Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nat Geo Earth Run Race Reminders

Here are some reminders from the organizers:

  1. We are concerned about the heat and temperature on race day.   We want you to finish strong so we adjusted the gun start earlier for 21K and 10K. New gun start for 21K is 4:00 am.   New Gun Start of 10K is 5:00 am. Assembly time is one hour before.  
  2. We encourage you to use your EDR bottles but water will be provided all throughout the course. Energy drinks are also provided at the finish line.
  3. Security will be tight as your safety is our utmost priority.  Please allow at least 1 hour before gun start for parking and baggage deposit.  We ask you to please cooperate with the organizers and our security personnel. 
  4. Certificate of Participation for all categories will be available for claiming as early as 4:00 am. You need not finish to claim your certificate. 
  5. 21K Finisher stubs will be given to you at the finish line. Please present this to claim your specially made ILLEST Finisher Shirt. 
  6. Please park at the designated parking areas. (parking area map below)
  7. Please dispose of your trash at designated trash bins. 

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