Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is the GNC Fitness Throwdown for Beginners too?

New Friends from GNC and WOD Nation had contacted me about their upcoming event at Alabang, Makati and Quezon City tagged as GNC Fitness Throwdown. I, initially, thought that it will be an event like the Reebok CrossFit games. So, not a place for people who don't do CrossFit.

But I asked the organizers if this event is exclusively for Cross Fitters and they told me that they planned to include beginners in the event by placing a category for us (RX for Beginners). This category will perform a surprise set of exercises that would be "easier" than the series of activities that the regular cross fitters will perform. It will be a good venue for someone to see how well we'll fare in general fitness so I would recommend trying this event out. Sample exercises may include Burpees, Box Jumps and the like that will be performed within a given time.

On another note, there will be another category for those who are already Cross Fitters (RX+ Advanced) so this event is also for you. And in a sense, this will be like the Reebok Cross Fit games.

Kyle de Leon (WOD Nation) says that the purpose of this event is to involve everyone into fitness by giving them a taste of weight lifting, body control (gymnastics) and of course conditioning as facets that CrossFit exemplifies. GNC Throwdown involves a different physical toughness event that will test our individual GPP (General Physical Preparedness).

GNC Throwdown event will be held on April 28 (Alabang Town Center), May 24 (Glorietta) and June (Trinoma). Registration can be done at any GNC Store in Metro Manila. The registration fee is P1,000. Registrants will receive an event shirt, Gatorade Sports Drink, GNC Arm Band and a City Watch Emergency Response Membership Card.

Details can be found on this post.

More details here:

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