Friday, March 02, 2012

Fitness Exchange (FTX) present Yoga

At Leap Day (February 29), I decided to go to Fitness Exchange (FTX), a gym where I usually work out and is located in Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City. It was at that date that they had their YOGA Launch.

 Isla presents at the Yoga Launch

The program included a demo of their Yoga classes including Ashtanga, Gentle and Fly Yoga, accompanied by a drum circle.

 Warrior 2

 Downward Facing Dog

 Warrior 1

 Posing to Upward Facing Dog

Drum Circle

Yoga Demo 

Fly Yoga Presentation

After the demo, they served cocktails and I had beef and chicken which destroyed my diet. But it tasted and looked great, though.

 Sushi Plate

 Beef and Chicken... Diet Fail

Also, they had a photo booth where participants get to have a fly yoga pose photo. Even if I wasn't ready to do yoga in my office attire I still gave it a try and had my photo taken.

 Isla coaching me to 3 legged downward facing dog

Going to another pose

 Getting my fly yoga photo (from Cath's camera)

I urge everyone to check out Yoga in FTX, especially Fly Yoga since this is only available in this gym as of the moment. Per session fees are around P650.

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