Monday, May 14, 2012

Pole Men's Fitness at Pole Cats Manila

Last April 28, Keren, who is a regular attendee of the Pole Cats Manila Men's Pole Fitness Class, invited me over to Strata 100 studio for their bring-a-friend day. I had been always curious about pole dancing but I found that this activity seems feminine so I haven't tried it once. But the polecats event was a great opportunity to try this thing out so I fixed my schedule and proceeded to Pole Cats.

And I found that this was an extremely challenging workout. The warm up was so dynamic that we had our head turning then we were dropping down the floor to warm up the core. Since there was a number of beginners in the mix, I was expecting that we'll be leaving the floor once for a memorable finish and we'll pretty much do everything with our weight partially on the floor. I was wrong since the first move was climbing up the pole and hanging by our toes and leaning on the pole to raise both our hands. (Wow!) It was a struggle to that pose but I was halfway there. (Forgive the beginner!)

Hanggang jan lang kaya kong akyatin

Everything that followed was challenging. Teacher AJ had us rolling around the pole (Hello, more kalyo!) and raising our legs using our core. Then, we were rolling around the pole from the left to the right and reverse then raising our legs where we need to keep arms strong but not to strong or else we'll be falling in the wrong way. Doing pole fitness is not for the faint hearted and the weak indeed.

 Teacher AJ helping me with a pose (Photo Credit to Keren)

Towards the end of the class, I could only do half of pose where we'll be raising the lower body while being supported by our back, neck and shoulders. So by cool down I was so thankful it was over. Days later, my body was really sore and I got to appreciate those pain reliever strips.

I will try pole dancing again but I'm aiming to build a stronger core before going back to this activity.

Big Thanks to Keren for inviting me and to Teacher AJ and the rest of Pole Cats Manila for accommodating me. See you all soon!

Just hanging around (Weeh!)

For more information on their class schedules and rates, check out: their website and their FB Page.


michymichymoo said...

Sorry Thirdy, but I just couldn't help laughing while reading your post.hehe. :) But hats off to you! I couldn't even bring myself near a pole.haha. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Ang hirap mag-pole!!!

Ulikblog Runner said...

taray! gusto ko din nyan! he he he..

Thirdy Lopez said...

Go, Go, Go!

Supportahan ka namen...

Anonymous said...

Ang swerte mo naman!

Tara thirdy, triathlon training haluan natin ng pole dancing. haha

Thirdy Lopez said...

go! para di tamarin... :P

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