Friday, May 11, 2012

Wetshop Newbie Triathlon

Wetshop will be holding a newbie triathlon at Camp Aguinaldo on May 20, 2012.

Race Information is as follows:


Age Swim Run
U6 50m 100m
7-8 100m 200m
9-10 200m 800m
11-12 300m 1.0k
13-15 300m 2.0k

Age Swim Run
16 & up 600m 2.5k

Age Swim Bike Run
U6 50m 700m 200m
7-8 50m 1.5k 200m
9-10 100m 2.0k 1.0km
11-12 200m 3.5k 1.5km
13-15 300m 8.0k 2.0km

Mini-Sprint Triathlon
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 300m 8.0kms 2.0kms

Super Mini-Sprint
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 600m 16.0kms 4.0kms

4-Member Team Relay Triathlon
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 300m 8.0kms 2.0kms
(must do SBR for each member of the 4-member team)

Race Formats:
Aquathlon races will follow the SWIM-RUN format.
Triathlon will follow the (SBR) SWIM-BIKE-RUN format.
Team Relay Triathlon will follow SBR member 1, SBR member 2, SBR member 3 & SBR member 4.

Race Rules:
- Body marking (race numbers) must appear on both upper arms and both legs.
- Bare torso running is NOT allowed.
- Participants must wear sponsors swim cap.
- Roads will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Race Course Description:
Swim: Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park Swimming Pool

(T1) Swim to Run Transition for Aquathlon, Swim to Bike Transition for Triathlon - Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park parking lot

Bike: Camp Aguinaldo – Road Network west of Daza Park

(T2) Bike to Run Transition for Triathlon - Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park parking lot

Run: Camp Aguinaldo – Road Network east of Daza Park
Finish Line: Daza Park parking lot

Top 3 of each Age group of Aquathlon and Kids Triathlon:
Top 5 Male
Top 5 Female
Top 3 Team Relay
All winners get medals. All finishers get t-shirts and post-race refreshments

Race Schedule:

7:45 Race Briefing

Aquathlon 8:00
W1 6 & Under; 7-8
W2 9-10
W3 11-12; 13-15; 16 & Above

W4 6 & Under
W5 7-8
W6 9-10
W7 11-12
W8 Mini Sprint Adult Male & 13-15 Male
W9 Mini Sprint Adult Female &a 13-15 Female
W10 Super Mini Sprint Female
W11 Super Mini Sprint Male
W12 Mixed Team Relay

Submit filled-up entry form with your fee at Registration Center mentioned below.
Participants may also pay through: 

Vincent Garcia - BDO C/A # 1518-0104-22
and email deposit slip to For more info, call or text
mobile: 0917-886-6341, landline: 975-0001, 851-1722
Keep receipt/bank deposit slip 

And submit during Registration.

Registration Centers:

TRAP Head Office
Room 101, Building B, Philsports Complex (ULTRA), Pasig City
Tel. #: 710-8259/399-6598; Mobile phone: +63-915-639-4233 (Fabie), Fax: +632-809-2713 or +632-850-5254
e-mail: website:
WetSHOP - 2L Vmall Greenhills,
WetSHOP - 3L The Block SM North EDSA;
Al Terra Cyclery – Club 650, Libis, QC,
Al Terra Cyclery – Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargaas, Ortigas Center.
Rick Reyes
Fabie David, Registration & Secretariat Head

Registration Fees:

Adults Aquathlon – P 500.00 until May 5; P 750.00 (May 6 – 15)

Adults Mini-Sprint & Super Mini-Sprint – P750.00 until May 5; P 1,000.00 (May 6 – 15)

4-Member Team Relay P 1,500.00 until May 5; P 2,000.00 (May 6 -15)

Kids Aquathlon & SuperTriKids- – P 500.00 until May 5; P 750.00 (May 6 – 15)

email: Mobile phone: + 63-916-504-6513
email: Mobile phone: +63-915-639-4233
email: Mobile phone: +63-917-886-6341

The fee will cover cost of participation, race packet, post-race refreshments, & a finisher's t- shirt.


1. Team Relay Competition:
1.1 The Triathlon 4-member Relay is a competition between teams. Each team is composed of (4) four members of any gender.
1.2 There is no limit in the number of 4-member teams a Triathlon team can enter, however only the team from the best finishing position will be listed in the results.
1.3 The format of the race is:
a) The 1st athlete to compete must complete the 300-meter swim, 8-km bike and 2-km run.
b) The 1st athlete tags the 2nd team member. The 2nd team member completes the same swim, bike and run course then tags the 3rd team member who completes
the same course.
c) The 3rd team member completes the same course and then tags the 4th team member who completes the same course and finishes the race.
1.4 The total time for the team is from the start of the 1st team member to the finish of the 4th. Time is continuous and does not stop between athletes.
1.5 The Competition Rules apply with the modifications listed below:

2. Eligibility: The general eligibility rules apply. The minimum age required is 16 years.
3. Uniform: The general uniform rules apply. All members of the same team need to wear the same colour uniform.
4. Race Day Check-In: The four team members must check in at the same time.
5. Relay Exchange:
5.1 The relay exchange from one team member to another will take place inside the “Relay Exchange Zone”, which is 15 meters long.
5.2 The relay exchange is completed by the in-coming athlete using their hand to contact the body of the out-going athletes.
5.3 If the contact occurs outside the relay exchange zone, both athletes must return to the relay exchange zone and complete the exchange properly.
5.4 If the exchange is not completed inside the relay exchange zone, the team will be disqualified.
5.5 Prior to the relay exchange the athletes will wait in a pre relay exchange area until the moment when

6. Finish:
the official tells them to enter the relay exchange zone. Only the 4th team member is allowed to cross the finish line.


FB Event:
FB Page:
Registration Form: 


 All finishers will be receiving a medal while winners will be receiving more medals.

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