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GYM FTX Review

FTX or FITNESS EXCHANGE is an ultramodern fitness concept for “anti-gym” designed for people who want to lose weight, feel better and look better in the most cost-effective and exciting ways possible. It is located in Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City.

For the first few months of the year (and late last year), I have been a regular FTX gym goer and if you check foursquare, I'm the mayor of one of the places named FTX. I started going to this gym when I attended Fly Yoga classes because of a promo from Cash Cash Pinoy. Then, I got an unlimited CirqFit, Boxing, Muay Thai and Rip 60 pass. I used that pass for January to March. And now, I get Fly Yoga passes if my schedule frees up to attend a class.

 FTX Flyer

Rip 60

Rip 60 is an hour long class that makes use of Rip 60, a suspension trainer that has a rotation function. I attended the class headed by Skechers Fitness Ambassador, Connie Fortich. Classes vary depending on the participants but I could guarantee that each class is a "hell of a workout". Classes start with a high energy warm up usually consists of squats, burpees and mountain trainers. The class then moves on to back, legs, chest, triceps, biceps and core exercises that makes use of Rip 60 (of course), dumbells and kettlebells.

Connie teaches Rip60

By the end of the class, you would have worked out to your fullest and hungry for the next session after a day's rest (and namumula ka sa work out). Each session costs P500-600, depending on the pass bundle you purchased.


Apart from special PT classes, GYM FTX has 15 signature programs that cater to different goals. For those who want to lose weight, there is a lose big now. For runners, there is a runner's circuit that concentrates on strengthening your core and making your legs, hamstrings and quads move faster. For those who has little time to work out, you have Marvin's Xtreme Xpress, FTX Express and FTX Chairman's Express. I used to workout early in the morning like just a few minutes after the gym opens so I usually do FTX Express so I won't be late to work. My workout usually takes 45 minutes and I'll be all set for the day.

 15 signature workouts

Another workout I liked to do was the Jungle Jiggle Jinggle that starts with a sprint, gets you jumping, fighting off ropes, rowing, hand cycling and crossing monkey bars. It is fun to do (para lang naglalaro sa gym). Each workout is aided by an exercise guide (a card detailing the exercises you should do) and a personal trainer who you would need in the first few sessions. Another great thing about a CirqFit session is you could do another program if you still have the energy after one workout. Each session costs P400-550, depending on the bundle you used. They also offer Buddy Passes that costs P1000 for 3 people.

 Equipment for CirqFit includes stronman log, sandbags, balance balls and the rowing machine

 Warm up begins in the threadmill

 Monkey Bars!

Fly Yoga

I had reviewed and shared my experiences in the Fly Yoga class in my previous post. I started doing Fly Yoga and have attended a few classes. I keep coming back for more since it offers a fun way of stretching your body and strengthening your core. I recommend attending Teacher Isla's classes if you want to do more aerial poses and advance poses. But for beginners, it's great to be in Teacher Leslie's class.

 Isla teaches Fly Yoga

In Fly Yoga, you start off with sun salutations on the floor and slowly progress to having your hand or your feet off the floor. Then finally, flying off the floor with the help of the hammock while doing fly yoga poses like the hip hang, the inverted split, the shoulder stand and the aerial spilt, which I learned this week.

Each session costs P500-600, depending on the bundle you purchase.

Other offerings

 Kanga Shoes

Gym FTX generally concentrates on their Kanga Shoes programs nowadays. Programs includes kick boxing, running, core fitness, dance and a lot more. They are the first and only gym that offers such classes.

I recommend trying out classes in Gym FTX. It is a little expensive but the workouts are worth the price.

Check out for more details.


michymichymoo said...

Hi Thirdy! This is kinda off topic, but can you blog something about rubber shoes for starters or lampa peeps (like myself)?


Thirdy Lopez said...

Thanks for the suggestin, Michy! I'll try to squeeze that in my "to blog" list

Thirdy Lopez said...


Abi V said...

this is interesting, sana naman meron nito malapit sa qc area. #asalang

ang cool nung monkey bars, parang playground lang! :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Abi: Check out CrossFit Manila in Eastwood...

ardee sean said...

grabe thirdy, pwede bang patrain sau.. ahahah.. kaw nlng.. lols master mo na ata lahat nung mga exercises.. :P

ellehcim said...

thirdy! i was researching about ftx gym, and this blog entry of yours came up. :) anyway, ill be purchasing vouchers from groupon kse - unlimited boxing and cirqfit at ftx makati. ok ba boxing equipment nila? which is better - cirqfit or 360? nag-trial ako before sa 360 kse.

ellehcim said...

thirdy! i was researching about ftx gym and this blog entry of yours came up. galeng naman :) anyway, ill be purchasing these vouchers from groupon kse - unlimited boxing and cirqfit at ftx. ok ba boxing equipment nila? cirqfit or 360?

Thirdy Lopez said...

ellehcim: Okay naman both... I suggest take the voucher offer to try it out... See if which gym fits your schedule and your preferences...

Sa Circuit training, may diff sa 360 time based sa ftx, rep based....

Mas madaming class sa ftx..

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