Monday, April 02, 2012

Congratulations, TBR Dream Marathoners!

Last year, 3 of our members (Pex Running Club), namely CJ, Dom and Nino, decided to run a marathon. Earlier in this year, Ian decided to join them. I'm not really sure what they were thinking but they decided they are going to achieve this feat and last March 18, 2012 they did.

 PRC arrives in Nuvali to cheer

They started running 2am. At that time, we were still sound asleep as we, TBR Dream Marathoners Supporters from Pex Running Club, met at 5am and went to the wide open spaces of Nuvali together.

We arrived at around the 5:30 marker which was around 7am and awaited for the new marathoners to arrive. As we waited, we cheered for the other TBR marathoners.The energy in Nuvali was festive. Fellow running teams was also there to cheer for their members.

 Cheering even if it started to rain

At around the 6:30 marker, CJ arrived towards the finish line and we cheered him on to his first marathon moment.

 Congrats, CJ!!!

Then, Dom arrived who promised to arrive at the 7 hour marker. He missed his goal by a few minutes but he was still happy as he paced with Ian who arrived minutes later.

 Congrats, Dom!!!

Then, Ian followed after a few minutes. His wife, Jenny joined us as we cheered him to the finish.

Congrats, Ian!!!

There were a lot of funny moments in that day. Yuri got lost going to Nuvali and we got funny conversations over the phone. It rained. The sun went up. The wind gushed our way. Mia shared her Durian treats. Jovit shared all kinds of snacks from peanut butter sandwiches to cupcakes. Sein, Enrichard and I paced our fellow members towards their TBRDM finish.

 with Marathoner Jackie

At 8 hours, we decided to proceed to the shaded cheerers area since Nino wasn't there yet. Mia asked the organizers to find out that they were still running in the last 10k to the finish line. Drew said it would still be an hour until they arrive so we just hanged out, talking about everything and taking photo ops. Past the 9 hour marker, Nino arrived with his wife and we cheered them to their finish. It wasn't that long until the last runners arrived so we let Nino and his wife have their winning moment and went to have lunch in a nearby food place in Laguna.

 Congrats, Nino and his wife!!!

Congratulations, CJ, Dom, Ian and Nino (and his wife)!!!

 PRC sa kataasan ng araw

We're proud of you!

Photo Credits to Cath and Bert


survivorcj said...

thanks thirdy! haha. nahiya naman ako, di pa ko nagbblog e ako yung tumakbo. haha. :)

ZaiZai said...

wee what an achievement, congrats sa kanila bakit di ka nag marathon thirdy?

Thirdy Lopez said...

zai: may galit ka sa aken? LOL

di pa ako handa sa ganyan...

james said...

nakakainggit naman ang support system ng PEX runners. pwede bang sumali sa inyo? haha

totomai said...

established na pala ang PEX running club. ganda ng PEX shirt a

Thirdy Lopez said...

James, sama ka sa amen...

dito lang kami makikita:

james said...

hey, matagal ko na ngang naiisip na sumali eh, kaso nahihiya ako! takbo tayo thirdy! makati lang din ako!

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