Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pex Running Club's SSD and LSD Activity

Pex Running Club holds monthly training in the form of team SSD (short slow distance - pauso ng PRC) and LSD (long slow distance) running. We agree on weekend date, time and venue then, meet up and run as a group.

February Training

On February 19, 2012, we went back to CCP on a Sunday morning to hold the 2nd team training. Due to last minute invites for the PDA run. We shrinked our expected number of attendees to 6. Active Members (Cath, Gerard, Kaye, Sein, Ian and Mia) had ran 3k around the CCP complex with a bit of uphill training. They changed the original 10k route since the sun was already too high at 7am. (Dapat wag malalate...)

 Cool down after the run

I was on bag guarding duties again but Kaye lent me her Top 10 book so I was laughing my ass off while waiting for them to finish their run.

 PRC Cheering Squad

After their run, we goofed a little before heading for breakfast in the nearby Harbour square. PDA runners, CJ and Jomari joined us. Enrichard also went with his autographed Top 10 book.

March Training

On March 10, 2012, we went to UP Diliman to hold SSD/LSD running team activity. We scheduled it in a Saturday afternoon just to veer away from our normal Sunday morning runs. I turns out that this was a great idea since this activity became the most attended one with the most number of newbies since our running clinic.

 Let's go 5k SSD group

Coach Drew also graced us with his presence so we strictly followed the 5k and 10k route.

 Let's do this, 10k LSD group

I was finally able to run in this activity and was tasked to be the sweeper for the 10k runners. I made sure to be the last runner for 10k. For the first round, we ran with the 5k runners and was on our own on the 2nd round. Since I should be the last runner, I did my share of slow running and walking combo. On a turn we sort of got lost since the head of the pack was running faster and we couldn't find them. But since UP is easy to ask around for directions we made our way back to the route. We even got a cone of ice cream on our way to the assembly place which was the UP oblation.

 PRC Conquers UP

In PRC tradition, we had dinner together in the UP Technohub place.

Next Training

We scheduled the next PRC Team Training on April 28 or 29. More details to follow in this link.

Also, check our sub-forum.


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