Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's next?

During my first Sunday in Delaware, my uncle visited me and invited me to join the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon. He said it will definitely be more expensive but the run would be worth the experience since the route would travel around the city. At the end of the run, we would have a rock and roll band to celebrate the achievement.

After our Sunday dinner, I browsed through the Philly Half Marathon website and signed up for the race. It is definitely much more expensive but it will be worth the experience and the bragging rights. (By the way, Cobra Starship will headline the event.)

But since I had spent a lot on this run, I am gunning for a sub-2 finish. I'll be starting my training later. The plan was a 10 week something my uncle emailed me. It came for Runner's World.

So Wish me Luck!


michymichymoo said...

It's nice that you still running even abroad. :) Galing! :)


Abi V said...

Good luck Thirdy! :)

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