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Rehoboth Beach Seashore (Half) Marathon 2012

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon is an annual running event organized the Rehoboth Beach Running Club starting on 2009. The race route covers in the Rehoboth Beach roads, nearby neighborhoods and running trails. In 2012, the race was held on December 8. Compared to the other races I was able to participate in, this is a smaller race. As all runners marathoners and half marathoners started in one wave.

We all got our medals before heading to the post event "party"

Pre Race

As I previously mentioned, I prioritized on being part of this race since I wanted to run in the Rehoboth beach when I visited it during the Labor Day weekend. When I was able to deposit my allowance money to my US bank account, this was one of my first purchases back in October. I didn't have any special training for this since I was deadset on completing my TBRDM training run so I had maintenance runs on weekdays and long runs in the weekend from the said training to prepare for this race.

The annoying hand thingie I had to wear all night

My sore legs had already recovered from the Philadelphia Marathon and I planned to do the same strategy as I did in that race. I would run and do galloway until I finished. My uncle booked a hotel on a Friday night. The race day would be on Saturday morning and we'll head back home on Sunday morning. I had to leave work early on that Friday night but we encountered traffic so we arrived in the race packet claiming venue a few minutes before it closed. The race organizers attached the post event pass on my hand so I was forced to sleep with it on my hand.  If I removed it, I can't enter the post race event.

Actual Race

It was a cold morning (but warmer compared to the cold from previous days). We drove to the starting line and parked nearby before making it to the starting line. It really was a smaller race since they didn't have the big race structures. There wasn't even a starting line but line with the disposable timing chip line. I ran for 8 kilometers and did 5-1 galloway until the finish line. The route started in the Rehoboth Beach road then leading to nearby neighborhood leading to a trail for runners. I was expecting the trail be a short detour but apparently it is almost half of the route. I was doing galloway during that trail so I was running with the same batch of people.

Almost at the finish line

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Running Event for 2013: Run 7-11 800

7 Eleven (7-11) Run 800 is the first running event that used the Cavitex Road as a running route. After being postponed twice, the race pushed through last January 20 with the starting line at Aseana City in Paranaque, a few minutes away from SM Mall of Asia.


Post Breakfast with CJ and Noel, pretty much the same setting where 
I was influenced to join Run 7-11

I didn't plan to join this event. I originally thought that the race will be hours away. Apparently, the race start was in Aseana City which is minutes away from SM Mall of Asia. CJ aka Run Adobo King convinced me to run this race since I'll end up running alone anyway in the weekend for my two hour LSD run so I decided to use the race to run my 2 hour LSD. So two days before the race I decided to run in it.

Actual Race

I woke up early since Aseana City was an unfamiliar territory plus I can't be late since CJ has my bib and he's running 30 minutes earlier. The taxi arrived early and I met CJ near McDo. We found Noel, Deemen Runner, a few minutes later and looked for a place to park his car. I guess there were more cars that arrived than they expected so organizers had to make use of the empty roads as parking.

Credits to John Dizon

The parking was 10 minutes away from the race start so CJ and Noel who ran 21k was a little late on their gun start. They were asking me to join them but the marshals were strict on letting 16k runners on our gun start. Since I arrived early, I was on the front of the crowd. I was even beside Kenyans who may had won the race. I tried standing beside them so I could get some of their "fast runner" energy but I got negative vibes (or should I say smell) instead. I didn't plan to run fast. I was to maintain 10-12 mins per kilometer so I could prevent injuries. So when the gun start was called, some people pushed me aside. Not really a wise decision to go in front of the 16k crowd.

I was tempted to run fast and go with the crowd but I stayed behind and trained myself to run continuously at a slow pace. Mahirap pala maging mabagal lahat na lang ng tao dinadaanan ka. Anyway, I sticked to  my pace and finished the race without walking.

At the post-event area

I even found Rodel who was running 21k towards the end of the route. We ran together until the finish line where he finished at 2:39 and I finished at 2:07 from my Garmin.

Post race

On the way to the event area, I accompanied Rodel in getting his 21k finisher's medal. We found Abi, Bata, Kath, Nikki and Roldan too. There was lots of freebies in the event area. We had donuts, energy drinks and ice cream. One of us had too much freebies. We were even teasing her that she was doing her grocery.

Post Race with PRC

I met CJ and Noel at McDo as they had their breakfast. Later the rest of the PRC peeps joined us.

Ang ganda ng background namen

This surely beats doing a 2 hour LSD on my own. Also, we made history for being able to run in Cavitex for the first time.

Race Review

The race route was a nice change of scenery. 21k runners had the best view when they passed by the actual Cavitex back drop. Hydration was great. We were so spoiled with hydration in every kilometer. Parking caused runners to be late since they didn't expect to get that much runners. But the freebies made the post run event area. They had enough to feed some of us in our post-race breakfast.

Garmin Log:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Boracay Beach Skyathon 2013

Last year, PEx Running Club participated in Boracay Beach Skyathon. It was our first time in Boracay and it was great experience to be in the area at its peak season. We got to run with celebrities and contribute in maintaining the beauty of this world-class beach. The experience was so fun that we'll be back to register in the event. Join us too!

Here are the details:

Skyathon Boracay Beach Run 2013
April 13, 2013 (Saturday, 5am assembly time)
Epic Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay
5KM / 10KM / Couple's 10KM Relay

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Philadelphia Marathon 2012

 At the Philadelphia Marathon Finish Line

Every third November of the year, Philadelphia hosts the Philadelphia Marathon weekend composed of an 8k Fun Run, a Race Expo and the half marathon and marathon race. This race was first organized in 1994 and has been inviting runners from all over the East Coast US to finish record times in their preferred race distance. The race route features famous landmarks of Philadelphia like the Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin's Burial Place, The Liberty Bell, The Rocky Statue and urban neighbors like University City and South Philadelphia. For the year 2012, I was fortunate to be part of this event. Though unplanned, I was able to run (and walk) the half marathon distance. It was an even bigger event as they supported a contingent of NY Marathon runners since that event was cancelled due to typhoon Sandy.


Before I came back to the US, I was already decided to skip the Philadelphia Marathon since the slots for the half marathon distance was almost full and I was decided to join the Delaware race on December and race fees were WAAAY more expensive so I have to prioritize on the races to join. I already ran part of Philadelphia so I was willing to cheer my uncle to his marathon finish instead of joining another Philadelphia race.

 Race Expo

On my weekend back from home, My uncle's friend, Steve, had a shoulder surgery which had halted him from using his slot on the Philadelphia Marathon. My uncle was trying to convince me to take his slot instead and run my first marathon there. But I already made up my mind to run my first marathon in the TBR Dream Marathon on Feb. 2013 and I wasn't in the part of training where I could run 42km so I forego the opportunity.

 Pretending that this is my shirt

On Race Weekend, Steve hasn't sold his slot yet so he just claimed the race paraphernalia on the race expo. I was scheduled to run an hour and 30 minutes on my training plan so I was planning run while my uncle was doing his race. Fortunately, Steve found a rule that a greater distance bib can be used to run a smaller distance so I decided to run a half marathon using his marathon bib.

Done with claiming stuff at the Race Expo

On another note, I bought a cool Race belt that said "WTF (Where's the Finish?)" during the Race Expo which I used on the race. (Just Sharing...)

 My WTF Race Belt

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adidas King of the Road Philippines 2012

This post is long overdue but as they say "Better late than never".

KOTR at the Background

Adidas King of the Road is one of the most awaited race of the year, especially for Adination running groups as it closes the "running season". On September 30, 2012, I ran 10 km, realizing how I did miss the roads of BGC on this event.


Adidas KOTR was a few weeks right after my first 21k outside the Philippines. After that run, I didn't train much in running except for a short recovery run a few days after the actual event. I was doing workout videos from Insanity but no training for running at all. I was supposed to pace with my swim buddy, Christian. I was even telling him that well be doing 5-1 Galloway pace as this was his first 10km run with little preparation.

Photo from the Running Photographers

I registered online so I got my kit through the mail. The singlet was almost the same as last year but learning from last year's mistake. I opted to get a smaller size versus the size I usually get and it was the right decision. The theme this year is almost the same as last year so I would believe that the organizers was too lazy to come up with a new theme or maybe they should just stick with the same theme and make it their "trademark".

Race Proper

I woke a little early that usual as I was excited to run in Manila again as I don't want to leave Christian behind. Unfortunately, he was late and I was itching to start my "I'm back home" run event. So I left my things in the baggage area and made my way to the start and finish line.

at the photobooth after the race

There wasn't anything special with the running route. I had ran a race like that before and as expected they would have ample hydration on the route. According to other runners, there was a few problems in hydration as some stations wouldn't have water that is ready to be given for hydration. Since I was in the middle of the running pack, I got my own share when I wanted it.

Official Results

I finished at 1:11:58 according to my Garmin and I wasn't expecting to break my PR, especially with no training towards it. I did give it a try and my heart loved the challenge.

Post Race

Since I joined one of the shorter routes, I quickly made my way to the activity area to get as much freebies I am interested to get. I lined up on the photo booth which had a few people in line. I remember a group of college kid ranting about walking in the race but happy being a able to get a good photo for facebook (or other social media sites). I first found Christian who finished his 1st 10km and then we waited for the rest of the Pex Running Club (PRC) members. Nino and his wife, CJ, Emy, Bata and Ivan was also there as participants and volunteers.

Ayala Triads at the Finish Line

We waited in the Ayala Triads booth then took token photos when everyone was there.


After the race, we met some of the PRC and tried iceskating, played bowling and went to a videoke. That was a fun and tiring Sunday.

Ice Skating

Garmin Log:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Run United 1 2013

Run United Series has been a staple in the running community's calendar. More or less, you would have this on your 2013 to do list. And the first one will be held on March 17, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Registration Details

Singlet Design

Finisher's Shirt

Finisher's Medal
Route Maps

For inquiries and more information, check out

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2012 Running Review

For 2012, I started doing half marathons. I didn't really planned for it but I was influenced into doing them. Just before doing that, I tried to train as long as I can but without any direction. I was able to finish my first 21km run at the Go Natural Run 2012 and despite finishing a few minutes short of 3 hours, I was able to prove to myself that I could do it. Following this run, our team volunteered in the Todo Responde Run. Our team was assigned to a water station and I was able to know the experience of being in the other side of a race. Then, I ran with Piolo at the Timex Run 10km. In that race event, I was able to pace a fellow PRC member and set a PR.

 My First 21k Finisher's Shirt

Then, I was able to take part in one of the well-known running event in the Philippines, the Condura Skyway Marathon, and I was able to set another PR. After that, my blogger friends and I were invited to Race for Orphans and I was able to set another 10k PR in the rolling hills of Camp Aguinaldo, with help of Noel, the Deemen Runner. After which, I joined the Ateneo Aquathlon in March with little training and accompanied by PEx Swimmers. Then, PRC supported the first time marathoners at the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2012. We stayed there until all our members were able to finished and dared them to do a jump shot after conquering 42kms. At the end of March, I did a 10km run at FIC Run without earning another PR but I ran for a cause, nonetheless.

 PRC at the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

Then, I joined the second longest running running event in the Philippines, Yakult Run and finished my first 16km or 10 mile run. After months of planning, I did my first beach run in Boracay Island and conqured its sands at a 10k event which I wouldn't do that much again since the celebrities and majority of PRC members did a 5k event, anyway. Later that month, we ran again for another cause in the Hyundai Race for a Cause where I ran at a slow pace with some of the PRC members after which we rented a space and celebrated our finish.

 PRC at the Hyundai Race for a Cause which is also our photo in the RW Philippines Feature

Then, I celebrated my runniversary at the Slimmerun 2012 where I set another PR for 10km. I missed a few runs and other events on May but for June, my calendar was full. On the first weekend, we made our way to Rizal to cheer our fellow PRC runners at the finish line. It took a while for everyone to finish as the Merell Trail Run is the most technical trail run race in Metro Manila. But everyone was tired but happy with the race. The next week is a preparation run with OROFOLS 3 which was my first official 15km event. Then it was Run United 2 which started as a rainy run at first but a memorable on as we ran from BGC to MOA. I earned another PR for 21km in this event, shedding off a few seconds of my previous record. Just before my onshore assignment in East Coast, USA, I spent a Sunday of my last weekend running in the Robinson's Buddy Run with some PRC members.

 Robinson's Buddy Run

Before I went on an onshore assignment, I joined an running event more than each month and almost zero training. I sometimes crammed training, but most of the time I winged it. I arrived in the United States early July and the one of the first experiences that my uncle recommended me was to join a fun run there and I decided to take on the challenge. With my own money, I then registered to the Rock and Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia. A week later, my uncle sent me a training plan and I followed it as much as I can. I followed it on the first weeks but I missed a few weekend long runs due to weekend vacation trips. On race day, I was able to beat my PR and do a sub 2:30 finish. I guess training really do pay off. Also, I was able to run almost non-stop for the whole duration of the running event.

 Rock and Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia

A few weeks later, I was back in Manila for a 2 week (turned 3 week) vacation before returning to the 2nd half of my onshore assignment. I joined Adidas KOTR Philippines 2012 and did a 10km run. I didn't have any goal so I planned to pace a friend on his first 10km but he was late so I just did an easy 10km. Afterwhich, we had a long day after that with bowling, ice skating and videoke.

 Adidas KOTR Philippines

Then, I was back in US. My training for TBRDM 2013 commenced and I had to fight through the cold to get my maintenance run and long runs. As my batchmates were attending Bull Sessions and Bull Circles. I just did runs on my own in the cold weather of East Coast US. I signed up for a the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon, not really serious on breaking my PR.

 Posing in my bedroom

On the Philadelphia Marathon weekend, Steve gave me his bib to run a 21km since his doctor didn't allow him to do a marathon. My training plan only said 90 minutes so I did run for 90 minutes and did a 5-1 galloway until I finished 21km. Since I wasn't training for a half, I had difficulty walking after that weekend. My co-workers even noticed it. I just said, "I ran too much".

 Finished half marathon in Philadelphia Marathon 2012

Weeks after was my final run for 2012 with the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Run. It wasn't a big race like the Philadelphia races I was able to partake in. It was a Rehoboth's running community's annual running event. It was also a great experience but the uneven trail run was a killer. I was limping after the race but that didn't stop me from shopping, though.

 At the Rehoboth Beach Gazebo after the Seashore Marathon where we ran half

2012 for me was a great year for running. I was able to run comfortably for 21km. I used to see this distance as impossible to finish but now I just see it as an easy yet long run. It is something I could do making me see that I could eventually run longer if I train for it.

Run United Rallies Filipinos to “Exceed Yourself” in 2013

Press Release

Run United Rallies Filipinos to “Exceed Yourself” in 2013
Longer distances and focused approaches mark this year’s run races

          Mark your calendar runners, the 2013 Run United series is set to bring in more excitement and a lot of surprises to this year’s running calendar. Unilab Active Health (ULAH) and RunRio Inc. promise longer distances that are big on fun and prizes, starting off with 2013 Run United 1on March 17 at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

          Ever responsive to the runners’ feedback, Unilab Active Health and RunRio are now focusing on longer distances to be in step with the requirements of progressive runners who want to better their personal records and outdo themselves in every race.

          “We noticed a trend during the previous years’ races that the slots for longer distances get filled up faster. There were instances when we had to open up more slots. So, by focusing on longer distances, we will be able to accommodate more runners,” said Alex Panlilio, Head of Unilab Active Health.

          Coach Rio dela Cruz added: “This is in line with our plan to be part of the growth and journey of Filipino runners. It just goes to prove that the local running community is more mature, that is why we also launched the Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) last year. Filipino runners have leveled up.”

          Thus, there will be no more 3km category in Run United, but it will retain the 500-meter dash for kids to make them start having an active lifestyle early on. The race categories for 2013 Run United 1 include 5km, 10km and 21km; for Run United 2 (10km, 21km, and 32km); and for Run United Philippine Marathon (10km, 21km and 42km).
          If runners loved the singlets of previous Run United races, they would definitely rave about the improved singlets this year, which are made of new fabric designed to help improve the performance and comfort of the runners.

          Better and useful items will still be part of the finishers’ token. And the unique united medal will still be given away to encourage participants to complete the series. Of course, the Unilab Active Health villages will still be jampacked with activities and freebies for the participants and their families.

          The complete Run United 2013 race schedules are as follows: Run United 1 on March 17, Run United 2 on June 2 and Run United Philippine Marathon on October 6. Prior to these, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon will kick off on February 24.

          For triathletes, Tri United 1 2013 on March 10, 2013 and Tri United 2 2013 on July 7, 2013 both will be held in Playa Laiya, Batangas. Tri United 3 2013 on October 26-27, 2013 in Subic and the fourth and final leg of Tri United will be fired off in Ayala, Alabang on November 24, 2013. Moreover, Unilab Active Health Duathlon will be on September 8 at SCTEX, Clark, Pampanga.

          For more details please visit 

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Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Year!

Let me start the year by enumerating the posts I need to compose soon (LOL)
  1. Adidas KOTR 2012
  2. Philadelphia Marathon 2012
  3. Rehoboth Beach Marathon 2012
  4. Running in the cold and TBRDM training
Sana sipagin ako!

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