Friday, May 31, 2013

Bring Your Own Water Bottle in Running Events

Running Events had become a weekly staple in the Philippine event calendar. More than one race occurs in more than one venue every Saturday and Sunday. As any big event, these races generate waste. In races, the biggest bulk of waste come from paper or plastic cups that runners used to hydrate themselves during the run.

Some runners throw the trash in its right place, some don't. We need not worry as good race organizers clean up after themselves, anyway. However, we as people who joined the race still created waste and made use of hundreds of trees when we could have saved some of them by the simple act of bringing your own water bottle.

Everyone brought their own water bottle at the Sole Racing event last April 21

Think. When you ran 21k, you would have made 5-20 stops to hydrate yourself. Assuming you used a cup per stop, you had used 20 cups, multiply that with the number of participants. If you brought your own water bottle, you would have eliminated the need to use 20 cups and you wouldn't have contributed to the waste.

In the bigger picture, you had saved a few trees that will be cut down to create more plastic cups. You will also save space that 20 cups of waste could have used.

One more thing, the race route will be better to look at.

With the right hydration belt, you could run without carrying a bottle.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

World Vision Run 2013

Join one of the most meaningful running event this year –
World Vision’s 2nd Run on June 23, 2013 at the BGC Grounds.

All proceeds of the event will help more than 8,000 children this year through World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program.

You and your team mates can now register for the World Vision Run 2013 online! 

See link below;

FREE Tupperware brands Eco-Bottle for the first 2000 registrants

Merrell Adventure Run 2013 Report

Merrell Adventure Run 2013 is an annual trail run event that was held on April 27 at Pintong Bucawe, San Mateo Rizal. 

Here is a sneak peek on the things that happened in the event.

All set to conquer the 2013 Merrell Adventure Run

Thousands of participants joined the 2013 Merrell Adventure Run. Many considered it the toughest outdoor trail run ever.

Crawling through mud pits is just one of the challenges that the runners had to endure.

 The 2013 Merrell Adventure Run sponsors helped in making the event a success.

The newest shoe line from Merrell - the M-Connect Series.

 The 2013 Merrell Adventure Run sponsors helped in making the event a success.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I ran for Boracay again! (Skyathon 2013)

On its fourth year, Sky Cable had once again organized the Boracay Skyathon Run 2013 to help save the beach of Boracay. I, together with my PEx Running Club friends, returned to the number 1 beach in Asia and joined this event held last April 13.

Disclaimer: I don't recommend doing the same thing but the experience was indeed fun.


2012 pa lang! We were already booked flights to Boracay with seat sales from Cebu Pacific and Zest Air. This year, the gang was even bigger with the addition of CJ, Eunice, Dandan, Lee, Rodel and Karl. We were fortunate enough to land to Caticlan with just a few minutes delay. Some of my companions had their flights cancelled and rebooked to Kalibo with hours and hours of delay.

Roaming around the Island with the Boracay newbies

We planned to just roam the White Beach that day so Boracay virgins Karl, Eunice, CJ and Lee could roam around. We walked around. We swam. We had Jonah's fruit shake. Bakayonista mode talaga.

We got our race kits!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skechers Launches Skechers GOrun2 Run Faster with a Mid-Foot Strike

Press Release

Do you want to run faster, stronger, longer? If you’re a runner looking for ways to enhance your efficiency, speed and overall performance, try looking into your running technique and re-think your shoe choice.

Global footwear leader Skechers launched GOrun2, the sequel of the successful GOrun performance shoe. This updated shoe helps runners run faster with a mid-foot strike, allowing them to achieve their personal best time.

Skechers GOrun2:  Designed for Speed

Skechers has gone the extra mile by helping runners transition to more efficient mid-foot strike running rather than heel striking through its GOrun series. Skechers GOrun running shoes features the M-Strike Technology. Inspired by barefoot running, the principles of minimalism encourages runners to run more naturally by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike in order to run faster, stronger, and longer.

Deemed to be the next generation of serious minimal running shoes, GOrun2 boasts of its GOimpulse sensors which are found underneath the soles. These make the wearer more responsive in running in any surface type. The shoe is made of breathable four-way stretch mesh toe panels and custom fit insole for comfort. The added Resalyte midsole absorbs the impact to prevent injuries.

Go Run Tech Sheet

Skechers GOrun2 features a minimal heel lift at 4mm to keep the foot in a nearly neutral position. The best part is its weight. GOrun2 is as lightweight as can be, allowing the wearer to run faster and more efficiently. Moreover, it comes in striking color combinations.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rip 60 (Exercise Equipment and Program) Review

Rip 60 is a suspension training tool that uses rotation to further challenge the athlete in his workout. I first tried rip 60 in a class in the FTX Gym. Through heart pumping classes lead by Connie Fortich, I experienced suspension training with a challenge of rotation in her 60 minute classes. During those classes, we warmed up through burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and squats before doing whole body routines with Rip 60. My first weeks doing the class, I felt my body growing which made me go to more classes. When my  membership expired and I moved to 360 fitness, I replaced rotation with suspension training with a jungle gym. so Bye, Rip 60!

Working out with Rip 60

When I returned to the US for my onshore support work on October 2012, I decided to do the Rip 60 program. I got a good deal on E-bay and won the auction so I got myself the equipment. (Yes, I now own one!) Weeks before doing the program I was on a hiatus to regular training so I gained weight and I was eating unhealthily. Starting the program was a welcome change.

Kettlebell Swings are required for Week 5

At around that time, my accommodation in Delaware had an extra room. I cleaned that room up and made it my home gym, hanging Rip 60 at the closet door. Rip 60 program consists of 12 DVDs that should be done within 60 days. The first 8 weeks had me playing a DVD and following the instruction in 3 to 4 days of the week. The workouts were lead by Jeremy Strom. Warm ups and cool downs are almost the same for all the DVDs. I think they filmed 2 warm up sessions and a cool down session and edited it in all the DVDs. Strom is a dull guy as compared to Beach Body people. I sometimes felt myself sleepy with his voice and tone. Also, having one DVD per week is not that exciting but the dvds progresses from beginners to advanced. The bonus DVDs by Jillian Michael and George St. Pierre were great. My schedule then was pretty full so I only tried it once but it was more exciting the regular DVDs. Exercise routines were challenging enough for me. I love the core exercises as I get to maximize the workout with rotation. Overall, it was a good mix of challenging and doable routines.


What I like the most about Rip 60 is the 60 day diet which helped me develop a balance diet, which I still practice until now. Results weren't that big but people around me told me that I lose weight because of this program, diet and exercise routine.

For hardcore fitness enthusiast, this program is not that great but this could be a good point to start for beginners.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No to Copy and Paste

Back when we were in school, we were told not to copy off each other's paper. Maybe, we didn't. And we didn't do it since we are limited by the rules. You either did your homework or you copy off your neighbor's paper and get in trouble.

As we grew out of school and into "real" life, we should keep remembering that copying off another person's work is not good. We should have been in a place in our lives were we worked hard on writing a report or even an entry or a blog post. We may reap rewards on that hard work or that idea. Then, someone who did not work and just clicked twice (copy and paste) will reap the rewards too. That is not fair. As a writer and blogger, I feel for those whose ideas were stolen through copy-paste. Some people may have put the source on their entries but they are still reaping the rewards of the hard work that the original writer put in.

To whoever copy-paste, it is better that you did your own work rather than claim someone else's work. Remember, karma is a bitch.

Photo Credits:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Insanity (Exercise Program) Review

Insanity is an 60 day exercise program designed with a concept called Max Interval Training. In interval training, an athletes does an routine with moderate heart rate and with in 30 secs gets the heart pumping to 80% of the maximum heart rate. In max interval training, an athlete does the opposite he does heart pumping exercises and rest with a moderate heart rate for 30 seconds before giving it another go. You repeat this with different routines until the hour is over and you lying on the floor gasping for air or dying of exhaustion.

Photo from the BeachBody website

I have done this program from July 2012 until September 2012. The exercises are so intense that I always miss a workout or three within the prescribed week plan as I needed to rest. The exercises are all body weight exercises so you don't need to buy anything else but the DVD. But be ready to jump around your room as you'll be doing plyo in most of the routines. You begin the program with a test that will help you track your progress. In my case, I improved a lot if you compare my Day 1 results against my Day 60 result. Then for the first 4 weeks, you are tasked to do 1 hour workouts that will make your eyes pop. Try it out and you'll be gasping for air in the warm-up. Then you have to go harder after that. At the first two weeks, I was struggling but warm up came easy after that. If you're not stronger after this program, you didn't do it.

May difference ba? :S

Before heading to the second month, you get to do one routine that seems like you are relaxing but you'll be balancing for your dear life. Legs, arms, shoulders and your body will be working to keep you pushing until that week.

At the second month, things progress with sessions lasting 90 minutes. My favorite routine in this series is the Sports Conditioning DVD as you get to run, jump hurdles, play basketball and many more. You'll understand how when you try the program out.

60+ day Progress

I did this program while preparing for a 21k run so I attribute my weight loss partially to this program. I also had too much fun in the kitchen and ignored the diet plan so I can't be one of those success stories you see in the infomercial but one thing I could assure you is that this program will make you stronger. And you would be doing too much to be bored.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Run Rio Awards 2013

Run Rio Awards is an annual celebration of running with run rio events. This year, awardees had ran 21k in RU1 and RU2, 32km in RU3 and 42km in RUPM.

with CJ and Noel

Wow, 116kms!

Noel showing off his dog tag

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trial at CrossFit MNL Makati CBD Branch

Map from CFMNL Makati

On March to April 2013, CrossFit MNL Makati CBD had organized free WODs (Workout of the Day) in Legazpi Park. They modified the WODs so the numerous participants won't have to use any equipment. The crowd was 20-40 people which made it a big pain to actually use kettle bells, dumbbells and other gym equipment so they modified everything so we'll be able to use our body weight for exercises. I attended at least 3 sessions before they held their last session. The workout started with a 15 minute warm up composed of a run and a mixture of body weight exercises and dynamic stretching  Then, the coaches instructed us about the WOD and we do all the rounds we could do for 10-15 minutes. At the end of the session, we do a little cool down and they gave us GCs to a nearby restaurant.

Opening Week Trials

As a treat for those who supported the Free WODs in Legazpi Park, CrossFit MNL Makati CBD branch had decided to give trial WODs for free on its opening week. I grabbed the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity on this fitness community. Usually, trials in CrossFit gyms or Boxes (as CrossFitters would call it) charges a fee of P500 or more for trial workouts. This is a deal for those who would like to give it a try as Drop In rates are usually P750.

The Makati Box from Makati Minotaur

We started the class with briefing from the instructing coach. As a practice, he didn't need to give out this briefing but since it is their opening week, he made an exception. Participants of a WOD should come in the class at least 15 minutes before the class. They should warm themselves up with a foam roller or using the cardio equipment in the waiting area. We started the warm up together for this session. We ran and did a number of body weight exercises and stretches to warm us up and familiarize ourselves with the moves of the WOD.


WOD differs everyday. It works different muscles. A regular WOD class is not for beginners. In fact, you are required to attend a number of foundation classes so you'll be familiar with the moves and routines that will be accomplished in the WOD sessions.

For this trial WOD, we were to do a many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the following exercises in 10 minutes:
7 wall squats
7 pushups (lift the arms each rep to ensure doing a full pushup)
7 box jumps
7 burpees

I did my best to complete an acceptable number of rounds and I got 5 rounds and I almost completed my 6th round with 4 box jumps. My heart was pumping hard and I wanted to rest in the process but I fought off the instinct and kept going. With Cross fit, you define how hard you work and you are in competition with yourself and others. That is your motivation!

My Score wasn't that bad

We finished the session with a series of stretches and I headed to my home gym to do yoga.


The Makati branch of Cross Fit Manila is your typical box. An almost empty gym with equipment you'll need in WODs. They have kettle bells, medicine balls, box, suspension rings and a lot more equipment for the typical workout that involves plyo metrics, gymnastics, strength and conditioning. The coach are helpful too. The competitive atmosphere is a really great motivation. They handle small classes so the coaches will be able to assist you in their full capabilities. The rules sets boundaries for the community. The con of this gym and this discipline is that it costs a lot. A drop in session costs around P750. A monthly rate can cost from P3,500 to 6,000.

This is where the WODs are done

If you have the budget, try this out for a month and see results with constant demand for cardio and strengthening movements that should be done in a short time consistently, you'll definitely get the body you wanted.

For more details, check out this site.

PTAAkbuhan Fun Trail Run 2013

I'm not entirely sure how this run will go but if you are addicted to joining fun run events and are willing to take a chance with this event. I am sharing the details.

I have asked the organizers about the shuttle to Nuvali since this is a morning run and Nuvali is a good 2-3 hours away from Manila but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I really don't want to let this rot in my queue so I am sharing. Please coordinate with Pep Squad for more details. 

Fun Trail Run 2013

June 16, 2013 at 5:30AM
1K with pet, 3K, 5K, 10K

Registration Fee:
  • P600 all categories.  
  • Inclusions: Race bib with built in timing chip, Singlet, Route Map and Race mechanics.  

Registration Venues:

  • PTAA Secretariat Office: 12-1G EGI-Rufino Plaza, Taft cor. Sen Gil Puyat Avenue. Pasay City 
  • Pep Squad Office: 2F Raha Sulayman Building Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, Makati City 
  • Hemispeheres Travel Corporation: G/F Unit 11 Paseo 3, Paseo de Santarosa, City  
  • Online Registration:


For 1km with pet category:

a. Best Costume 
b. Best Costume Duo ( pet and pet owner)

For Categories: 1k/3k/5k/10k

a. Youngest Runner 
b. Oldest Runner
c. Biggest Delegation/ Group with the biggest registrants 
d. Face of the event

Singlet Design:

Race Route:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Safeguard - 2XU Sole Racing International Half Marathon

I am so honored to be invited at the Safeguard - 2XU Sole Racing Half Marathon Leg 1 held on April 21, 2012 at BGC. This event is the newest Run Rio Trilogy event with 3 half marathon races exclusively for 1000+ runners. It culminates with a 50km (OMG, Ultramarathon) race on December. Details of this run event series can be found in the Run Rio website.

Pre Race

I officially started my marathon training on the first week of May so I was pretty much on vacation mode for April. Also, I was still on a high from my Boracay trip to be serious in training to run so this was my only run for that week. I wasn't planning to run well but I wanted to do 5 miles of magic mile from Galloway's training book.

Race Kit Claiming event had a DJ

Photo Booth Souvenir from the Race Kit Claiming event

On the other hand, we claimed our race kits including the race bib, loot bag, ipico timing chip and RunRio 2xu calf sleeves at an expo held at BGC which turns out to be near the actual starting line on a Friday before the race weekend. Claiming of the kits was smooth and easy. They even made sure runners were wearing the correct size of calf sleeves with the option to exchange it to a correct size. I claimed my race kit with CJ aka Run Adobo King and to make sure he had the right size, we had our legs measured at the 2XU booth and I have the right size. (Fun Kwento: napa-"OMG" si ate taga-measure sa legs ni CJ. Record daw sa laki for that day). The expo was hip with a DJ playing house sounds and Safeguard models assisting the registrants.

Actual Race

As I learned from my Run United 1 2013 experience that I should not be late in Run Rio races, I arrived early at the race venue and passed through security. Then, I met up with fellow bloggers CJ, Noel and Rolly. We chatted about Survivor until gun start. Then, I paced with CJ until the 4km where we did the magic mile strategy from Galloway. As CJ decided to stroll around the race route, I finished doing 5 miles doing that strategy. When I was able to reach my goal, I switch the walk-run alert in my garmin and did 4-1 until the end of the race. In retrospect, I should have done the 4-1 galloway before the magic mile as I would have a better finish. I recorded a 2:32 finish which was within the 3 hour cut off.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013 experience

National Geographic Earth Day Run 2013 is an annual run organized to support a earth-friendly non-profit. This year, the event supported WWF and promised each runner 3 trees to be planted for each registered runner. Held last April 28, 2013 at the BGC, the event catered to 12,000 registered participants which meant 36,000 trees will be planted as a result of this event.

Pre Race

I registered at the Greenbelt Registration Center. I opted to run 10k so I wouldn't be too tired. Registration wasn't smooth, not just for me but for a lot of other runners. And during the registration, the organizers gave us a free water bottle aiming that the race will be trash-free.

I wasn't running as diligently as I should so I wasn't really aiming to achieve a PR. Also, the participants targeted to 10,000 was extended to 12,000 so I was expecting a lot "traffic".

Actual Race

I came to the venue a few minutes before gun start. I was expecting to be late since the organizers were supposed to make security tighter with the Boston Marathon incident freaking out Pinoy runners. Fortunately, depositing my baggage was smooth and easy. I was running on my own as most of my friends were running 21k or shorter distances. I was expecting hydration to be paper cup-free but it wasn't. I guess with a large number of participants they wanted to prevent dehydration especially to the newbie runners who were too stubborn to bring their own water bottles.

Gun start was on point and in the middle of pack, I ran almost 10k at 11 minutes per mile. On the way, I found dragon boat paddler Marky and paced with swim buddy Christian until the last few kilometers. The route roamed around BGC going to Kalayaan Flyover and a quick turn around in Buendia. Hills really slowed me down. This is an obstacle I need to train in.

Anyway, my garmin said I finished 1:05 with the distance a little less than 10k.

Post Race

The post-race assembly area was festive and being a short distance runner this time. The space was still free to roam around. I found MJ in one of the photo booths and I got to have my picture taken. This is rare in big races unless you are willing to wait 1-2 hours to do so.

I had to wait out for hours as I realized that I should have claimed my baggage when only a small percentage of the runners had finished and I was also waiting for the other PRC peeps to arrive. I wasted time in an umbrella near the photo booth until there were less people in the baggage claiming area. Then, we finished the race off with token pictures at the finish line and breakfast at Market! Market!.

Race Review

I wasn't really expecting a lot from this race since some of the people from the running community has decided to pre-judge this event based from last year's performance. Despite that, newbie runners still supported the event. Exceeding the target by 2,000 runners, the organizers now have the responsibility to plant 36,000 trees. That's a really great thing! Newbies get to experience running events while helping out the environment in the process.

Registration wasn't flawless. Staff had imposed a cut-off at 8pm but they closed registration before that time. They are also misinformed of the procedures and doesn't have the initiative to ask their leads on the correct protocols. Greenbelt was near my office so it wasn't a problem going back and forth but this wasn't the case for some registrants.

Security was great with bomb sniffing dogs everywhere. Our safety was regarded, especially with some runners freaking out because of the Boston Marathon bombing. Baggage staff were unorganized and disrespectful to runners. I got my bag after more than an hour of waiting for the crowd to clear by that time. 10k runners were to claim their own bag in a pile of bags with bouncer waiting to verify your claim. 21k runners have a different problem, though, you could either wait for assistance to find your bag or claim your bag youself but the bouncer will tear your bib in half. I found that disrespectful. Our running bibs are a souvenir of our journey to the finish line.

The assembly area was great but you couldn't really enjoy it when 12,000 runners are there. Numerous people were getting lost. But the organizers assisted by having them all meet by the stage area. Hydration was okay but the aim to be a trash free event wasn't successful as they still provided paper cups but most runners had brought their hydration bottles which still lessened the trash.

It was a good race but it still has a lot to improve. Kudos to marketing for bringing more people into running!  Our new PRC member had ran her first race here and I even heard my office mate's sister in law ran her first run event (despite deciding to finish at McDo) .

Congrats to all finishers!

Garmin Log:

Photo Credits: MJ, Cath, Mang Husi Photography, Blue Legged Runner and Baicapture

Monday, May 13, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013


Press Release

What is better than playing against one of the best football clubs in the world? Being trained by them.
Never in a million years did they thought that they will be able to see the world’s #1 ranked football club, FCBarcelona, in action, much less interact with them. But these promising young football talents from Tondo did just that and more. Thanks to the sponsorship of Alaska Milk Corporation, the five Futkaleros— Champ Cyrus Wico, Jonas Lorens Lavarias, John David Espiritu, Maria Rochel Mendaňo, and Roger Batiugas— were able to train under the FCBarcelona coaches Jordi Blanco and Jose Moratalla during the FCBEscola Philippines Barcelona Soccer Camp for the youth, a sports workshop that did not only aim to teach Filipino kids the rudiments and techniques in the game but also share with them the FCBarcelona values of teamwork and hard work. 

“Alaska has been there from the very start, even at that time when football was not very popular. It has been supporting the grassroots development of the sport and in training players. The annual Alaska Cup, is in fact, the biggest cup in the country, with thousands of players in a single day. So we were not surprised that Alaska lent their support to this project,” says Michael Reyes, organizer of the camp and Team Socceroo’s captain.

Training under World’s Best

Excitement lit up the eyes of the five Futkaleros as they showed their moves to the coaches. They believe that the camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their game, learn some new skills and incorporate a new strategy into their play. According to Reyes, the style of the Futkaleros is more freestyle. “I have seen them play and their commitment to the game is impressive. I know that they practice every day. They’re fast. They’re agile. Participating in the camp will help them develop their play more.”
What kids will take away from the five-day camp is not just technique but the values: that football is not about winning but in playing your best and playing with your team. Steven Chua, Operations Director for FCBEscola Asia Pacific, relates, “I remembered a FCBarcelona camp in Singapore that we organized. After the camp, I asked one of the kids what he learned. He told me he learned the reasons why he has to move here, why he has to make a pass. Before, he just does it because he has to without even knowing why. He also learned that football is not about winning but playing the game.”

Alaska Milk Corporation brings FCBEscola, the world’s No. 1 ranked football club here in the Philippines to help develop children through sports programs such as the FCBEscola Barcelona Camp. The FCBEscola Barcelona Camp has already begun training kids last April 17 and will continue until April 21 at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

More than a hundred kids, 6 to 14 years old, signed up for the camp held recently at the Alabang Country Club. They did not even mind the extra-ordinarily hot day, showing off their skills on the field, all of them eager to train under the very best in the world. World famous players Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi were all products of FCBEscola

Built not as important as technique

According to the organizers, the Futkaleros have the typical Filipino built, which unlike basketball, is suited to football. Filipinos are not as tall as other kids but they compensate with their incredible speed and agility. FCBarcerlona has members who have similar built but are still able to excel. In football, built is not as important as technique.

“The style of football of FCBarcelona is the ‘most fit’ and ‘most matched’ [style] with Filipinos. They do not rely on size. In other sports, if you are big, you’d be a better player. In football, we rely more on technique, the passing, how the team plays. FCBarcelona’s style of football is not very individualistic. It emphasizes team play,” says Nicholas Reyes, FCBEscola camp organizer.

Wanted: Healthy body, good attitude and passion

There is also no age requirement, just a healthy body, good attitude and passion for the sport. Reyes emphasized good nutrition at an early age “as this will give children an edge in the sport.” Both exercise and proper diet are essential, especially to the significant number of Filipino kids, who have been found to suffer from undernutrition and overweight problems (National Nutrition Survey of FNRI-DOST, 2008). It is recommended that they eat a balanced set of meals and do more physical activity, which Alaska Milk Corporation has been advocating through their sports programs.

For more information, log on to and

Thursday, May 09, 2013

These are a few of my favorite (running) things....

I wanted to review a few of running equipment I have been using but I'm too lazy to be specific on their functions so I'll just talk about my favorite running equipment.

1. LiveStrong Nike Free 5.0

Flying with Nike Free at the TBRDM 2013

I bought these shoes because it fits the PRC Singlet which I don't wear as it wasn't a good fit for my body type pero terno sila ng favorite running shorts ko, which I will talk about later. Nike Free is a wanna-be barefoot runners entry to the discipline. Actually, wala naman akong planong maging barefoot runner. I just like minimalist shoes kahit di pa siya fit sa stride at foot type ko. Gandang ganda lang talaga ako sa itsura niya. I wanna get another pair lalo at na-launch na ang Nike Free 5.0 sa Pilipinas but I have to think about function lalo na't I read about Karylle's injury due to an ill-fitting shoe incident pero kaya pa naman siya sa cross training at short distances.

2. Nike "2 in one" running shorts

Wearing my favorite running shirts at the 7-11 run

I got my first pair when I got a freebie from a raffle. Ginamit ko lang yung P2,500 gift certificate tapos I fell in love with the shorts. This running shorts that completes my running outfit with compression tights inside. Less chaffing for me tapos di pa kelangan na revealing get up na may bumabakat. (Guys, alam niyo yan!) Luckily, I got another pair sa Nike sa isang outlet store sa rehoboth so hindi siya ma-worn out agad. I used this sa yoga too para din hindi revealing.

3. Sony Walkman MP3 Player

Used my Sony MP3 Player at the Energizer Run 2013

I got my pair in 2011 as one of my last purchases in my first US Trip. Di na kame naghiwalay ever since. The Sony Walkman MP3 player allows me to have my music playing without the hassle of holding onto a mp3 player and getting tangled with the headphone wires. A newer version was release in late 2011 pero maganda pa naman ang samahan namen ng Sony MP3 Player kaya hindi ko pa din siya ipagpapalit.

4. New Balance Visor

Wearing the visor at TBRDM

I got my first Visor in Runner pero limited lang ma-match-an ko na damit so I got a new balance visor at eto ang kumokompleto sa running outfit ko. Bagay na bagay sa shoes na Nike Free at Running shorts. Kahit Black lang yung singlet ko coordinated na ako with this item. Siyempre, the visor helps me shield off the sun or rain during training and running events.

5. Cellphone Arm Band

I used my cellphone arm band in Run United 1 2013

I don't really like to bring a phone when running but it is practical to bring one especially if you're the point person in post race events or if you're running long and may encounter an accident, just in case of emergency. Great that Jessie bought me one from Korea. The ones in malls are too big for my blackberry.

6. Shades

Wearing shades in the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013

I really don't bring shades in races until Summer came. The sun is just too darn harsh. I bring ones that fit me better kahit mumurahin lang. It makes me look cool at the same time shade my eyes from the sun.

7. Hydration Belt

My hydration belt saved me from being thirsty at the Salomon Xtrail run 2013

When I started training for my first marathon, I invested on a hydration belt. It is easier to run long when you are not holding a bottle of water. My favorite one is the Nathan brand. It fits perfectly and I don't feel it slipping up or down when I run.

8. Garmin 910XT

Saving my time at the Skyathon Run 2013

One thing I hated doing when I got my first GPS watch was jotting down the distances in daily mile and not having my heart rate noted. When I invested on this watch, I got rid of that annoyance. Also, I am even able to track my swim trainings with this one kahit di ko pa nakukuha yung technique to correctly get the distance.

Okay, these are a few of my favorite (running) things...

I pretty much use the same things kaya malulungkot ako kapag nasira na sila so hopefully matagal pa kaming magsasama.

Photo Credits: Neil, Tong Pascua Photography, Blue Legged Runner, Mang Husi Photography, PhotoVendo, Abi

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