Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rip 60 (Exercise Equipment and Program) Review

Rip 60 is a suspension training tool that uses rotation to further challenge the athlete in his workout. I first tried rip 60 in a class in the FTX Gym. Through heart pumping classes lead by Connie Fortich, I experienced suspension training with a challenge of rotation in her 60 minute classes. During those classes, we warmed up through burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and squats before doing whole body routines with Rip 60. My first weeks doing the class, I felt my body growing which made me go to more classes. When my  membership expired and I moved to 360 fitness, I replaced rotation with suspension training with a jungle gym. so Bye, Rip 60!

Working out with Rip 60

When I returned to the US for my onshore support work on October 2012, I decided to do the Rip 60 program. I got a good deal on E-bay and won the auction so I got myself the equipment. (Yes, I now own one!) Weeks before doing the program I was on a hiatus to regular training so I gained weight and I was eating unhealthily. Starting the program was a welcome change.

Kettlebell Swings are required for Week 5

At around that time, my accommodation in Delaware had an extra room. I cleaned that room up and made it my home gym, hanging Rip 60 at the closet door. Rip 60 program consists of 12 DVDs that should be done within 60 days. The first 8 weeks had me playing a DVD and following the instruction in 3 to 4 days of the week. The workouts were lead by Jeremy Strom. Warm ups and cool downs are almost the same for all the DVDs. I think they filmed 2 warm up sessions and a cool down session and edited it in all the DVDs. Strom is a dull guy as compared to Beach Body people. I sometimes felt myself sleepy with his voice and tone. Also, having one DVD per week is not that exciting but the dvds progresses from beginners to advanced. The bonus DVDs by Jillian Michael and George St. Pierre were great. My schedule then was pretty full so I only tried it once but it was more exciting the regular DVDs. Exercise routines were challenging enough for me. I love the core exercises as I get to maximize the workout with rotation. Overall, it was a good mix of challenging and doable routines.


What I like the most about Rip 60 is the 60 day diet which helped me develop a balance diet, which I still practice until now. Results weren't that big but people around me told me that I lose weight because of this program, diet and exercise routine.

For hardcore fitness enthusiast, this program is not that great but this could be a good point to start for beginners.

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