Thursday, May 09, 2013

These are a few of my favorite (running) things....

I wanted to review a few of running equipment I have been using but I'm too lazy to be specific on their functions so I'll just talk about my favorite running equipment.

1. LiveStrong Nike Free 5.0

Flying with Nike Free at the TBRDM 2013

I bought these shoes because it fits the PRC Singlet which I don't wear as it wasn't a good fit for my body type pero terno sila ng favorite running shorts ko, which I will talk about later. Nike Free is a wanna-be barefoot runners entry to the discipline. Actually, wala naman akong planong maging barefoot runner. I just like minimalist shoes kahit di pa siya fit sa stride at foot type ko. Gandang ganda lang talaga ako sa itsura niya. I wanna get another pair lalo at na-launch na ang Nike Free 5.0 sa Pilipinas but I have to think about function lalo na't I read about Karylle's injury due to an ill-fitting shoe incident pero kaya pa naman siya sa cross training at short distances.

2. Nike "2 in one" running shorts

Wearing my favorite running shirts at the 7-11 run

I got my first pair when I got a freebie from a raffle. Ginamit ko lang yung P2,500 gift certificate tapos I fell in love with the shorts. This running shorts that completes my running outfit with compression tights inside. Less chaffing for me tapos di pa kelangan na revealing get up na may bumabakat. (Guys, alam niyo yan!) Luckily, I got another pair sa Nike sa isang outlet store sa rehoboth so hindi siya ma-worn out agad. I used this sa yoga too para din hindi revealing.

3. Sony Walkman MP3 Player

Used my Sony MP3 Player at the Energizer Run 2013

I got my pair in 2011 as one of my last purchases in my first US Trip. Di na kame naghiwalay ever since. The Sony Walkman MP3 player allows me to have my music playing without the hassle of holding onto a mp3 player and getting tangled with the headphone wires. A newer version was release in late 2011 pero maganda pa naman ang samahan namen ng Sony MP3 Player kaya hindi ko pa din siya ipagpapalit.

4. New Balance Visor

Wearing the visor at TBRDM

I got my first Visor in Runner pero limited lang ma-match-an ko na damit so I got a new balance visor at eto ang kumokompleto sa running outfit ko. Bagay na bagay sa shoes na Nike Free at Running shorts. Kahit Black lang yung singlet ko coordinated na ako with this item. Siyempre, the visor helps me shield off the sun or rain during training and running events.

5. Cellphone Arm Band

I used my cellphone arm band in Run United 1 2013

I don't really like to bring a phone when running but it is practical to bring one especially if you're the point person in post race events or if you're running long and may encounter an accident, just in case of emergency. Great that Jessie bought me one from Korea. The ones in malls are too big for my blackberry.

6. Shades

Wearing shades in the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013

I really don't bring shades in races until Summer came. The sun is just too darn harsh. I bring ones that fit me better kahit mumurahin lang. It makes me look cool at the same time shade my eyes from the sun.

7. Hydration Belt

My hydration belt saved me from being thirsty at the Salomon Xtrail run 2013

When I started training for my first marathon, I invested on a hydration belt. It is easier to run long when you are not holding a bottle of water. My favorite one is the Nathan brand. It fits perfectly and I don't feel it slipping up or down when I run.

8. Garmin 910XT

Saving my time at the Skyathon Run 2013

One thing I hated doing when I got my first GPS watch was jotting down the distances in daily mile and not having my heart rate noted. When I invested on this watch, I got rid of that annoyance. Also, I am even able to track my swim trainings with this one kahit di ko pa nakukuha yung technique to correctly get the distance.

Okay, these are a few of my favorite (running) things...

I pretty much use the same things kaya malulungkot ako kapag nasira na sila so hopefully matagal pa kaming magsasama.

Photo Credits: Neil, Tong Pascua Photography, Blue Legged Runner, Mang Husi Photography, PhotoVendo, Abi


michymichymoo said...

I love the title! hahaha! :) You really invest with good stuff ha. Sabagay, you use it a lot naman. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Lagi ko ngang ginagamit... :)

Matitibay naman sila so far so sana di masira... :)

Abi V said...

Garmin! Gusto ko na rin! :) Kaso parang hindi ka happy gamitin siya sa swimming.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Hindi ko pa nakukuha yung technique para tama ang measurement kasi naman titigil lang ako biglang twice the distance na agad...

Anyhoo, I recommend ko ang garmin if kaya ng budget. :)

Thanks ulet sa isang pic sa blogpost na to.

blissfulguro said...

yun pala yung energizer run na kasabay nung dpp anniv last sat. nice. gabi talaga :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Opo, night run talaga...

Unknown said...

I really like the idea to Nike athletic shorts while running.It's wonderful idea that you have given too all athletes.

Abi V said...

LOL ako ba yung Abi? hahah.. no problem. :) naiisip ko na nga ring bumili kasi yung Garmin pwedeng i-sync sa Daily Mile unlike other brands(bukod sa Nike; arte lang haha) pero parang nagpapapalit na shoes ko kaya shoes muna. Sana makaipon for the Garmin! Ang cool eh lahat pwedeng marecord. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Ok din ang nike. Ayun gusto dati pero mas accurate ang Garmin kaya yun binili ko.

JEAPEE said...

@thirdy lopez

how much was the 4 bottle hydration belt you are using in the pic? what is the brand?

Thirdy Lopez said...


Sa Walmart ko binili... Around $12 ata... Walang tatak.

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