Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pex Running Club's SSD and LSD Activity

Pex Running Club holds monthly training in the form of team SSD (short slow distance - pauso ng PRC) and LSD (long slow distance) running. We agree on weekend date, time and venue then, meet up and run as a group.

February Training

On February 19, 2012, we went back to CCP on a Sunday morning to hold the 2nd team training. Due to last minute invites for the PDA run. We shrinked our expected number of attendees to 6. Active Members (Cath, Gerard, Kaye, Sein, Ian and Mia) had ran 3k around the CCP complex with a bit of uphill training. They changed the original 10k route since the sun was already too high at 7am. (Dapat wag malalate...)

 Cool down after the run

I was on bag guarding duties again but Kaye lent me her Top 10 book so I was laughing my ass off while waiting for them to finish their run.

 PRC Cheering Squad

After their run, we goofed a little before heading for breakfast in the nearby Harbour square. PDA runners, CJ and Jomari joined us. Enrichard also went with his autographed Top 10 book.

March Training

On March 10, 2012, we went to UP Diliman to hold SSD/LSD running team activity. We scheduled it in a Saturday afternoon just to veer away from our normal Sunday morning runs. I turns out that this was a great idea since this activity became the most attended one with the most number of newbies since our running clinic.

 Let's go 5k SSD group

Coach Drew also graced us with his presence so we strictly followed the 5k and 10k route.

 Let's do this, 10k LSD group

I was finally able to run in this activity and was tasked to be the sweeper for the 10k runners. I made sure to be the last runner for 10k. For the first round, we ran with the 5k runners and was on our own on the 2nd round. Since I should be the last runner, I did my share of slow running and walking combo. On a turn we sort of got lost since the head of the pack was running faster and we couldn't find them. But since UP is easy to ask around for directions we made our way back to the route. We even got a cone of ice cream on our way to the assembly place which was the UP oblation.

 PRC Conquers UP

In PRC tradition, we had dinner together in the UP Technohub place.

Next Training

We scheduled the next PRC Team Training on April 28 or 29. More details to follow in this link.

Also, check our sub-forum.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flying again at FTX

Last Monday was a pretty stressful day at work. So I am extremely thankful that I was able to cap it off with a class of Fly Yoga. It's been a while since my last Fly Yoga class and I was excited to do all kinds of poses with the hammock once again.

The class started at 7:40pm which gave me a lot of leeway to finish all my tasks for the day. Teacher Isla was teaching that class so I was in familiar territory. I was the only boy in the room as the class was all girls (may be a good thing, may be not... hmmmm...)

Anyway, the class started with teacher Isla talking about Fly Yoga and the poses will be doing.  That night, we did a variety of poses from standing to aerial poses.

We warmed up on the floor with Sun Salutations.

A pose in Sun Salutations as exhibited in the Yoga Launch

Then, we used the hammock to do leg raises.

Leg raises as exhibited in the Yoga Launch

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yoga in Fitness Exchange(FTX)

FTX or FITNESS EXCHANGE is an ultramodern fitness concept for “anti-gym” designed for people who want to lose weight, feel better and look better in the most cost-effective and exciting ways possible. It is located in Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City.

One of its many offerings is yoga offered in Ashtanga, Gentle and Fly Yoga. As I previously blogged, FTX launched its Yoga offerings in an event last Leap Day (February 29).

Here are  features to watch out for in FTX's Yoga classes as highlighted in the event.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Goal, One Nation: Takbo para sa pagbabago 2012

ARE YOU READY? Nine cities...
One Goal. One Nation.


All 3k and 5k finishers will receive kits and finisher certificate
All 10k and 16k finishers will receive kit, singlet and finisher shirt

Rosa Rio Productions is organizing a fun run tagged as One Goal, One Nation: Takbo para sa Pagbabago 2012.

This event is a fun run for all ages, whether they are amateur or professional. This event will be for the benefit of The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), the tale of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who devoted their time and resources to help the poorest of the poor and reacting positively to disasters, national concerns and other related issues.

This momentous occasion marks the organizations 64th year, since it was established in the year 1947, and in celebration of EARTH DAY 2012.. As such, the event would serve as a venue to publicize the organization, vision, and our mission. The objectives of this event are to promote the interests of the needy, to promote people to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage them that they can help and reach each-others hand even in smallest possible ways. This event, which would be open to the public, would mainly be participated in by be students, employees, professionals and family members, and will be conducted in

Plantacion Meridienne, Lipa City              –    April 14

Clark, Pampanga                                        –    April 21
Dagupan City Plaza                                    –    April 28
Vigan City Plaza                                           –       May 5
Azienda Talisay City, Cebu City                –     May 12
North Point, Ceritos Highway, Davao     –      May 19
Cagayan De Oro                                        –       May 26
Savannah, Oton, Ilo-ilo                              –      June 2
The Final Run (Manila)                      –      June 2012

Aside from the fun run, a massive BLOOD LETTING ACTIVITY will be conducted.
Philippine Red Cross will facilitate the blood donation, and we aim to gather a minimum of 500 blood bags to be donated to the Red Cross Chapter in each location that would benefit those who are in need.
or call 02 5092728 / 09278733834 or email

Singlet Design

Finisher's Shirt

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My First Aquathlon: Ateneo Aquathlon 2012

The Ateneo Aquathlon is an annual event organized by FAST Swim Team in their off season. It is one of the few aquathlons in the metro so my team (PEx Swim Team) and I didn't let the chance to participate in a swim (and run) event.


Honestly, I made plans to spend the whole of February to train for this event. However, run events came and I had to prioritize them. I tried to veer away from running long distances, though, so I would get any injuries. Also since this event required swimming, I had to log meters in the pool, which I couldn't do if I'm running an event in the morning.

 PEx Swim Team at Rizal... mga Late kasi!

I dedicated my first week of February weekend to running Condura Skyway Marathon. The next weekend I did our monthly wall climbing sessions with Lee and ran the Race for the Orphans event so I skipped my swim training again.

Fortunately, I was able to go back to the pool on the third weekend Saturday which I was able to do 1k as advised by a friend who already did an aquathlon. But since I was also doing other physical activities, I had to rest the next day as I was too weak.

 Swimming done, run naman!

The week before the actual event, I gave up my Runew racekit to Cath (Pex Running Club team mate) who did 10k there while my team (PEx Swim Team) and I planned to do a dry run of swimming 600m and running 5k but since everyone else was late. We arrived in Rizal Sports by 11am and the pool closes by 11:30am. We rescheduled the dry run to the afternoon at MASA (Makati Aqua Sports Arena) as I am afraid of direct sunlight. At 4pm, we timed our 600m swim and I clocked at 20 minutes. We were supposed to run right after running but we wanted to run in BHS (Bonifacio High Street) so we took a short ride where we ran 5 loops in BHS.

 After 5 loops in BHS

It was a fine training but too challenging so we just made it a goal to finish our first aquathlon.

My First Aquathlon

As usual on race day, I had to get up extra early so I won't be late and since the venue would be all the way to Ateneo I had to give ample time for commute and my teammate Ae is an age group earlier than my gun start so I traveled extra early, too.

Marked, Ready and Nervous

Monday, March 05, 2012

Earn Your Beach Body: Zumba Style

Dancing is fun. It also burns fat and calories so this activity can be your way to earning your beach body.

In this video, Jen teaches a Zumba routine you can do in your own home.

Jen teaches Zumba in 360 Fitness Club Makati.

For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rogin E's Last Man Standing 2

It's back and here are the mechanics:

1.    The Rogin-E Last Man Running 2 event is on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

2.    The event will be divided into 3 categories:  5 + 2k Race, 10 + 4k Race, and the centerpiece event –
The Rogin-E’s Last Man Running (LMR), a 7-hour marathon. Each race has a limited number of slots.

3.    To register for any of these races, entrants may register online at, or visit Last Man Running 2 registration booths at the following venues:
  • Olympic Village Trinoma
  • Olympic Village ATC
  • Olympic Village Robinsons Pioneer
  • Olympic Village Robinsons Ermita
  • R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street

4.    Walk-in participants are also welcome to register on the day of the event, provided they register at least one hour before gun start of their chosen race category.

5.    Participants must fill out the registration form which covers a waiver of liability and pay the corresponding race fee :
  • LMR – P1,200
  • 5+2k Race – P600
  • 10+4k Race – P800
Registration is inclusive of a singlet, timing chip, race bib and meal stub (meal can be claimed at the breakfast banchetto).

6.    Gun start is as follows:
a.    LMR:  2:00 am
b.    10+4k: 5:30 am
c.    5+2k:  6:00 am

5+ 2k and 10 + 4k Races

1.    These categories will have separate race courses, several convergent points with LMR, particularly near the finishing stretch. Furthermore, these two races will end at the finish arch.
2.    Runners can stop at the 5k/10k mark, but they can also take on the challenge of a further 2k or 4k.
3.    The top male and female finishers per race will receive cash prizes as follows:
5+2k Race- P5,000.00 each
10+4K Race – P10,000 each

1.    Rogin- E’s Last Man Running will be capped at about 7 hours. One lap is approximately 10km.
2.    Those who wish to register for LMR must submit (in addition to the other requirements) proof of participation in a full marathon (42.195km or longer) within 6 months prior to LMR, OR a medical certificate from a physician indicating participant’s fitness to participate in such a competition.
3.    Participants must check in 30 minutes before gun start. Those who fail to check in will be disqualified.
4.    All LMR participants will be given two race bibs with identical numbers. These must be pinned at the front and back of the runner’s singlet.
5.    The male and female runners who sustain the nominated pace throughout the marathon and run the furthest distance will be declared as the Last Man and Woman Running.
6.    In case there are no more runners during the 7th hour, the male and female runners who stopped running last will be declared as the LMR and LWR. Runners should sustain the nominated pace throughout the race to be qualified.
7.    There will be markers every 100m along the perimeter of the route to help runners determine the distance they’ve ran.
8.    All LMR participants will be handed colored strings for every hour they successfully complete.
9.    ALL LMR participants must maintain the nominated pace:

7.5 mins
6 mins
5 mins
4.5 mins
7.5 mins
6 mins
*Runners own pace terminating at the finish line

7.5 mins
6 mins
7.5 mins
6 mins
7.5 mins
6 mins
*Runners own pace terminating at the finish line

10.    LMR runners must maintain the nominated pace per hour, as guided by the Rogin- E pacers. Runners who fail to maintain the minimum pace will be swept off the course by roving or stationed race marshals.

11.    At no time during the run are LMR runners allowed to stop, except for the following cases: lavatory break, to hyrdrate at hydration stations, to eat at carboloading stations, sponge bath, or to fix running gear. They MUST rejoin the RUNNING GROUP and maintain the current nominated pace. Any other reason for stopping will subject the LMR contender to disqualification.

12.    LMR Runners may withdraw from the race at any time during the 7-hour period. Upon withdrawal, all colored strings given during his/her participation in the run will be collected by the nearest race marshal. Likewise, all runners who were swept off by race marshals must surrender their strings. 

13.    The organizers of LMR and its appointed race officials reserve the right to declare any LMR contender unfit to continue with the run upon recommendation of the race medical team.

14.    There will be water aid stations every 2kms. along the race route.
Sports drink (if any) will be made available to runners every 5kms. along the race route.
Carboloading stations, located 5kms. apart will open after the third hour of the race.
Cold sponge stations will be available after the fifth hour.
Portalets will be stationed along the race course.

15.    At exactly 7 hours after gun start, all race marshals will simultaneously blow their whistles to signal the end of the endurance race. All participants of LMR who are still in competition will be assisted right away by the most proximate race marshal. His/her race bib number and exact location (from the nearest distance marker) will then be recorded and subsequently submitted to the chief race judge to determine LMR and LWR winners.

16.    The Last Man Running will be awarded a trip to Beijing, China and entry to the Great Wall Marathon worth P150,000. The Last Woman Running will receive a cash award of P20,000.

Earn Your Beach Body with just your body weight!

Who ever told you that you need weights and other big gym equipment to work your way to a beach body?

Well, you don't! 360 Fitness Club Coach Jose shows us a routine that needs no visit to a gym with big equipments.

For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Unilab Active Health Expo

Running in Run United 1?

Don't leave right after your finish.

Spend time at the Unilab Active Health Expo.

Unilab ActiveHealth gives you more with not just a village but an ActiveHealth Expo. We give you more areas to explore because apart from our regular activities: photobooth, awards, program, cheerdance competition. The ActiveHealth Expo offers more to excite everyone joining us on March 4. We have the Try Running Zone, a must-see and try for those who wants to get started into running. Watch as how our 500m dash runners get tips and training from our topnotch coaches. Session start 7am for our guests. We also have the Runners Zone - an exclusive area for our runner/ finishers not just for the elite but from the kids to our active seniors. The ULAH Expo Zone features various apparels and gears from our partner - exhibitors, because we believe that there should be style and fashion in running.

Unilab Zone/ Brand : The biggest zone in the ActiveHealth Expo, this zone features various Unilab brands and sponsors. Enjoy the various booth activities, whenever their are games, there will be winners. Have fun in this zone and bring home some exciting goodies.

Try Running Zone: ActiveHealth wants you to start running. And Try Running Zone will help you learn some of the drills and proper stretching techniques from our coaches to help you get started. Tips will also be provided on how to prevent injuries from occurring. 
Runners Zone: You have sweated it out. You have run a good distance. You deserve to be pampered. Get a rub down in our massage area, ice pools and cool down to relax those muscles and freshen up station so you can still look your best after crossing the finish line. Indulge In! 
U Run U Connect Wifi Zone: Share your running experience - post it on our facebook site. Snap a shot with your running buddies and upload if right away with our free wifi powered by Globe. 

Winners Lounge: (blue tent, beside the green tent): Get to meet the other winners of Run United 1 2012, this is where winners should be. Because crossing the finish line ahead of the rest deserves some special treat.

Food Zone: Load up on protein, carbo and health drinks. Indulge in food treats, to recover fast  and stay healthy.

ULAH Expo Area: Gear up and run like a pro. Run, sweat and still look your best.

Family & Couples Photo Booth: Have your family/ couple's photo taken in this new photo booth. Get a shot from our professional photographer and it will uploaded in our site for you to see.

Check-Up Station: Needed a health check? Our doctors, nurses and staff will assist and welcome you right on cue.

ULAH Block: Invite your friends and strike a pose with our ULAH Block - the newest logo of ActiveHealth. Have fun and share the memories - post it in Unilab ActiveHealth's fan page.

Don't miss this and enjoy each zone!

Earn Your Beach Body at 360 Fitness: MMA style!

Here's a candid video from 360 Fitness Club featuring a circuit inspired by MMA. A (drunk?) Coach Ed of the Makati instruct Coach Chi in this video with a workout usually done by MMA fighters. The circuit is composed of 10 exercises done 30 seconds each for 30 minutes.

Funny how Coach Ed loses character as the video progress.

For more information on 360 Fitness Club, check out their website or fb page.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Fitness Exchange (FTX) present Yoga

At Leap Day (February 29), I decided to go to Fitness Exchange (FTX), a gym where I usually work out and is located in Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City. It was at that date that they had their YOGA Launch.

 Isla presents at the Yoga Launch

The program included a demo of their Yoga classes including Ashtanga, Gentle and Fly Yoga, accompanied by a drum circle.

 Warrior 2

 Downward Facing Dog

 Warrior 1

 Posing to Upward Facing Dog

Drum Circle

Yoga Demo 

Fly Yoga Presentation

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Race for the Ophans: Paced to Rolling Hills

Fellow blogger and running veteran, Rene Villarta aka Jazz Runner, invited us to join the race for the orphans, a fun run event organized for the benefit of orphans of the fallen soldiers (iHope Foundation) held inside Camp Aguinaldo last February 12.

Meet Rundezvous

This race is the first race of running event organizer, Rundezvous. Headed by Miss Abet, this group of runners aim to organize small to medium races with the goal of paying it forward.

Race for the Orphans Poster
Paced to 10k

For Race for the Orphans, CJ and I decided to run 10k and tagged along Noel, who decided to pace us to a sub-60 finish. For the past 2 races (Timex and Condura Skyway Marathon), I set a PR for 10k and since Cj wanted to break his PR, I agreed to break mine, too. (Madaling kausap)

Asan na si CJ?

The plan was to run at an easy pace for the first 5k in an easy pace and run the last 5k faster. For the first 2km, Noel, CJ and I were running in the same pace but we lost CJ. Since I was up for anything, Noel decided to try to reach the goal and we paced as planned, slow running for the first 5k and speeding up for the remaining distance.

Same shot pero closer

Keeping up with a Team Alpha-1 pacer was tough so by the last kilometer, I was slowing down unable to go any faster. We were even so close to the finish line when I burned out. Despite that, I pushed myself to the finish line while Noel was literally pushing me.
Pilit na takbo towards the finish line

My watch said we finished by 1 hour and 1 minutes, missing the goal by a seconds. Nonetheless, it was still a personal record. Noel's Sosyal na watch measured our pace and we ran around 5-6.5 minutes per kilometer. (Ambilis lang!)
Nakakasmile pa din kahit exhausted na

Thanks to Noel aka Deemen Runner for pacing me to my new PR. That was my first time to be paced to a fast finish and it was a great experience. Till next race ah...

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