Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Registered to the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013!

Registration for Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013 began on March 15 online (by visiting and on March 18 at the Greenbelt 3 onsite. I registered before the start of the long weekend.

Here's how I registered onsite:

First, I entered my details in one of their laptops.

Then, I paid with one of the VIP Cards (Thanks, Event King!). You may refer to my event information post for the registration fees.

During this step, the cashier will give you your race kits, a water bottle and tags for the trees you'll be donating.

After which, you'll have to check out the rack with sample singlet sizes and claim your singlet.

Don't forget to label your trees and drop the tags on the box.

Lastly, you have to option to check in facebook or do it in your own home.

I have to warn you though that the staff aren't that well equipped with the things the have to do so opt for online registration unless you can visit Greenbelt 3 easily. For concerns, email

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