Sunday, May 19, 2013

Run Rio Awards 2013

Run Rio Awards is an annual celebration of running with run rio events. This year, awardees had ran 21k in RU1 and RU2, 32km in RU3 and 42km in RUPM.

with CJ and Noel

Wow, 116kms!

Noel showing off his dog tag

Last year, I wouldn't have dared to try that out. Also, I was doing on-shore support so no Run United Runs for me. Anyway, Congrats to the awardees!

Congrats, Noel!

Congrats, CJ!

Congrats, Ibetski!

Congrats, Rolly!

Congrats, Sir Rene!

Congrats, Daves!

Ulitin niyo ulet this year para may kasama ako next year as I am planning to complete the trilogy this year.

Kulit Runner is the Blogger of the Year

Bonus na din pala na activity ang Run Rio Awards sa Fitness Expo sa Mall of Asia since I get to check out the booths. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a deal or something cool to do.

with the Bloggers and Coach Rio

 Fitness Expo Presentation

 Fitness Expo Booth

Fitness Expo Activity

Photo Credits: Noel, Letsky Runner Photography, KB Photography and Bee

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