Monday, May 20, 2013

Insanity (Exercise Program) Review

Insanity is an 60 day exercise program designed with a concept called Max Interval Training. In interval training, an athletes does an routine with moderate heart rate and with in 30 secs gets the heart pumping to 80% of the maximum heart rate. In max interval training, an athlete does the opposite he does heart pumping exercises and rest with a moderate heart rate for 30 seconds before giving it another go. You repeat this with different routines until the hour is over and you lying on the floor gasping for air or dying of exhaustion.

Photo from the BeachBody website

I have done this program from July 2012 until September 2012. The exercises are so intense that I always miss a workout or three within the prescribed week plan as I needed to rest. The exercises are all body weight exercises so you don't need to buy anything else but the DVD. But be ready to jump around your room as you'll be doing plyo in most of the routines. You begin the program with a test that will help you track your progress. In my case, I improved a lot if you compare my Day 1 results against my Day 60 result. Then for the first 4 weeks, you are tasked to do 1 hour workouts that will make your eyes pop. Try it out and you'll be gasping for air in the warm-up. Then you have to go harder after that. At the first two weeks, I was struggling but warm up came easy after that. If you're not stronger after this program, you didn't do it.

May difference ba? :S

Before heading to the second month, you get to do one routine that seems like you are relaxing but you'll be balancing for your dear life. Legs, arms, shoulders and your body will be working to keep you pushing until that week.

At the second month, things progress with sessions lasting 90 minutes. My favorite routine in this series is the Sports Conditioning DVD as you get to run, jump hurdles, play basketball and many more. You'll understand how when you try the program out.

60+ day Progress

I did this program while preparing for a 21k run so I attribute my weight loss partially to this program. I also had too much fun in the kitchen and ignored the diet plan so I can't be one of those success stories you see in the infomercial but one thing I could assure you is that this program will make you stronger. And you would be doing too much to be bored.


michymichymoo said...

How much is the DVD? pahiram na lang.hahaha. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Hahaha... Thanks to piracy... I downloaded it for free.

ZaiZai said...

I downloaded this and tried it too - caused me my first near death experience! Hehe :)

Hard to tell on the pic but you do seem more toned on the Sept pic :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

LOL @ near-death experience...

Parang wala namang diff... Kasi naman Happy Fiesta after the workout...

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