Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run United 2013: First of three - DONE!

Run United is no stranger to a serious runner's calendar and this year's trilogy began with Run United 1 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds last March 17, 2013.

Pre Race

After completing my first marathon in TBRDM, I was planning on doing smaller races, aiming to be faster but then I decided to complete the Run United trilogy (at nang maka-graduate na dito). However completing the trilogy means I have to do more long distance races so I refined my goal to getting a PR for my second marathon at the conclusion of the Run United 2013 series. (Ayan dineclare ko na! Dapat magka-totoo.)

Photo from Mang Husi

This race came shortly after my marathon so I didn't have time really train to break my 2:24 21k PR but I still tried. A week after my recovery week. I tried doing Jeff Galloway's magic mile training (Check out his training plan book for more details). Nanibago pa ako kasi long slow ang training sa TBRDM. I was still adjusting and here comes race day.

Actual Race

I like doing races in MOA since it's easier to commute to. I could ride the jeep and wouldn't need a ride a taxi cab since the jeep is near my residence. But RU1 runners are more serious than I thought. 30 minutes before gun start they are already at the race venue. I tried to ride a jeep to MOA but the rest of the 5k++ half marathon runners didn't dare to be late. I opted to ride a taxi cab to try to reach the gun start but I ended up almost 12 minutes late.

Photo from Active Moments

I saw Mommy Vimz aka Kulit Runner at the starting line and waving hello to her was my gun start. I tried to target another PR so I did Galloway's Magic Mile all through out. This composed of a little faster than your race pace for half a mile then walking for 10 feet then going all out for the rest. I was channeling running idol barefoot daves at that time (Late man, nakakahabol din) as I was able to reach the middle of the half  marathon runners by the turn around point. I saw some friends from Pex Running Club pero mabilis talaga yung ibang running friends eh.

Ran as fast as I could (Photo from Active Moments)

Seryosong tumatakbo (Photo from Active Moments)

Photo from Active Moments

As I was approaching the finish line, I started to feel the exhaustion so I veered from doing "the run as fast as you can half mile" pace and walked more. I pushed my self to get beat my PR, which I thought was 2:26 and  finished at 2:25. Much to my dismay, 2:24 pala ang PR ko so attempt fail. Anyway, there will be more races to beat this half marathon PR.

Post Race

This year's medal was smaller than last year pero thumbs up pa din kasi sinasabitan ka ng medal so feel mo yung achievement at the end of the 21k run. In my opinion too, mas okay yung smaller medal mas madali idagdag sa pile of medals.

After the run, I looked for running friends sa ULAH Race Village. I saw Jomar and CJ na pakalat kalat sa race venue. We also met up with Deemen Runner na fresh from his Tokyo Marathon trip. Then, we met up with the rest of the 21k finishers ng Pex Running Club. Special  mention pala sina Emac Lopez and Marge Dy who finished their first half marathon at that event.

Congrats to all the Run United 1 2013 finishers, especially sa mga half marathon finishers!

Kita kits tayo sa leg 2!


Run Rio as a race organizer is on a league of its own when it comes to running races so I opted to rely on them for hydration so iniwan ko ang hydration belt ang brought my race belt to hold my bib instead. I was slightly let down with how they handled hydration. Some stations didn't prepare enough water so I had to wait for refills at some stations. I had a choice of energy drinks at some station, as expected. They also had bananas towards the end of the race.

I didn't like the Buendia part of the route pero ganun talaga yung road na yun, magulo. Next time I guess I just have to run faster so I would experience less of that road. Overall, the race is still a good one. I guess the standards had just been set too high that we expected consistency which wasn't there with regards to hydration but all the other aspects of the race was good with what they're given.

The flat surface of the MOA-Manila route was also a challenge, advantage din ang downhill sa speeding up.

Garmin Log: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/285218255

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