Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No to Copy and Paste

Back when we were in school, we were told not to copy off each other's paper. Maybe, we didn't. And we didn't do it since we are limited by the rules. You either did your homework or you copy off your neighbor's paper and get in trouble.

As we grew out of school and into "real" life, we should keep remembering that copying off another person's work is not good. We should have been in a place in our lives were we worked hard on writing a report or even an entry or a blog post. We may reap rewards on that hard work or that idea. Then, someone who did not work and just clicked twice (copy and paste) will reap the rewards too. That is not fair. As a writer and blogger, I feel for those whose ideas were stolen through copy-paste. Some people may have put the source on their entries but they are still reaping the rewards of the hard work that the original writer put in.

To whoever copy-paste, it is better that you did your own work rather than claim someone else's work. Remember, karma is a bitch.

Photo Credits: http://www.pakium.com


ArCeeTee said...

Very nteresting...makes sense....

ArCeeTee said...

Hmmmmm....its rampant these days where people who run out of ideas use the convenience of the mouse click....copy then paste.....often it becomes frustrating when it is your cntent being copied

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