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Magnolia Purewater MAYON 360 Albay Ultramarathon

Office of Governor Joey Sarte Salceda
Province of Albay
March 30, 2012

The race around Mayon Volcano is back

The Province of Albay, home of Mayon Volcano, will be hosting its second edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon this coming April 21, 2012. This world-class race is an 80km ultramarathon around Mayon Volcano, also known internationally as “A 50-Mile Run around the World’s Most Perfect Coned Volcano”. It is the first ultramarathon event in the Bicol Region, wherein an ultramarathon means a running distance of more than the traditional marathon of 26miles (42.195 kms).

Mayon 360° Ultramarathon began its concept in the Junior Chamber International-Legazpi City Chapter and it was only through the partnership with Liga ng mga Barangay-Albay Chapter, Philippine Association of Ultrarunners and the leadership of Governor Joey Sarte Salceda that the project was funded and successfully implemented. The event was held in support of the various tourism programs of the Provincial Government of Albay and featured as one of the highlight events of the Magayon Festival celebration every month of April.

In its second edition, the event will be dubbed as MAGNOLIA PUREWATER MAYON 360° ALBAY ULTRAMARATHON. The change of event name reflects the entry of a major corporate sponsor - Magnolia Purewater, signifying that Magayon Festival events are gaining market traction!

Runners will be taken across the circumferential scenic mountain side of the Mayon Volcano, through the Pan-Philippine Highway, Sabluyun Road, Karangahan Blvd., and Tabaco-Legazpi Highway, crossing 7 municipalities, 3 cities and 77 barangays of the province of Albay.

Through the efforts of the local barangays, runners will be welcomed with aid stations every five kilometers of the race. Local folks along the route will showcase their local hospitality, tourist related info about their barangay, and provide much needed encouragement and support as the runners challenge themselves to finish. This same support at the grassroots barangay level, with close to 700 volunteers, helped the 1st edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon won the Philippine’s Best Sports Tourism Event, awarded by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP).

Magnolia Purewater Mayon 360° Albay Ultramarathon will be giving cash prizes of more than P230,000.00 with separate categories for local and international runners. The event is currently the cheapest ultramarathon in the country, with a registration fee of only 850 pesos. Said race is sanctioned by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners  (PAU) as one its official races. A pre-race briefing will be held on April 20, 2012 at 5:00PM at the Albay Provincial Capitol Building, where the participants will be treated to a carbo-loading party. The race, with a 15-hour cut-off, will start at 4:00AM on April 21, 2012 at the Peñaranda Park, Legazpi City. For more information, please visit
Albay Ultramarathon


Race Route

Oriental Magayon

For participants, they may stay at the 5-star hotels in Legazpi City (Oriental Hotel-Legazpi) and it's giving a special DISCOUNTED rate for the whole month of Magayon Festival (validity: March 01 to April 30)

Additional info:
- NO NEED for vehicle support. Aid & Water stations every 5 KMs, aside from roving ambulances that serve also as mobile aid/water station.
- One Dri Fit Finisher’s shirt
- finisher’s medal
- loot bag
- drop bags / baggage area (2) at starting/finish line and at KM 40
- NO ENERGY DRINKS and SOFT DRINKS will be provided along the route, as part of our product lockout agreement with the event partner. Only bottled water, juices, and other Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. (GSMI) beverage products will be provided (beers & gins included upon request).
- For additional clarifications, you may email Zaldy Santillan


Kathy Ngo said...

Naging ito na passion mo ah. It's a good thing. At least healthy living ka.

michymichymoo said...

Damn, too bad I'm not athletic. :(

Sumi Go said...

Wow, this is such a big event! Hopefully there'll be another one next year or next next year, 'pag ready na ko.. :D 3k pa lang ako comfortable ngayon eh.

Rene Chetae Guevara said...

run thirdy run! reminds me of forrest, forrest gump ;)

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