Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Press Release: I'm US Bound

I told a few of my close friends, fellow PRC Committee members and colleagues but I wanted to actually announce to everyone else that I'm US bound for quite a while when I got my visa. And since I was in US Embassy earlier in the morning and since I'm writing this blog post to anounce my temporary departure in the Philippines, you may conclude that I got my visa.

 NY 2011

The Visa process was along wait but with 2 questions, What will you do in the US? and How much do you earn monthly? I got my visa. In 5 days, I'll know which visa I get but it's official... I'm US Bound!

I'll be there for work, support for initially 3 months but it may extend to a total of six months.

Which means I'll be missing a lot of event, groups of people and of course, <3 (siyempre, sino pa ba)... So no Milo marathon, Adidas KOTR, MH Urbanathlon, Corregidor Half Marathon, Camsur Marathon for me... But since I'll be in US, I'll make most of the opportunity and check out how is it to run in US event. Great thing, my uncle, Tito Bong is a running enthusiast too so he'll probably introduce me to running events there.

Anyway, just a few "bilin" to everyone.

Family: Magbilin kayo... Di ko mahuhulaan kung anung gusto niyo sa Xmas (LOL, alam niyo na saan galing Xmas Gift niyo) kung di niyo sasabihin.

Pex Running Club: You'll still feel my online presence but the committee members, Cath, CJ, Yuri, Bert, Jaime, Hamza, Kay, Emy, KC, Noah, Drew, Nollie, Mia and Aldrin will still be there to facilitate the actual gatherings and other activities.

W boys: Keep me updated with the latest tsismis through FB ah... Then, let's catch up when I return..

Bossing: Take Care and keep in touch! I'll have a list of to-dos before I go which includes regular communication with me..

Basta I'll miss everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GYM FTX Review

FTX or FITNESS EXCHANGE is an ultramodern fitness concept for “anti-gym” designed for people who want to lose weight, feel better and look better in the most cost-effective and exciting ways possible. It is located in Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City.

For the first few months of the year (and late last year), I have been a regular FTX gym goer and if you check foursquare, I'm the mayor of one of the places named FTX. I started going to this gym when I attended Fly Yoga classes because of a promo from Cash Cash Pinoy. Then, I got an unlimited CirqFit, Boxing, Muay Thai and Rip 60 pass. I used that pass for January to March. And now, I get Fly Yoga passes if my schedule frees up to attend a class.

 FTX Flyer

Rip 60

Rip 60 is an hour long class that makes use of Rip 60, a suspension trainer that has a rotation function. I attended the class headed by Skechers Fitness Ambassador, Connie Fortich. Classes vary depending on the participants but I could guarantee that each class is a "hell of a workout". Classes start with a high energy warm up usually consists of squats, burpees and mountain trainers. The class then moves on to back, legs, chest, triceps, biceps and core exercises that makes use of Rip 60 (of course), dumbells and kettlebells.

Connie teaches Rip60

By the end of the class, you would have worked out to your fullest and hungry for the next session after a day's rest (and namumula ka sa work out). Each session costs P500-600, depending on the pass bundle you purchased.

Greentennial Clean Air Run 2012: What happens behind the starting line

Disclaimer: Before I post anything on this blog, let me remind my readers that a blog is a personal journal that is shared to the public. I only blog personal posts based on what I experience. I guess other parties have a point of view or explanation on some things but this is my point of view based on what happened to me.

 Greentenial Clean Air Run 2012 Arc

Greentennial Clean Air Run 2012 is fun run event that is held on May 27,2012 in Greenfield City, Paseo, Sta. Rosa Laguna. This fun run featured 4 categories a half marathon, 10km, 5km, 3km and 500m (for kids 5-10 years old).

Race Marshall Volunteering

Running had brought me a sense of achievement, new friends and the runner's high. So when an opportunity to give back to the sport and the community came when Greentennial was looking for volunteer marshals, I didn't gave a second thought and cleared my schedule for this event.

Jaime, with the rest of the PEx Running Club, joined me in this endeavour. There were numerous meetings on how we'll go about the event but we weren't able to attend so we were dependent on our team leader. In our group, Jaime took care of the announcements which he got from the greentennial facebook group.

 Marshalls after the briefing

On May 27, we were asked to be at venue at 12mn since the bus heading to Greenfield city was leaving on 1am. I came within the allotted with Lee, Jaime, Nathan, Ivan, Jomar, Gel, Yani and Cath but our bus left at around 2am. It was okay since they wanted to accommodate  most of the marshalls but it wasn't professional to not follow the schedule.

We met Yuri at Greenfield City since he lives in Sta. Rosa. At 2:30-ish am, the marshal leads briefed us on what we're gonna do. For the 21k run, Jaime and I were in charge of marking the barefoot runners' bibs. Some of us were marking the 1st time half marathoners. The others were marking the "veteran" half marathoners while the rest were human barricades at the starting line.

At the 500m dash, I was tasked to make sure the kids go around the turn around marker. Ivan, Lee and Jomar were guarding the left turn and the rest of the marshals was on the adult categories' finish line.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Safeguard presents #BeatCoachRio


Last June 5, 2012, Safeguard presented an event tagged as #BeatCoachRio. It was held in Bonifacio Global City Back of Terra 28th Park, which was a few steps away from the running coach's store, Riovana.

 The event was publicized through a you tube video that featured Rio dela Cruz beating a plane before it took off. See my post for more details.

I came here with blogger CJ aka RunAdoboKing and PRC Friends, Cath, KC and Yuri. We found other running blogger friends in this event, as well.

The event started with a qualifier round that had each runner try to beat coach rio's sprint time for 20 meters 2 times with a projected video of Coach Rio.

 Coach Rio's recorded time for 20 meters

The next round had the top 5 runners compete with the real Coach Rio. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see this round but it was great to see runner friends attempt to beat the running idol.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One-month unlimited package at 360 Fitness Club available this June!

Have you tried circuit training? Now's a perfect time! 360 Fitness Club is offering a 1 month UNLIMITED package this June ONLY. Get leaner, more toned, stronger, fitter and faster! Summer's over but that's not a reason to stop taking care of your body--- fitness is not seasonal. No excuses, especially if you only need 30 MINUTES, correct?

Note: Look for me! I was working out when they took this video.

Book your FREE 1-day trial today. See you at 360!

 For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Supporting our Merrell Adventure Run Runners

Merrell Adventure Run is one of the most challenging trail runs in the country and this year's event was held in Timberland Sports and Nature Club on June 2, 2012.

Supporting our runners

 Hiking up to Timberland

Braving the rain to make our way to the finish line

Since we had more than 20 runners in this event, we decided to support our runners by cheering and taking photos at the finish line. I, together with Angie, Noah, KC and Bert, woke up early and made our way to Rizal. The way up to the Timberland was a long uphill hike and we braved the rain to the long walk to reach the finish line.

 Finally at Timberland

It took us a while but we were able to cheer everyone of our club members.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hybrid Workout shared by 360 Fitness Club

Here's a video shared by 360 Fitness Club, the video contains a hybrid workout using the jungle gym and kettle bells instructed by Coach Chappy Callanta.

FYI: This is sort of what we do during STC (Suspension Training Class).

For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Congratulations, Team Titans!

Congratulations to Team Titans for finishing strong in the recently concluded Chris Sports' 250km Epic Relay.

We're proud of you!

Photo Credits to Allan

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wetshop Newbie Triathlon Review

Wetshop held a newbie triathlon which featured an aquathlon for kids and adults, a triathlon for kids and adults and a relay team event last May 20, 2012 at Camp Aguinaldo.


I first found out about the event as I was browsing through my facebook timeline and I instantly shared this to my friends from Pex Swim Team and Team Titans. I joined through the online option where I had to pay through a bank account and email the registration form. My friends also used this option so I was confident that there wouldn't be any problem come race day since after 2 weeks I haven't received a confirmation email. The FB event was also helpful as they had continuous updates and replies to all questions. I asked about my confirmation letter in the FB event I was assured that my registration confirmation was on the way but it didn't come.


 Swim Team after the Dryrun

Honestly, I had zero training for this event so I just planned to wing it. Good thing! My Pex Swim Team decided to do a dryrun for the aquathlon and that was my only serious training for the event. I clocked at around 18mins for 600m and finding out that I needed to practice my turns. We did a short run around Camp Aguinaldo. I didn't bring my GPS watch so we just ran for 15 minutes around the quadrangle.

Actual Race

 Assembly at the Newbie Triathlon event

The  race was scheduled 2 hours than the usual gun start of races so riding the MRT was a option. We got to the venue at the assigned assembly time but when I got there my name wasn't in the list. Even after the confirmation in the FB event, I didn't have my kit. The organizers gave me an improvised kit but it said triathlon and my swim cap was white when it was supposed too be blue. That was a little disappointing since I made my payment early and made numerous attempt to follow up on my confirmation and I was promised that it was on the way but it never did.

 Cheering for the triathletes

Because of that, I didn't have a transition basket. Good thing that Gelo wasn't sick this aquathlon so he let me share his transition box. At around 9:30 am, we made our way to the pool where we started the swim leg of the aquathlon. As expected, turns slowed me down together with being bothered that I just kicked someone and someone kicked me. This was a norm in triathlons though but it doesn't make it less annoying. Anyway, I officially finished my swim at around 20 minutes and made my way to our transition baskets. Noel, Wins and I pretty much finished the swim leg at the same time but since running is their specialty. They pretty much zoomed to the finish line while I maintained a constant pace finishing at around 30 minutes. Since the timing was manual, there were a few errors in my teammates' results. Good thing we ran the course close to each other and we were able to correct this error.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Do well and Make Us Proud, Team Titans!!!

This coming June 9-10, Team Titans (two teams, team a and b) will be embarking on a competitive journey at the Chris Sports Epic Relay.

Team Titans (Team A and B), GOOD LUCK!

Make us proud by finishing strong and Injury Free!

Banner Credits to Jervin Domingo

65th Anniversary PAF Run

To celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the PAF (Philippine Air Force), PAF and PAF Ladies Club are organizing a Fun Run covering 3k, 5k and 10k on June 24, 5:00am at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig.

"Takbo para sa Karunungan, Kinabukasan ng Kabataan"


3k - P350
5k - P400

Reg. Sites includes:
Riovana BGC
Riovana Katipunan
Venice Piazza Mickinley Hill (There will be an onsite registration)

Route Maps


1 - P4500
2 - P3500
3 - P2500

1 - P3500
2 - P2500
3 - P1500

1 - P3000
2 - P2000
3 - P1000

For more questions, you may contact A1C Joar Calvadores, 09266829312, 8535178, afssg_odo@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Run United 2 2012 Free Kit Winners are...

Before announcing the winners, I would like to remind everyone that the registration for Run United 2 is extended until June 10, 2012 at Riovana BGC and Katipunan only.

Also, I would like to extend gratitude to Coach Rio dela Cruz, with help of Mam Vima Mendoza for sharing their blessings with these free kits for our running friends.

The winners (First 8 team mates and first 2 non-teammates) are:
  1. Allan Gregor Bulos
  2. Jeffrey Enverga
  3. Noah Obaob
  4. Angelo Quebral
  5. Roby Magsino
  6. Raymon Castillo
  7. Jaime M. Abuan, Jr.
  8. Rodel Garcia
  9. Ryan Albino
  10. Floyd Gonzales

Winners, if you are already registered to RU2 and will not be running in the event, please inform me asap so we could give the spot to some who deserves it more.

Also, expect an email from me on how to claim your kits.

See you on the road!

Run United 2 Updates and Free Kits

Run United 2 2012 is the second installment of the Run United Trilogy Run that will be held on June 17, 2012.


Registration for 2012 Run United 2 has been extended until June 10! You may still register for the 500m dash, 3k, 5k and 10k race categories.

Registration is extended only at Riovana BGC and Katipunan branches. Registration at Toby's MOA and Trinoma will be closed after June 3.

Registrants from June 4 to 10 can claim their race kits at the Run United 2 Race Expo from June 14-16.


 Free Kits

In the spirit of how fast Rio can run (See my #BeatCoachRio post), We'll be giving away free kits to Run United 2.

Fast Posters get a free RU2 kit in the spirit of Coach Rio's Sprint Time

Here's how:

1.  Post a comment stating the following details:
Name, Email Address, Preferred Distance (500m, 3k, 5k, 10k).
2. If you are my team mate in Pex Running Club or Team Titans, also include which team you belong to.

Sample Comment(for team members):
Name: Thirdy Lopez
Email Address: thirdylopez@yahoo.com
Preferred Distance: 10k
Pex Running Club Member

Sample Comment(for non-team members):
Name: Thirdy Lopez
Email Address: thirdylopez@yahoo.com
Preferred Distance: 10k

First 8 team members the first 2 non-team members gets a free kit for RU2.

Good Luck and see you on the road!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hyundai Run for a Cause

FREE RACE? That was Hyundai Run for a Cause. On April 29, 2012, 26,000 and more runners gathered in Quirino Grandstand to run for a cause as sponsored by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc (HARI). The free run had people for all levels of fitness running for their choice of beneficiaries. HARI awarded the following beneficiaries for different causes:

Education: HARI PUP Scholars
Environment Sustainability: Haribon foundation
Community Development:  National Children’s Hospital
Filipino Heritage & Pride: Department of Tourism
Road Safety: HARI Foundation
Women & Children’s Rights: U.P. Women Lawyer’s Circle
Social Entrepreneurship : Gawad Kalinga
Youth Development through Sports: Younghusband Football Academy

Pre-Race: Registration and Claiming of Kits

A few months back, HARI created an FB Page that was geared towards promoting the Hyundai Run for a Cause. Weeks after that, they released a link containing the online registration site. In this site, you needed to register yourself (or your friends) to pick the registration centers you'll visit, as well as your race and personal details. I picked to get my racekit at the HARI Headquarters which was beside my office.

 I ran for youth development for sports

I claimed my race kit mid-week and there weren't long lines and gritty processes. I just showed up with the printed registration form and waiver, with a photocopy of my ID and I was able to claim my race kit. I read online that the singlets weren't of great quality and I got a small singlet that was too big for me. I was able to get a free singlet even if the singlets ran out before the registration was over.

Race Day

 On Race Day, I decided to wear the big singlet even if the fit doesn't really flatter me since this is a free run and wearing the singlet serves as an act of gratitude to HARI and to clearly show that I was running for youth development for Sports. I came to the race venuewith my neighbor KC earlier so we won't have to walk from Taft to the starting line but the traffic was already there even before the gun start but it was a short walk afterall. We waited for people to arrive for a while then met up with Cath, Roby and Yuri at the baggage area where we waited for the 5k gun start.

 Running with Roby, Cath, Myas and KC

With thousands of people who joined the marshalls allowed me to start the same wave as the rest of the Pex Running Club friends we ran in an easy pace. We ran for the first kilometer with Yuri tweeting at each half kilometer. Then walked then second. On the third to the fourth kilometer, we saw Myas who joined our group too. Also, KC, Yuri and I was goofing around the other runners. On the last kilometer, we saw Noah and Nollie, who had to go to the medic for not sleeping and eating little. At the Finish line, we were welcomed by a fire truck that was spraying water to the runners. We finished the run wet.

Our official time was around 43-44 minutes.

Monday, June 04, 2012



June 5, 2012
6 pm - 10 pm
Bonifacio Global City Back of Terra 28th Park

"Get Fit Run 2012" with HyperSports Philippines

Hypersports Philippines Inc.

Invites you to the "Get Fit Run 2012" this July 8, 2012!
Race Highlight featuring the Half- Marathon, 21K

*have your own personalized race bib
(first 500 registrants)
'Are you fit enough?'  


Registration Fees:
3K – PHP 500.00
5K – PHP 600.00
10K – PHP 700.00
21K – PHP 800.00

- Inclusive of singlet, race bib, reusable timing chip
- Medal for 21K finisher

*Includes a reusable IPICO Timing Chip which will be given to participants. This timing chip can be used for other races organized by HyperSports and upon presenting will be eligible for a PHP 80.00 discount.

*Participants may have the option to refund the Timing Chip for PHP 50.00

*For non-HyperSports IPICO Timing Chip / Shoe tag holders, you may submit those timing chips upon registration and avail of PHP 80.00 discount. It will be returned to you together with the Race Kits later on.

Registration Dates: June 4, 2012 – July 4, 2012

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