School entrance so we decided to use the Billabong Surf School to help us learn surfing. The first thing that the instructors taught us was about the different parts of the board, the different ways of standing on your board and safety tips. Then, each of us had an assigned instructor to try how we'll stand on the board. I prefer jumping up (Thanks to burpees which I almost always do in Body Weight Classes in 360 Fitness).

Then, we were pulled and paddled out to the sea to try actual surfing. My first few tries, I kept losing balance and jumping up too late. But I eventually got it. I was even able to stand up until the shore. CJ, KC and Cath was able to do it too. Not all of us got great surfing photos since the instructor taking pictures had a favoritism towards CJ so he got all the great surfing photos.

#SG #Surfing

Surfing was a great experience and I'll be willing to do it again. It may not be as great as those who are world renowned surfers but they started somewhere right?

Rediscovering my home town

After Surfing, we went to Ma-cho Temple (a taoist temple) and the Filipino Chinese Pagoda (overlooking the city). We also dined at the highly recommended Halo Halo de Iloko. In this restaurant, we were able to try their fiesta halo halo that costs P99. As KC would say, "Better than Razon's". Try it out whenever you are in La Union.

#SG in LaUnion
Photo Credits: Cath and KC

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