Thursday, February 23, 2012

PEx Running Club's Running 101 Activity

Last January 23(the Chinese New Year Holiday), I woke up earlier than normal to join PEx Running Club at Ayala Triangle as we hold our first Running 101 activity. Lead by ANR Team Lead Drew Llanes aka BTL (an abbreviation of different names we teased him), the Running 101 activity was attended by 35- 45 pexers, active PRC and newbie runners.

 Assembly at Ayala Triangle

We began the activity with a short introduction of Drew, Team Diadora composed of Pedo, Allan and Kit and heads of PRC, CJ and me.

 Drew giving us an introduction

Then, we led the runners on a short lap around part of Ayala Triangle for warm up.

 Happy pic after warm up

After which, we did stretching and running drills.


More stretching

Then, Drew divided the group to girls and boys where we did different exercises geared towards become better runners.



To cap the training, we had drinks and bananas from yours truly. And of course, a photo op

Photo Credits to Cath and Gee Ar of PEx Running Club.

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