Thursday, May 24, 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Let me take a break from my running and fitness related posts by talking about Snow White and Skin White.

Yes, I'm joining a contest so I'm hoping to win an invite.

How does SkinWhite give you that beautiful blush white skin that your prince charming can’t resist?

 SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all at the same time:

WHITENS the skin’s surface
REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

Click on the link below to know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu:
Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!
Know more about the SkinWhite products through clicking this link:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hypersports Philippines Inc.
Present the much awaited...


More details soon...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Density Training as shared by 360 Fitness Club

As shared by 360 Fitness Club: "Here's a density workout to help you earn that beach body! Density workouts help you build a higher resistance to fatigue, and help you develop power. It is also a conditioning workout that burns more calories in less the time. It won't only help you get ready for the beach, it's also a fun, challenging workout!"

For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skyathon Beach Run 2012: I went to Boracay to run and have fun

On its third year, Skyathon Beach Run was held on April 21, with the route covering stations 1 to 3. This annual fun run event is held in the efforts of maintaining the beauty of the Boracay Island.

Pre-Race and Sounds of Sundown 2012

Months before the actual event, Kaye had shared something about the Skyathon 2011 and we (PEx Running Club) organized for travel in Boracay in advance. We landed in Kalibo and headed to the Boracay Island c/o our resort, La Carmela and Boracay Courtyard. We tried token Boracay restaurants and took a dip in the clear (and green) waters of Boracay.

 Sounds of Sundown stage

The organizers of Skyathon distributed our race kits in an event tagged as Sounds of Sundown. It started at around 3:00pm to 7:00pm and was held in front of the Epic Bar which was also nearby the starting line of the race that will be held the next day. The event had us rubbing elbows with celebrities, drinking free cocktails and enjoying a beach themed program. Free Massage and Free Henna Tattoos were also offered. I was able to find runner friends, including multi-awarded runner, Mam Mherlz.

 Spotted Celebrity, Mam Mherlz

The distribution was organized and had a relaxing feel. The queues were organized and hassle free. I got a large singlet in my kit but I was able to exchange it to a medium one that fits me better. The quality was the same one as the AXN Runs Philippines Singlet. Some runners were able to get discounted rates to timing chips when rental timing chips were depleted. These timing chips can be used in upcoming Finish Lines Races.

Race Proper: running the Boracay stretch twice

When we got up at 5:00am, it was raining so we were contemplating whether to run or not. But when everyone got ready, the sun was rising and the rain had stopped. So it will be dry run (not raining) after all.

 Pre-Race with Jackie na laging swerte

We met up with our fellow runners and took token before the race photos. Most of us were running 5k and only Dom, Jomar and I were running 10k so we were a little nervous with running on the sand in a race event for the first time. But we were determined to finished despite the new territory. I started in a slow pace and went to constant pace until we reached station 1. Running in this sand was okay but the seashore had us running unevenly. Despite the different surface though, some runners were still running at a good pace.

Running at Station 1

The stretch to Station 3 felt like forever and since I was running 10k, I had to run the stretch twice so I didn't speed up even if my feet was being buried. I made it to the 2nd lap point and I had to start walking on my way back to station 1. Upon seeing running friends, I went running again. The running community indeed inspire each other to be better runners.

 Pume-pace with Jaime

I was doing fartlek until Station 3 but I gave up and walked when my feet was being buried in the sands of Station 3. At the last U turn, I got my feet wet and I had to take off my aqua shoes to drain out the water before running again. I finished at 1:09:36 and it was great that we had personalized medals after lining up to get my finisher's kit. The loot was also bountiful. They gave us a finisher's shirt and a bunch of other stuff that makes the registration fee all worth it.

 Token Picture at the Start/Finish Line

The fun run crowd was intimate so we had a number of pictures after the race.

Post Race and the Gold Rush

After the race, we didn't waste time and explored the activities around the island. We went to Puca Beach using ATV and rode the banana boat. After dinner, we dropped by the Gold Rush to see what was going on. They had free shots of Vodka, Tequilla and Rhum, with chicken bites. DJ Sam of Boy's Night Out was also entertaining the crowd with games and activities.

 Post Race with Host Jelli

We left early since the rain subsided but according to the bristles (long and thin) king (guess who), the event was even more eventful with free shots of Jose Cuervo later in the evening.

 At the Gold Rush

The Skyahon was a great experience. We'll definitely be back next year.

Photo Credits: Active Moments, Noel, Cath, Noah and Jaime

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pole Men's Fitness at Pole Cats Manila

Last April 28, Keren, who is a regular attendee of the Pole Cats Manila Men's Pole Fitness Class, invited me over to Strata 100 studio for their bring-a-friend day. I had been always curious about pole dancing but I found that this activity seems feminine so I haven't tried it once. But the polecats event was a great opportunity to try this thing out so I fixed my schedule and proceeded to Pole Cats.

And I found that this was an extremely challenging workout. The warm up was so dynamic that we had our head turning then we were dropping down the floor to warm up the core. Since there was a number of beginners in the mix, I was expecting that we'll be leaving the floor once for a memorable finish and we'll pretty much do everything with our weight partially on the floor. I was wrong since the first move was climbing up the pole and hanging by our toes and leaning on the pole to raise both our hands. (Wow!) It was a struggle to that pose but I was halfway there. (Forgive the beginner!)

Hanggang jan lang kaya kong akyatin

Everything that followed was challenging. Teacher AJ had us rolling around the pole (Hello, more kalyo!) and raising our legs using our core. Then, we were rolling around the pole from the left to the right and reverse then raising our legs where we need to keep arms strong but not to strong or else we'll be falling in the wrong way. Doing pole fitness is not for the faint hearted and the weak indeed.

 Teacher AJ helping me with a pose (Photo Credit to Keren)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yakult Run and my Thorlos Socks debut

Yakult Run is the second longest running event in the Philippines. On its 23rd year, Yakult Run 2012 was held last April 1 at CCP and the route extended until the Roxas Boulevard.

My first 16k

I have been doing 10ks for quite some time and with most of the PEx Running Club running this event, I decided to run 16k in this event too.

I didn't have a target time but I just wanted to finish no matter what.

 My Sponge and I at the Yakult Run

I came in the race with Lee and for a while we follwed each other's pace but he decided to sprint and leave me behind so I ran on my own. On my way, I passed Lee since he ran too fast in the first few kilometers so he was already burned out to continue at that pace. On my way, I found our fast runners in PRC on their way back. It was a fun experience to wave at team mates whenever you pass by each other.

 Post Race with Pex Running Club

I survived my first 16k by encouraging and being encouraged by team mates and walking the stinky and hard on the feet streets of Manila.

I used my 10k shoes in this race which wasn't such a good fit for my feet so I suffered leg pains for the rest of the week but officially I finished at.

My first time to use Thorlos

Socks, I really wasn't picky with socks. I buy those 3 pack and use them in any activity. But from a launching night with Thorlos Philippines. I discovered that there are specialty socks for every activity and they have technologies to protect your feet from harm from your shoes.

You need extra cushion for parts of your feet, especially when running since you strain your feet a lot in this activity. Buying socks should also be an investment  as much as investing in shoes.Wearing Thorlos protected my feet from a possible toe injuries with its extra cushioning in the Yakult Run. It's also extra comfy since walking on the ground presents a little less strain to the feet since the socks are extra thick in the balls and sole of the feet.

Check out the technology on the photo below.

The race was a great experience especially since it is my first time to run in Yakult Run, the 2nd longest running event in our country and I was able to run with PEx Running Team.

The road used wasn't that thrilling. Manila is stinky and was hard on the feet since almost the whole stretch was under construction. Hydration was available on a regular distance but they had only water and sometime running the 16k I feel you would need sugar and nutrients offered by energy drinks but I survived it so, I guess, this would suffice. I also appreciated the sponge dipped in cold water. That served as my motivation and distraction towards the end of the race. The coolness had pushed me to finish this race. I looked like I was drenched but I survived my first 16k.

 Post Race with Pex Running Club

It was also funny how Yakult rep kept saying 21k when the name of the run is Yakult's 10 mile Run, makes it too obvious that he didn't really take part on the planning and execution stage of this run.

After the run, they gave us one bottle of Yakult and a finisher's shirt, which was good since we payed P400 for everything. According to some people, the distance in this run was a little short, too but the environment was still festive and having my team there made it even more fun.

Photo Credits to: Jaime and Cath

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wetshop Newbie Triathlon

Wetshop will be holding a newbie triathlon at Camp Aguinaldo on May 20, 2012.

Race Information is as follows:


Age Swim Run
U6 50m 100m
7-8 100m 200m
9-10 200m 800m
11-12 300m 1.0k
13-15 300m 2.0k

Age Swim Run
16 & up 600m 2.5k

Age Swim Bike Run
U6 50m 700m 200m
7-8 50m 1.5k 200m
9-10 100m 2.0k 1.0km
11-12 200m 3.5k 1.5km
13-15 300m 8.0k 2.0km

Mini-Sprint Triathlon
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 300m 8.0kms 2.0kms

Super Mini-Sprint
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 600m 16.0kms 4.0kms

4-Member Team Relay Triathlon
Age Swim Bike Run
16 & up 300m 8.0kms 2.0kms
(must do SBR for each member of the 4-member team)

Race Formats:
Aquathlon races will follow the SWIM-RUN format.
Triathlon will follow the (SBR) SWIM-BIKE-RUN format.
Team Relay Triathlon will follow SBR member 1, SBR member 2, SBR member 3 & SBR member 4.

Race Rules:
- Body marking (race numbers) must appear on both upper arms and both legs.
- Bare torso running is NOT allowed.
- Participants must wear sponsors swim cap.
- Roads will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Race Course Description:
Swim: Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park Swimming Pool

(T1) Swim to Run Transition for Aquathlon, Swim to Bike Transition for Triathlon - Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park parking lot

Bike: Camp Aguinaldo – Road Network west of Daza Park

(T2) Bike to Run Transition for Triathlon - Camp Aguinaldo – Daza Park parking lot

Run: Camp Aguinaldo – Road Network east of Daza Park
Finish Line: Daza Park parking lot

Top 3 of each Age group of Aquathlon and Kids Triathlon:
Top 5 Male
Top 5 Female
Top 3 Team Relay
All winners get medals. All finishers get t-shirts and post-race refreshments

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Philippine Road Racing Grand Prix - PATAFA

Philippine Amateur Track and Field association (PATAFA)

In partnership with the City of Manila and MASCO, 

Invites you to the inaugural Philippine Road Racing Grand Prix this May 20, July 1 and Sept 30 in Raja Sulayman Park, Manila. 

Race for the benefit of the national long distance running program in celebration of IAAF 100 years of athletics excellence. 


1Mile, 3K, 5K, 10K 

Organizer: Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA)

Registration Fees: 

1Mile -P300 

3k- P400 

5k- P500

10k- P600

21k- P800 

42k – P1000 

Registration includes- Singlet, bib, timing chip, finisher certificate 

All runners who have finished their registered events in all 3 legs will receive a special Grand Prix shirt and a medal. 


Registration Venues: PATAFA Office – #025267092 Look for Joey Santos


Registration Period for 1st leg: April 23 – May 18 For advance registration for all 3 legs. 

Deadline for this promo is on May 18 
i. 3k – P800 
ii. 5k – P1000 
iii. 10k – P1200 
Race Kit Pick-up Date: May 16-18, 2012 – PATAFA Office


For anymore inquiries, you may email

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One Run. One Family. One La Salle (OROFOLS) 3

The De La Salle Alumni Association is proud to present One Run. One Family. One La Salle (OROFOLS) 3 that will be held on June 10, 2012, 5:00 am at the Mall of Asia.

This race will serve as on of the culminating activities of the 100 years of De La Salle and is organized for the benefit of the Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond.

Fees and Inclusions



 Registration Centers
  • A Runner's Circle (Tuesday - Sunday)
  • R.O.X (Friday to Sunday until May 28; Daily until June 4)
  • Olympic World, Trinoma and Alabang (Friday to Sunday until May 28; Daily until June 4)
  • DLSAA (De La Salle Alumni Association) Office
Singlet Design

XS - 16" x 24"
S - 17" x 25"
M - 18" x 26"
L - 19" x 27"
XL - 20" x 28"
2XL - 21" x 28.5"


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Runniversary at Slimmerun 2012

Slimmerun is an annual fun run organized by Slimmer's World International, Inc. This year, this event was held on May 5, 2012 at the 28th avenue, Bonifacio Global City. I joined this run last year and it was a fun experience so I didn't let time pass and registered as soon as I could. And since it was scheduled a year after my first official fun run event, this was my runniversary event.

Race to new PR

As I declared in a blogpost, I decided to break my 10k PR in celebration of my runniversary. Unfortunately, laziness struck and I didn't trained seriously to attain my sub-60 PR goal. But as a last resort strategy, I just made sure to run in a 5:30 min/km. Another thing is I went home late last Friday night so I didn't prepare much for the race much more (LOL).

 With Bern and Jovit of PRC and Gelo

So I met fellow PRC (Pex Running Club) members, Bern and Emy, and fellow Team Titan Member, Rolly, at the starting line and ignored the dance-y warm up by a Slimmer's World instructor. We ran at our own pace so I was on my own with the pressure of keeping a 5:30 min/km pace.

 Post Race with Team Titans

For my first kilometer, I ran a bit too fast as I clocked 5:08 but I figured this could be a good thing so if I slowed down at the last kilometers. For the 2nd kilometer, I clocked 5:27 which was still within my target pace. I was also trying to slow down as I still had a long way to go. Then comes the 3rd kilometer, which had us elevating to the Kalayaan Flyover. I clocked 5:33min, taking in mind not to run fast in uphills since they take too much energy. The fourth kilometer had us running in Buendia avenue. In this time, I was pushing myself to run at a constant pace and I clocked at 6:07 and I was still in my target time. For the fifth kilometer, I motivated myself by uttering "5k, 5k, 5k" with a goal of not stopping to walk a little and clocked at 5:45. I did my first 5k at almost 28 minutes. I saw team mates, Rolly from Team Titans on my way to the turn around point, as well Rex and Bern on their way back. (Ang bibilis lang nila...)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Coach Rio recommends the best socks for runners

Running guru Rio de la Cruz, more popularly known as Coach Rio, proudly announced the opening of his newest venture Riovana – the premiere Running and Lifestyle Hub – at Bonifacio Global City and Katipunan, recently.

Called Riovana by Rio and his business partners for “runner’s nirvana”, the one-stop shop is all about “the sole of running”. Designed as a runner’s resource and sanctuary, it caters to all running and lifestyle needs and features all the products, services and conveniences that runners need, complete with showers and lockers so runners can freshen up after a run. There’s also a coffee corner, computers, facilities for running clinics set against street smart interiors. Its accents are a manhole, a fire hydrant, brick walls, a two-lane street with a pedestrian lane and a finish line complete with winners’ podium, which is the cashier’s area.

One of the many products sold at Riovana are Thorlos® Socks. The 30-year old, USA-made brand preferred by pro and amateur athletes carries over 35 types of socks for everything from running to hiking to tennis to golf and basketball – all characterized by their customized and scientifically structured pads with the ability to adjust to the needs and movements of each sport. Thorlos®, the originator of the activity-specific sock, also has walking, fitness and dress socks and is the first socks line to be granted the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podriatic Medical Association.

In addition, Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and has been the recipient of Runner’s World (US) Best Gear Award.

“Runners, among all athletes, experience the most pressure on their feet. We carry Thorlos® socks in our store because runners swear by it,” said Coach Rio. “There is a story in the history of triathlon where a runner forgot to put on his shoes and all he had on were his Thorlos socks. He ran the leg and when he reached the finish line, the socks were still the same – no damage at all. That’s how sturdy they are.”

“Socks are as important to runners as running shoes, maybe even more important,” continued Rio. “Good socks must prevent friction, give good cushioning and prevent sweating. Thorlos® does all of these. They have really good cushioning and really protect your toes and the balls of your feet. Foot doctors recommend Thorlos to prevent blisters and to eliminate injuries. Also, your feet don’t sweat in Thorlos®, so you can prevent foot problems like athlete’s foot and fungus, as well. If you ask people who have used Thorlos® for a long time, they’ll say that if it has one disadvantage, it’s that they seem to last forever – won’t sag, won’t lose shape or cushioning.”

“The new styles are very attractive and trendy. Thorlos® will appeal to runners of all ages,” Coach Rio added. “Wearing the right socks is one of the things we are trying to educate runners about. At Riovana we try to provide runners with all the right tools and information to speed them up on their road to running success.”

Exclusively distributed by Colerosh, Inc. in the Philippines, Thorlos® socks are available at Riovana stores at BGC, Regis Center-Katipunan, and soon at the SM Mall of Asia. They are also available at Rustan’s, ROX, Planet Sports, Tobys, RUNNR and The Athlete’s Foot.

For more details about Thorlos® Socks and foot health, visit and, call Colerosh Inc. at 661-3022 and 640-4326 or email at

Century Tuna's Animo Sprint Triathlon 2012

For the benefit of the Saint Jaime Hilario - La Salle School fo the Poor Scholarship Fund and a project of the De La Salle Brothers, Century Tri Hard, De La Salle Zobel & Ayala Alabang Village Association (spearheaded by LSGH Class of ‘81) is organizing Century Tuna's Animo Sprint Triathlon on June 9-10 at Ayala Alabang.

Aside from the races, there will be a Triathlon &; Fitness Fair also at Narra Park after the race on Sat,
June 9, 2011. Booths with exhibits & product displays from triathlon related companies and groups,
lectures, games & competitions, sampling and other merchandising activities, and lots of fun & other
attractions await all who come and visit.

Date & Time: June 9-10, 2012, Saturday & Sunday
6:00 am- 10:00 am
Venue: La Salle Zobel Pool & Narra Park, Ayala Alabang Village

Race Distances:
SuperTriKids (STK)
Sat, June 9, Race Distances:
Aquathlon Triathlon
age swim run swim bike run
6 & under 50m 200m 50m 700m 200m
7-8 100m 200m 50m 1.7k 200m
9-10 200m 900m 100m 1.7k 900m
11-12 300m 1.7k 200m 3.4k 1.7k
13-15 300m 1.7k 300m 11.6k 2.5k
16 & above 600m 3.5k Mini Sprint (MS) 300m 7.6k 2.5k
16 & above Super MS (SMS) 600m 15.2k 3.2k
Sun, June 10, Sprint: Swim- 900m, Bike- 30.3km (4 Molave-Madrigal-CCD-Acacia Loops),
Run- 7.1km (1 Country Club Dr. Loop)

Race Rules:
• Body marking (race numbers) must appear on both upper arms and both legs.
• Bikes must be racked at the designated spot of the bike rack in the transition area.
• Bare torso biking or running is not allowed.
• Vehicular traffic will be controlled but not closed.
• Athletes must follow all traffic rules and watch out for his/her own road safety
• No iPods & mp3’s may be used by the participants during the race.
• DRAFTING IS NOT ALLOWED for all participants.

Race Course Description:
La Salle Zobel Swimming Pool- The dividers of the first 1st and 3rd lanes will be removed creating
a swim loop of 6 lanes (300m).
Mini Sprint- 1 Loop; Super MS- 2 Loops; Sprint- 3 Loops

STK will use loops will use Narra, Dao, Molave, and Lauan Streets.
Molave-Madrigal-CCD Loop:
Mini Sprint- 1 Loop; Super MS- 2 Loops; Sprint- 4 Loops
From Transition, go down Narra, then turn RIGHT at Molave. Stay on Molave, then turn
RIGHT at Yakal. Turn RIGHT at Madrigal. Stay on Madrigal Ave, then turn LEFT at Country Club
Drive (CCD). At the corner of CCD & Acacia, turn RIGHT. Stay on Acacia.
If it is NOT your last loop, go past University Ave, then turn RIGHT on Banaba, then LEFT on
Molave and repeat loop.
On your final loop, turn RIGHT on University Ave. and then; turn LEFT at Molave, then RIGHT
at Narra to Transition.
Follow the instructions of the Marshals (e.g. Slow Down, Dismount). The portion from
University Ave. onto Molave & Narra is a CAUTION and NO OVERTAKING AREA will be allowed.

STK will use loops will use Narra, Dao, Molave, and Lauan Streets.
MS and SMS runs will use the re-configured loop which will be announced later.
Country Club Drive (CCD) Loop:
From Transition, take the bridge across the creek to Ma. Christina. Turn RIGHT at Ma.
Christina. Stay on Ma. Christina then turn RIGHT at Pagapas, then LEFT at University Ave.
Stay on University Ave which becomes Country Club Drive (CCD). Turn RIGHT at Acacia, and
then turn RIGHT at University Ave, and then turn LEFT at Molave, then RIGHT at Narra to
Follow the instructions of the Marshals (e.g. Slow Down, Stop, etc.). The portion from
University Ave. onto Molave & Narra is a CAUTION AREA.

Race Categories:
• SuperTriKids- U6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15
• Adult Mini Sprint/Super Mini Sprint/Aquathlon- Top 3 Men & Women
• Sprint- Top 5 Over-All, Men & Women
• Sprint Men Age Group- 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34,35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50 & over
• Sprint Women Age Group- 16-24, 20-34, 35-44, 45 & over
• La Salle Division- Sprint

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Run United 2 Race Routes

Race routes for Run United 2 is almost the same as the first installment so you could set PRs so better start training now...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Takbo Para Kay Kristo 3

On May 19, 4:00 PM, Tumakbo para kay Kristo.


See Poster for more details.

Registration sites are at Mizuno Branches at Festival Mall, ATC, MOA
and BHS and all parishes in the Diocese of Paranaque.

Race Routes

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