Friday, May 31, 2013

Bring Your Own Water Bottle in Running Events

Running Events had become a weekly staple in the Philippine event calendar. More than one race occurs in more than one venue every Saturday and Sunday. As any big event, these races generate waste. In races, the biggest bulk of waste come from paper or plastic cups that runners used to hydrate themselves during the run.

Some runners throw the trash in its right place, some don't. We need not worry as good race organizers clean up after themselves, anyway. However, we as people who joined the race still created waste and made use of hundreds of trees when we could have saved some of them by the simple act of bringing your own water bottle.

Everyone brought their own water bottle at the Sole Racing event last April 21

Think. When you ran 21k, you would have made 5-20 stops to hydrate yourself. Assuming you used a cup per stop, you had used 20 cups, multiply that with the number of participants. If you brought your own water bottle, you would have eliminated the need to use 20 cups and you wouldn't have contributed to the waste.

In the bigger picture, you had saved a few trees that will be cut down to create more plastic cups. You will also save space that 20 cups of waste could have used.

One more thing, the race route will be better to look at.

With the right hydration belt, you could run without carrying a bottle.



michymichymoo said...

Glad you brought that up, Thirdy. I guess most people don't think about the waste when they run. But I do hope the event organizers properly disposes the PET bottles. There are organizations that even accept PET bottles, btw. We used to donate to one org here in Pasig. They sell it for extra income.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Thanks to run rio for inspiring me to do this post.


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