Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Press Release: I'm US Bound

I told a few of my close friends, fellow PRC Committee members and colleagues but I wanted to actually announce to everyone else that I'm US bound for quite a while when I got my visa. And since I was in US Embassy earlier in the morning and since I'm writing this blog post to anounce my temporary departure in the Philippines, you may conclude that I got my visa.

 NY 2011

The Visa process was along wait but with 2 questions, What will you do in the US? and How much do you earn monthly? I got my visa. In 5 days, I'll know which visa I get but it's official... I'm US Bound!

I'll be there for work, support for initially 3 months but it may extend to a total of six months.

Which means I'll be missing a lot of event, groups of people and of course, <3 (siyempre, sino pa ba)... So no Milo marathon, Adidas KOTR, MH Urbanathlon, Corregidor Half Marathon, Camsur Marathon for me... But since I'll be in US, I'll make most of the opportunity and check out how is it to run in US event. Great thing, my uncle, Tito Bong is a running enthusiast too so he'll probably introduce me to running events there.

Anyway, just a few "bilin" to everyone.

Family: Magbilin kayo... Di ko mahuhulaan kung anung gusto niyo sa Xmas (LOL, alam niyo na saan galing Xmas Gift niyo) kung di niyo sasabihin.

Pex Running Club: You'll still feel my online presence but the committee members, Cath, CJ, Yuri, Bert, Jaime, Hamza, Kay, Emy, KC, Noah, Drew, Nollie, Mia and Aldrin will still be there to facilitate the actual gatherings and other activities.

W boys: Keep me updated with the latest tsismis through FB ah... Then, let's catch up when I return..

Bossing: Take Care and keep in touch! I'll have a list of to-dos before I go which includes regular communication with me..

Basta I'll miss everyone!!!


deemenrunner said...

awww. alam ko na dati pero nakakalungkot dahil may post na. paano na ang trilogy race natin ni runadoboking? :(

Rodel said...

oh. good luck Thirdy! marami-raming events nga yung mami-miss mo. teka, prepare ko na yung listahan ko ng bilin. haha! ingat!

Abi V said...

Good luck Thirdy!! :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

deemen: next year na ang trilogy naten...

Pa-send pala ng list ng contacts for race stuff para makapag-set ako ng appointments while I'm there...


michymichymoo said...

Pasalubong! :) Take care.hehe. ;)


cuteehcath said...

ako na bahala dun sa anniversary trip na ipon. hahaha.
ingat at pasalubong :)
we'll miss u...

madmader said...

Have a safe trip... enjoy!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

mahilig ka rin pala tumakbo.. tatakbo ka rin ba sa manila bay, milo at regent? o sa Unilab sa sept? hahahahha


Anonymous said...


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