Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Share your passion for fitness: Promo for the Amazing Pinoy Run

One of the goals of the Amazing Pinoy Fun Run is to get more people in the road to overall fitness. Chris and Andrew (first name basis?) emphasized that they wanted to promote fitness so they came up with this race. The Amazing Pinoy Fun Run is a mixture of fun run and Pinoy themed challenges aimed to excite regular and newbie runners.

In line with this goal let me first address a question from fellow blogger Michy.

Michy asks "how does a newbie start running?". I am no expert on running but I will answer this question based on my experience. I started running by doing walk-runs for 30 mins. As my body got used to running, I do less walks and more runs. (E.g.: I start doing 1 min walk and 1 run intervals. After a week, I progress to 1 min walk and 2 min run interval) I did this until I am able to run for 30 mins. If you are already doing regular exercise, you could skip to longer run intervals.

Here is a link to a newbie program to your first 5k run: Couch to 5k program

On April 27 May 25, Amazing Pinoy Fun Run will happen at BGC, Taguig City and with the help of Event Logic, we are giving away 2 free race kits.

To qualify for this promo, just tell us how you shared your passion for fitness on the comments section. Then, put your name, address and preferred race distance (2k/5k/10k).

Sample Entry:
"I shared tips to Michy on how to run her first 5k."
Thirdy Lopez

Good Luck!


Congrats, Richard Loresca and Maridel Totanes! You won 10k and 5k kits!


Unknown said...

I ran alone in all my races last year. After losing 15 lbs., I was able to convince my brothers-in-law to also try running. Just last month, they have finished their first 16k.
Richard Loresca

michymichymoo said...

More tips please! :)

madhel said...

We join fun run/s as a family. This early, me and my husband try to show our 6yr old daughter that being healthy and fit can be a fun experience too! :)
hope to win!
Maridel Totanes

Me said...

I was so sickly and overweight before, and after a friend of mine advised me to try running as a form of exercise, I was hooked. Right now, I am more healthy and faster than before. I always tell my friends and officemates to join me in my fun runs because of it has changed me big time. :)
Christalyn Maramag

Thirdy Lopez said...

Cristal: Thanks for sharing your passion for running but I already have winners.

I'll keep entry in mind kapag di pa na-claim ng winners yung kits sa aken.

madhel said...

yey i won! how can i claim my race kits?? thanks!

Thirdy Lopez said...

Madhel: Check your email.

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